Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 9


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The next generation heir prepares to take over, what will be in store for him?

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 9

  1. 1. Last time it was hinted that there were some new people in Angel’s Haven who seemed to have a bone to pick with Fricorith Tricou, no one knows who these mysterious five are or how they managed to get around all the Apocalypse restrictions still in place in and around Angel’s Haven…but now we will hopefully get to shed some light on these five. What is their plan? And what does it have to do with Fricorith?
  2. 2. At Angel Base… Isaiah: Oh how chilled these be, hands and wrists cramped… For reasons I know not, these pains are so wrought. Margaret: That was hardly poetic dear triplet. Joseph: Right, I actually understood that for once.
  3. 3. Margaret: Hurry up Isaiah, we won’t be triplets anymore if you don’t age up along with us. Eve: Woo!! My babies!! Grow!! Joseph: Aren’t you supposed to say how sad you are that time has flown by? How you wish we wouldn’t grow up and stay little forever? Eve: Normally yes. But I want to expand this tower so badly and only you three can make that happen.
  4. 4. Joseph: Ah, the truth comes out. I knew you had an ulterior motive mom. Margaret: Hurry Isaiah, Joseph’s already begun the Sparkle Dance. Isaiah: Wishing for my haste Will not make it go faster, Just so you know sis. Margaret: Oh a haiku and a burn, nice one brother.
  5. 5. Margaret: Uhh, green hair and a magenta business suit, this is so clashing. Joseph: My back is cold…and I look like some greasy redneck. Isaiah: I must say, in the way of clothing, this does not cause me much dismay. Joseph: Want to trade? Isaiah: No.
  6. 6. And have a filler shot of Balin. As Keika pointed out to me, there is a mistake in the coding of Apartment Life that doesn’t allow pets to get promoted or be paid for their jobs so my poor, angree kitteh Balin is going to a level one job working 8 am to 4 pm five days a week, coming home with several need bars in orange or near red, and not getting a dime for all the suffering he’s going through. Needless to say, this is not a cheat it’s a programming malfunction that was repaired with Mansions and Gardens, and I am NOT putting that back on here so I’m going to count Pet Show Biz as lifted. So kids can skill without having fun and can learn to do homework. Therefore when Generation 4 comes I can teach them how to do homework. At least Sake made it to level three before it didn’t work for him anymore. Poor Balin, poor, angree Balin-neko chan.
  7. 7. In a drab-looking house situated next to Gothier Greens Cemetery, five mysterious people are living in an illegally sized house and not caring one bit. It’s a well known rumour that Angel’s Haven has no organized law or law enforcement structure in place, and as such it’s become a hot bed of illegal criminal activity. Also a breeding ground for the Fanged, as they are known to a small, underground group known as Vampire Hunters…
  8. 8. “Don’t worry my dear Ileira, he will not escape without punishment again. He will pay for what he did to your family.” The blond man, who spoke with an air of leadership in his voice. Ileira: I know, and I have been waiting to plunge the stake into his dead, lifeless heart myself. I have tracked him all across Europe up until I lost him in Britain… “We know he’s here now. We’ll get him.”
  9. 9. Ileira: So what is your plan sir? “Lure him out with his favourite food, young girls then we will get him, or else my name isn’t Drake Van Helsing.” Ileira: So that’s why you recruited the Neon Twins. Drake: Of course. Straight out of the Amsterdam nightclub I found them in.
  10. 10. Ileira: And they would not have come without him would they? Drake: Of course not, Nos is their pimp and those Japanese twins are his best income earners. Ileira: Ah, I see. Where did he find them again? Drake: In some rural Japanese village in Okinawa; I did not ask for a complete history, I just flashed some shiny things at him and he was willing to do whatever I said. Cash may not have any value right now, but gemstones sure do. I have plenty of those.
  11. 11. Ileira: I can see they were not chosen for their dancing skills, do they have names or just Pinky and Blue? Drake: Yuki and Yumi Himura, but like I said I didn’t care for a personal history lesson. Ileira: Interesting. Knight to G3. Drake: Well played my dear lieutenant.
  12. 12. Nos: You want them to lure the Fanged out? Drake: Yes. They are perfect for bait. No one wears flashy, loud clothing like they do since the world no longer cares about looking good, they are more concerned with surviving the harsh, endless nuclear winter. Those two just scream vampire bait with those bright colours. Now my sources tell me that there is a local family who they say are the ones who will end this, are the ones who have the most influence in the area. I want one of the girls to seduce the recently grown up third generation heir, I believe his name was Isaiah Angel.
  13. 13. Nos: I see. Which one did you want to do the job? Drake: Yuki, she should try first. The twin in pink swallowed nervously; her sister Yumi looked worried. Nos: Very well. Yuki, you heard him. Yuki: Yes…I did.
  14. 14. Ileira: Oh come now Pinky, seducing a young, impressionable young man should be a piece of cake for you. I heard his standards are pretty low. Yuki smiled coldly: You are just jealous obaa-san…I am perfectly able to do the job better than you ever could. Ileira: Don’t think that because I’m German that I don’t know what you just said; you are lucky Drake even allows you here, whore. Yuki: Drake-sama knows true beauty when he sees it. O-Baa-San. Nos chuckled quietly: “Now girls, put the claws away. While I am somewhat amused by the idea of a good cat fight, we have work to do.
  15. 15. Ileira: Why do you let her get away with that? Shouldn’t you be back-handing her or something? Drake: Ileira my dear, it’s not my job. If Nos thought she was out of line he would discipline her, it’s his job. Now, I will be going with them to ensure they do the job right. Try to put up with them, alright? Ileira: Fine…only because you asked me to. Drake: There’s my good girl.
  16. 16. At the Crypto Club Drake ordered himself a drink and sat discreetly at the bar where he could watch the twins easily and not look suspicious doing it. He knew the Angel boy would be along to look for a spouse so it was only a matter of time before he showed up. The girls were down in the dance pit with another teenage girl who should probably be at home, it was dangerous at night for a young, impressionable girl to be out and about.
  17. 17. Drake: He had better show up tonight…I would hate to have wasted my time here. He took a long sip of his martini and turned back to the dreary, black wall of the bar. A little colour wouldn’t hurt this place much, he thought.
  18. 18. Leering Snakeskin Jacket Guy: Giggity-giggity…hot, scantily-clad, Asian twins!! This is my lucky night!! Yumi: Beat it you old fart!! LSJG: Aww don’t be so cold baby!!
  19. 19. Yuki: Isn’t it past your bed time? Ivy: Isn’t past yours? You’re not my mother, the pimp let you have the night off or something? Yuki: Funny kid, beat it. Ivy: Make me. Yumi: Nee-san? You need some help with that one? Yuki: No, I’m fine. She was just leaving. Ivy: Well fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you when the vamps come looking for a meal. Yuki: We are capable of taking care of ourselves kid. You, however, I doubt the same could be said.
  20. 20. Danava: Really…well that’s interesting. Who would have thought we would have vampire hunters in my town… Danava had been listening the whole time from her vantage point at the bar. As a vampire and a demon her hearing was above average and she knew exactly who the three of them were and what they wanted. They were after the heir, and so was she, Cain got the idea in his fool head that it would be a good idea to try to find him a spouse here so the Mission could carry on…but this was a demon-owned club and he had another thing coming if he thought he was safe to bring Isaiah here.
  21. 21. Danava had been ordered by the prince to sit and wait, allowing Eve and her pathetic family to believe the worst was over for them. Cain was still at her mercy and he had foolishly chosen to remain in the house with them. Then he went and bit his brother, things could not have gone better. Adam was a problem, he was second born and after Eve he was the next strongest with the angel blood flowing through his veins. Cain had no idea that when he bit Adam, he was tying his brother’s fate to his own…since Danava sired Cain, she had control over him and anyone he didn’t drain for food. Which meant she has two of the angel blooded brothers under her control…
  22. 22. She drained her drink and went over to her target. Danava: Van Helsing…I know the stench of that blood anywhere. How are you? Drake: YOU!! What in God’s name are YOU doing here?!! Danava: Out for a cold winter’s night stroll, how about you? Not thinking of hunting any Fanged are you? That would be…inconvenient for me you see.
  23. 23. Danava: Oh you were weren’t you!! Heehee!! How precious…I thought you would have learned you lesson when we served up your wife and precious daughter to the Tricou vamp!! Oh my!! This is rich!! Drake: You failed; your cowardly assault has only strengthened my resolve to wipe all of your kind off the face of the Earth!! Danava: It’s the Apocalypse honey, we aren’t going anywhere…you however are another story. Don’t mess with my operation here…it will be the last thing you ever do. Count on that.
  24. 24. Drake: You will fail demon bitch!! I guarantee it. I have the power of God on my side and He will make sure you lose. Danava: Ah, mortals. So easily deluded…He won’t be helping you any time soon or ever for that matter. He has no interest in what’s going on down here…but my Prince does. There will be no help from Him for you… Drake: We shall see who is truly the deluded one here…
  25. 25. It did not take long for Danava to get bored and wander off, but then the one they had been waiting for finally arrived. Drake seized the chance to talk to him first. Drake: I have been waiting for you Isaiah Angel. Isaiah: Then while you were waiting, I was debating. On whether or not to come for this place, is not one of good memories for me. But how, pray tell, do you know who I am?
  26. 26. Drake chose his words carefully: “Everyone knows what your family is doing here in Angel’s Haven. It’s the rumour of what you’re up to that is bringing people from all over to this place. I myself came all the way from England to see you.” Isaiah: Another wandering soul? That must have taken its toll… Drake: I didn’t come alone of course, too dangerous. I brought some friends of mine, they would love to meet you.
  27. 27. Drake: Girls? Come over here, there’s someone I want you to meet. Isaiah: Your friends, have chosen quite the odd outfits…so bright…it does not seem right. Drake: Well they are Japanese, you know how they love their flashy clothing and being trend-setters. Isaiah: I would not, alas. I know little of the world outside.
  28. 28. Drake: Well there’s always new things to discover isn’t there? Isaiah: Indeed. Drake: Girls, now if you please. Yuki and Yumi: Hai, hai Drake –sama.
  29. 29. Yuki: My name is Yuki, this is my twin sister Yumi. Isaiah: How strange your hair colour be, its purpose I do not see. Yuki: We like to be different. You have a strange way of talking… Isaiah: Alas, it would seem that I unaware of how I appear to others outside my family. I’m sorry, I’m new at this whole spouse hunting thing… Yuki: Spouse hunting?
  30. 30. Yuki took the opportunity and pounced: I did not say you had to stop…I think it’s kawaii that you speak so strangely. Isaiah: I don’t know what that means…is it a good thing? Yuki sighed inwardly; he really was out of touch with the world. “It means cute. And yes, it is a good thing. You are kawaii…” She said with her best flirtatious smile.
  31. 31. He was all too eager to learn more about her so she took the chance to make her superior Ileira look bad in his impressionable eyes. He was too easy to reel in. Isaiah: Wow that’s really funny. Yuki: I know right? She thought she had a chance to get the gas for free using her looks, heehee. Isaiah: You’re really kawaii yourself Yuki. She blushed without really meaning to, then she shook it off. “ Want to dansu?” She asked.
  32. 32. Now it was his turn to blush. “Oh I really don’t know how to…” He said. Yuki: I teach you, come. It’s easy. See? You just move with the beat like this. Isaiah watched her body language, Yuki tried not to let him see her face that was once again turning as pink as her hair. He was a job, nothing more…that was all…right?
  33. 33. Isaiah: I really should be going…it’s nearly dawn. My family will be worried about me. Yuki: WOO!! Wait, what? Isaiah: I should go, it was nice meeting you Yuki, I enjoyed our time together. Yuki: But, the night is still young…just stay a little longer onaigai shimas? Isaiah: What? Yuki: It means please.
  34. 34. Isaiah: I really shouldn’t… Yuki: Just one little game…please? Isaiah: Umm…alright. But just one okay? Yuki: Ariagato!! Isaiah: Huh? Yuki: Thank you.
  35. 35. Eventually though, things did have to end. Drake had seen enough and wanted to leave. Yuki was reluctant but she agreed. Once they got back, Drake cornered her and demanded to know what she learned about him. Yuki: He’s a triplet, he has a brother named Joseph and a sister named Margaret. They live with their uncle and aging parents in the sea blue tower by the water tank and wind turbines… Drake: Tell me about the uncle.
  36. 36. Yuki: He is the mother’s youngest brother, there is also another uncle but he moved out. Drake: So they have three enfeebled elders in that tower huh? Sounds easy enough to take out. Yuki: I didn’t say the uncles were elders… Drake: What are they then?
  37. 37. Yuki: He isn’t aging like the mother… Drake got the message; “The uncles…are Fanged??!!” Drake cried. Nos slammed the keyboard cover down, making everyone jump. Nos: You didn’t tell me that they were Fanged!! I may not care much about the twins but I NEED them alive and breathing to work!! Don’t send them back to that place. Drake: I didn’t know they were Fanged until now!! But this is a chance I don’t want to lose, we can kill them, using Isaiah as a way in!!
  38. 38. The next night… Cain: How was the club last night? You should have waited for me, it’s not a good idea to go out alone. You’re the heir Isaiah. Isaiah: I was well and safe; I have my body trained to a perfect ten…but I will not go alone again. Cain: Melissa moved in last night while you were out, she was worried about you.
  39. 39. Isaiah, Margaret, Joseph, and Melissa managed over the next few days to find jobs for their assigned lifts. When Eve told them about the computer being able to be used for job searching, it made finding them easier than waiting for the papers to have openings posted. It was also a good chance to get to know the woman that his uncle had chosen for him to wed. She was nervous about the arrangement but knowing that he was too, made it a little easier. Eve told them that they had to have four children in order for the Mission to stay on track. It was more than Isaiah had wanted to have but it also made sense.
  40. 40. Melissa was Romance at heart, like Eve. So the idea of having four kids was scary to her. Eve joked that she should just have quads and get it all over in one shot like she did with the triplets. Though that thought scared Melissa more than she wanted to admit to her future mother in law. Isaiah looked just as terrified about quads and Taz had to get Eve to back down on her good-natured, but ill-timed, teasing of her son. She protested, saying her solitary Nice point loved the teasing…but her husband’s stern gaze made her give in.
  41. 41. Isaiah proposed to Melissa using the ring that Eve had given to Taz, which had been passed to Eve from her father Castiel. It was a family heirloom and despite Melissa’s fear of being tied down, the sentiment touched her heart and she accepted.
  42. 42. Melissa: I’m happy Isaiah, for the first time I feel happy…I’m glad I agreed to come here and be part of the Mission. Isaiah: It warms my heart to hear you say, that you chose to stay, despite what we will face each and every day… Melissa: Was that a poem, for me? Isaiah: Yes, do you like it? Melissa: I do.
  43. 43. Ileira: So what now? Drake: We wait. Isaiah was practically falling over himself to impress Yuki. We can use that to our advantage… Ileira: I see… ******
  44. 44. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: Right, well this marks the end of Eve’s chapters, next time we see a new banner and a new heir taking over. Isaiah. Will his naïve knowledge of the world outside Angel’s Haven spell disaster for the Angel family? And what is Danava planning to do to cash in the favour on Cain, and now Adam whom was dropped right into her lap by an overly emotional plea from the second generation Angel spare. And what lifts will be coming to make my life and theirs easier? Come back and see.