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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 3


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Day 3 and more eliminations.

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 3

  1. 1. Lots to do today, many things going on. Day 3 is about to begin. I have a system you see, every two days I upload another BC chapter. I can’t drag things out like with a regular legacy chapter and I’m bored so… Let’s just go.
  2. 2. Day 3, before 12 noon you must do one flirt with each of the contestants. After 12 noon hot tubbing and chess dates. Loki: It’s so nice to see everyone around the table this morning, did you all sleep well? Aphrodite: I did. Ella: Suck up.
  3. 3. First flirt: A charm… Loki: I’m so nervous… Aria: Uh oh… Go on now…
  4. 4. Loki: A-A-Aria…I-I-I did I ever tell you how lovely green looks on you? *sweats bullets* Aria: Is that all? Loki: N-n-no, I also love umm…y-y-your hair?
  5. 5. Aria: Sorry but it’s too early for flirting. Loki: O-o-oh…*sad face* Rejected!! That will cost Aria big points. And how dare she break my poor little Loki’s heart!!
  6. 6. Loki: V-V-Voice? She, she shot me down…I-I *lip quiver* Aww, honey. Don’t make me cry too. You still have five more. One of them has to like you. Loki: B-B-But…I’m crushed…
  7. 7. Next we have Camilla, can she recover from that negative numbers loss? Loki: A wolf whistle? I’m so embarrassed… It was the only option you had. Sorry. Camilla: Hey it’s cool, I don’t mind. I know I’m hot. I may even forgive you for that kids crack the other day.
  8. 8. Well. I’m surprised. It worked. Loki: Do I have to do that again? Camilla: You can if you want, I don’t mind. Sorry, one flirt on Day 3.
  9. 9. Third up is Cube, these two have had some tension before, is today the day to finally break free from that? Loki: Lookin’ good…umm good lookin’ Cube: That was surprisingly uncreative but hey, props for trying. And accepted, but is it enough?
  10. 10. Next is Maddie, and again all he had was Wolf Whistle so you can see how thrilled he is with that. Loki: Why? I like to Charm… Maddie: I’m okay with either actually.
  11. 11. It was accepted I was worried it wouldn’t be. Loki: Please tell me that was the last Wolf Whistle… I make no promises. Loki: You mean I have to do it again? At least once more.
  12. 12. Ella: Yeah baby. Loki: Please tell me that was it… Well Aphrodite is last so maybe it was your last. Loki: Oh thank the Force.
  13. 13. Ella: You could always give me that DJ Booth you stashed in your inventory, I’ll accept any flirt after that. Loki: Err, sorry no can do. The soul-sucking DJ Booth stays locked away…sorry.
  14. 14. Loki: A charm oh finally!! But still…*blush* Aphrodite: You are so cute!! Loki: A-Aphrodite…your name speaks of love…and I hope you’ll share it with me. Aphrodite: That can be arranged…
  15. 15. Loki: R-R-really? Aphrodite: Of course. No second place for me this time. Loki: Wait, this time? Aphrodite: Never mind. Tell me more about my lovely name.
  16. 16. So here is where I faced a dilemma, there was still time before noon and I had a two way tie between the lowest scores. So I introduced the Square Table Discussion time to see if I could break the tie, if you hadn’t guessed it was between Cube and Maddie…Camilla over there was just waiting to stalk Loki. Loki: So *ahem* Something you should know about me, my grandmother hates pink…so when you meet her don’t wear it. Cube: Wut?
  17. 17. Camilla: He’s so hot when he’s discussing Crimes of Fashion. Cube: How can you hate pink? It’s so cute and girly!! I always wear something pink!! And I’m not going to change that for anyone!! Maddie: Umm Cube? Maybe you shouldn’t…on second thought, go ahead, rack up the negative points…all the more better for me.
  18. 18. Needless to say, it did not save Cube today. She was out. Cube: How can he hate pink? It’s inconceivable, I’m gonna sit right here in my PINK pj’s on the PINK couch in the PINK room and think about how much I love PINK!! That’lll show him… Umm, should I tell her that it’s Dark Kiara who hates pink, and not Loki? Naw…
  19. 19. Day 3 Stats: Aphrodite: 46!!  Holy Force!! Camilla: 25  Big comeback Ella: 20 Aria: 16 Maddie: 11 Cube: 6 We will see Cube’s Exit Interview later…in the meantime.
  20. 20. Aphrodite: So… Aria: So… Camilla: Yeah… Loki: This is nice, just hanging out in the hot tub.
  21. 21. Maddie: This sucks, I wanted to be over there. Ella: Speak for yourself, I was going to be in there till I was route blocked… Maddie: Should we be conspiring or something? Ella: Probably…
  22. 22. Loki: Did I ever tell you I was on the Dean’s List four years in a row? Camilla: I never went to college. Aria: I was never a teen. Aphrodite: A bug flew in my mouth! *cough*
  23. 23. Loki: So did my brother and sister. Aphrodite: Where are they? Loki: Well my sister Nyx is with my uncle Tyrone and aunt Jane, and my brother Thanos is the heir.
  24. 24. After it started to snow, it was time for chess dates. And my super serious spare was all excited about it. Loki: Ooh I love chess!! Camilla: It’s alright. It’s more of a thinking man’s game though. Loki: I know that’s what I love about it.
  25. 25. Camilla: Ooh Logic point. Loki: I maxed my skills in college. Camilla: It’s a small victory, don’t demean it for me. Loki: Sorry.
  26. 26. Chess Timer: DING!! Change places. Maddie: Someone should replace this with something fun and explosion filled… Loki: I like it, the solitude and the concentration it takes to plan out the moves right, it’s like a symphony of intellectual pursuits. Maddie: Not explody enough.
  27. 27. Maddie: I guess it’s an art you have to learn. Loki: You think so too? That’s great!! Maddie: *small smile* Sure. Chess Timer: DING!! Change places.
  28. 28. Loki: Did you go to college? Ella: Yep. Made the Dean’s List, then got abducted by my space parent. Loki: NO way!! Me TOO!! Funny how that works out huh? Ella: It wasn’t planned. Loki: Neither was mine.
  29. 29. Loki: I wrote my Junior term paper on my experience with my space parent. The prof loved it. Ella: Mine didn’t believe me. Loki: That’s odd, usually they are more open-minded. Ella: You would think so but no.
  30. 30. Chess Timer: DING!! Change places. Aria: Do you think you can get something to study Mechanical with in here? Loki: Like what? Aria: I don’t know, that train set thing. That would be cool. Also flamey-burstable so no train set for you.
  31. 31. Aria: Or a video game system? Something other than chess? Loki: Sorry, Voice says it’s not in the rules. Aria: Drag. Chess Timer: DING!! Change places.
  32. 32. Aphrodite: So I hear you have five BFF’s… Loki: Oh yes, I met a lot of them in college. Also my siblings, even though Thanos tries to kill me…he’s Sith–obsessed you know. Aphrodite: Sith? Loki: Dark Side of the Force, that’s what they call themselves.
  33. 33. Loki: I wish he would see reason… Aphrodite: I’m sure you can get him to, you are his brother aren’t you? Loki: I will keep trying, as a Jedi it’s my duty. Aphrodite: You’re a Jedi? Chess Timer: DING!! Sessions are now over.
  34. 34. And now we see what happened to Cube. Cube: It’s just not fair!! How can he hate PINK!?!? She’s still obsessed you see…
  35. 35. Gabriel: WHY?? WHY?? WHY did she HAVE to sit here?? Cube: You agree with me right? I mean you’re in red and red is like a cooler shade of pink… Gabriel: GO AWAY!! Cube: Pink is cute right? Of course it is…
  36. 36. Cube: *GASP* You don’t think that’s why Loki didn’t like me do you? Oh…I hate losing. Gabriel: Just one Smite…PLEEAASSSEEE!! One measly little Smite…anything to shut her up…*cracks knuckles*
  37. 37. Well since Gabe’s irritation amuses me I guess I will have to interview you. So Cube, what happened? Cube: Pink…I was too obsessed…. Right…so anyway you have a choice to make, you can stay playable or become a Townie, what will it be? Cube: Pink… o_0? Okay then…Townie it is.
  38. 38. But wait, there’s more…simselves!! Thai: The Thai likes red hands… Pony: We won the BBVM!! WOOT!! Rosie: You do know it was all a ploy right? We planned it all along. Keika: Shh, little sis. No cross-legacy spoilers!!* *see the latest White Legacy chapter for details*
  39. 39. *door crashes open* Margaret: You perverts!! Stop spying on me while I’m all the way at work and had no possible way of knowing you were even doing it!! *grr* Thai: The Thai wins again…no one catches the Thai spying. *kekeke*
  40. 40. Keika: But-but it wasn’t me!! WAHHAAHAA!! Margaret: And another thing!! That shirt is too PINK!! BURN IT!! Keika: Now she’s insulting my stylish sweater vest!! *moar bawls* Duality B ladies and gentleman, Duality B.
  41. 41. Keika: First the BBVM campers on my lawn, now I get insulted and nearly poked by a nasty ginger headed legacy spouse…can I take out another IOU for here too? One per customer, sorry. You have one in Angel’s Haven that’s still valid. Thai: The Thai is good, the Thai is goooddd…
  42. 42. Keika: Oh don’t think I didn’t hear your pirate laugh at my expense back there… Thai: The Thai doesn’t know what you mean, the Thai didn’t do anything. Keika: I have simself ears, I heard you!! Thai: The Thai thinks you are mistaken. Keika: The Keika—I mean I know you’re lying!!
  43. 43. Meanwhile…upstairs. Mysterious Blond: Mission complete, the visiting Force guardian is ready for extraction. *garbled whispering* Mysterious Blond: Understood, returning to base.
  44. 44. Keika: Rosie!! Back me up here!! Was it Thai spying on the Betas or wasn’t it? Rosie: I don’t know I didn’t see. Keika: PSSH!! Some sister you are!! Rosie: Sorry, but can’t vouch for something I didn’t witness!!
  45. 45. Sam: Come on guys, let’s all sit down and get this sorted alright? Pony: Back away Sam, just back away… Sam: Why? I—I Pony: Wanna see some pics of Hanna?* Sam: Oh sure. *Pony’s real dog
  46. 46. Mysterious Blond: No resistance to my escape, they are all occupied. *more garbled whispers* Mysterious Blond: Good. I’ll be there soon.
  47. 47. “Excellent. Return as soon as you can. There have been some developments.” Mysterious Blond: What sort of developments? “He’s falling in love.” Mysterious Blond: I see, I’ll hasten my pace.