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Butterfly Free: Chapter 1


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My new OWBC, come see.

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Butterfly Free: Chapter 1

  1. 1. It’s finally here!! The Butterfly Free OWBC. Anyway, I haven’t really decided on that many mini challenges this time, one is Witchy Good Time, AL, Uni, might do the FT ones too, not sure right now. But I do have one of my own unique challenges, I call it the Restless Soul Challenge. They have to move once a generation has finished being born to a new lot. No extra cash bonuses for building either. Also after the first pregnancy I decided on a butterfly naming theme so only the first kids don’t have butterfly names. Mostly because I couldn’t think of any at the time… Anyway, off we go.
  2. 2. Meet my founder, Monarch Butterfly. She’s an active Virgo Knowledge/Family type and she’s on the spouse hunt. Settling in the newly formed Butterfly Canyon, she’s seeking to top the Criminal Underworld. However, we can’t have this one. Julien Cooke has a date with the Social Bunny. Julien: WHY? AGAIN? WHY do you hate me? It amuses me. ^_^
  3. 3. But because she’s poor, she’s out digging for treasures. She’s not the only playable right now, I added Julien and Cyd to their own apartment building and of course Ani-Mei. I will Townie-fy the other Sim Binners eventually because I can’t be bothered to place them all on lots, and I don’t have the Clean Template hack installed. Monarch: Digging, digging, all the live long day!! *whistles*
  4. 4. Monarch: Ooh, he’s a cute. I can have? Hmm, custom skin, blond hair, and custom eyes…maybe but let’s try for more than one bolt. Monarch: Sorry Mr. Odd Name, maybe next time
  5. 5. Kampol (yeah…): I have a name, it’s Kampol Philippine. I also have recessives! Monarch: One bolt, sorry not enough. Nice to see my game uses the CC I have to make Townies though.
  6. 6. Next day…another one with custom skin. Ron: I’m a Senator in the nearby city. And I have been looking to settle out here. Monarch: Oh yeah? Nice. I just started living here myself. Two bolts? Ron: What? Good enough, I can always change Ron.
  7. 7. One whirlwind romance and a baby later, they finally get engaged. Ron: But now? You’re already showing, think of the scandal if it was found out I wasn’t married before having kids!! Monarch: Sorry, was busy trying to rule the Criminal Underworld. But may as well before I pop too much right?
  8. 8. Ron: Ooh, shiny. Monarch: I know right? It’s all about the shiny…the shiny…(eyes go wide) You’re not a moth, refrain from crashing into the shiny…refrain… Monarch: Sorry what? Was looking at the shiny. Never mind. >_<
  9. 9. Monarch: This isn’t as shiny. But here, have another. Ron: Thanks. +5000 Monarch: Did you just say “plus five thousand”? Ron: No… One guess what Ron is…come on guess…
  10. 10. Monarch: Shoo flee?? Ben (Long Nose): Yeah, what a show, *air punch* Ron: Move you!! And take that Long Nose outta my way, baby coming!! Ben: Yeah…no. I’ll stay here. *air punches again*
  11. 11. Ron: Why? Why did I bring this Long Nosed freak home today? Ben: Well…I’ve lost interest. Got any beer? Ron: WHAT? No I don’t have any beer!! MOVE DAMNIT!! Monarch: This is gonna tear me apart!! OWIEE!! Only two more after this, push on through, push on through…
  12. 12. Monarch: Here, take her. Is that a pass off? It is isn’t it? Monarch: Sorry, I have another caterpillar to bring forth. Not again…<_>
  13. 13. Monarch: Out…*huff* you…*uff* come!! Little Caterpillar!! If this were Sims 3 that would fit, but it’s not…caterpillar babies in that one. Monarch: UFF!! At least it’s only two. Twins, a girl named Jubilee and a boy Julian.
  14. 14. And here we go, twin terrors. Say, where’s the cake? Ron: It’s here, see the dish? It’s buried, under the cabinet…how are you using it? Ron: Magic. How else? Right. Note to self, don’t put stuff there.
  15. 15. Ron: This one works. I see that cake this time. Ron: Too bad my beloved wife has to miss this. She’s busy, ruling the Criminal Underworld.
  16. 16. Obligatory Huggle Pose. Jubilee Butterfly (elf ears!!) Aries 9/8/4/7/6 Julian Butterfly Virgo 10/0/8/0/10 (looks familiar doesn’t it? *coughLokicough*)
  17. 17. See this guy? Remember this guy. He’s wanted for kidnapping, the butler Andrezj Something… Andrezj: I resemble that remark. Toddlers didn’t do anything, crying, pooping, annoying me so Ani-Mei turns off free will and chains them to the toddler table…but we have more babies.
  18. 18. Hamburglar: *sneaksneaksneak* Robbin’ the boss’s place, robbin’ the boss’s place. Do dee doo dee… Why? Of all the rotten luck…WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FREAK ME OUT?? And at the same time as this… 
  19. 19. Monarch: PAIINN!! The alarm’s going off!! I’m hurting!! Ron get off your lazy ass and DO SOMETHING!! Ron: What!!?? Do I stand here and freak out over you or do I go upstairs and freak out over the Hamburglar? *is so confused* True fact: I hear the ominous Burglar music and then it drags me over here for Shoo Flee!! Never had that happen before…ever.
  20. 20. Earlier that night… Jubilee: Brudda? Julian: Sissy? Jubilee: We grow now? Julian: We grow now.
  21. 21. Synchronized Wiggle-Dance go!! Monarch: Uhh, my back is killing me, I have to pee, I’m tired…and hungry…hurry up caterpillars. Mommy needs to kill a certain Family-addled man for doing this to me again. Jubilee and Julian: *wiggles*
  22. 22. Jubilee: WHEE!! Matching pj’s!! Julien: *photobombs* Julian: Twin Powers!! If it’s not the butler it’s random playables photobombing my pics. Julien: My social is in the orange… I was lonely. That’s the point. Now git!! Back to your apartment!!
  23. 23. *returns to present* Julian: Hurry sister twin!! Mother-fly is in distress!! Jubilee: Synchronized twin running powers activate!! They are so meant to be twins…
  24. 24. Hamburglar: Well if I can’t steal the boss’s stuff, I’ll just stand here and route block everyone who’s mothing to freak out over my awesome presence. Officer Ramen Noodles: Damn you Hamburglar!! I’ll have to add illegal route-blocking to your rap sheet now!! Hamburglar: Go ahead Ramen Noodles!! It’s only gonna make me more awesome than you!!
  25. 25. Monarch: Where’s Ron? He needs to hold his son while I go freak out over Hamburglar. Hate to tell you Monarch, he’s route-blocked trying to freak out over Hamburglar himself… Monarch: Oh. *glitches* Can’t put baby down, must freak out…can’t freak out, gotta put baby down… Hawaiian Blue: My life is already cursed and I’m only two minutes old…
  26. 26. The next day… Andrezj: Eww, dust… Hawaiian Blue: Put me down moron!! Lemme go!! I hate my life!! Andrezj: My work is done, I’m going to turn in for the evening. *leaves lot* Oi…baby…MINE!! YOU STOLE BLUE!! HIS ICON IS GONE!! NOES!!!
  27. 27. The following is text: Ani-Mei was freaking out over the kidnapping of little baby Hawaiian Blue and had to exit the lot… He was back after I re-entered the lot by the mailbox, in the freezing cold snow. And then…the next day he tries again, walks off with mah baybee!! *turns on cheat box* *enters moveobjects on* *grabs Blue from butler* *Blue is saved* Needless to say, the butler was never seen again after that…
  28. 28. The kidnapping incident added extra days to Blue’s time as a baby…my poor boy. He aged up later and has elf ears too. Hawaiian Blue: My life is one big curse…the things I saw in Townie Land…can never be unseen…*rocks back and forth* Hawaiian Blue Sagittarius 5/4/9/10/7
  29. 29. Monarch: Tell me this is the last one…the last caterpillar. It is the last cater—baby!! Baby, not caterpillar. Monarch: Oh good, I’m restless here I think it’s time to move. Sure…the house has some bad memories after all.
  30. 30. Monarch: Aww, aren’t you a cute little wiggle worm? Yes…she is. The last baby of generation 1, Swallowtail Butterfly. Like her brother Hawaiian Blue, her birth almost wasn’t. Monarch was 42 hours in and didn’t have a single bump to show for it. I was worried, so moving is a good idea.
  31. 31. New house!! Jubilee: And this is going to be part of my Twin Tower of Power, what are you going to add brother twin? Julian: More triangles of course sister twin. You can never have too many triangles. Blue: You’re both insane…and I’m cursed with you…I hate my life.
  32. 32. Blue: NO!! Not another birthday!! What if this one is cursed too? Relax, I don’t think you’re going to be cursed again. This is a new lot. Blue: How do you know that though??!! What if the walls are filled with mold? What if I die this time? I don’t want to grow up!! You’ll be fine, I’m the Voice, trust me.
  33. 33. Blue: Am I—am I safe? Yes, and you’re freakin’ adorable too. Blue: I look just like my idiot big brother, I AM CURSED!! WAHH!! No, your dad just has some unexpectedly strong genes…that’s all. >_<
  34. 34. One more for the road, little Swallowtail also grew up. She is a genetic clone of her sister…right down to the elf ears. *sigh* Swallowtail Butterfly Capricorn 9/0/1/8/8 The Slouch!! Ughh… Swallowtail: Uggh it’s too bright in here…*nods off* And a narcoleptic too…yay.
  35. 35. That’s all for the first chapter. I don’t want to plot this one, but I know it’s going to happen. I can NEVER write anything without plot. Hawaiian Blue’s kidnapping, Swallowtail’s narcolepsy, the twins…what a start. It wasn’t all that drawn out, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I was more worried about the glitching of my hood so early on. Oh well. See you next time.