Candle Lights & Virgil: Prologue


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Candle Lights & Virgil: Prologue

  1. 1. Beautiful Mykonos Island, the tropical setting for the newest thing in Hidden City;Virgil’s Bachelor Challenge. The bachelor himself has just begun the second semester of his Junior year of college and will be shocked and surprised when his post- graduation home will be this mansion temporarily. Cupid is standing guard in the mansion, but where are the girls?
  2. 2. The girls will be staying in Hidden City with Aphrodite at her temple there. Isolationrooms were set up for the girls so no one will have a prior relationship with the others; with the exception of one pair…you’ll see them in just a moment. Let’s meet our contestants!!
  3. 3. Contestant 1: Jezabel ArcherHome World: SimSimity’s Glendale Downs a BaCC Occupation: Town founder Sign: Gemini Aspiration(s): FO/K
  4. 4. Aphrodite: Welcome to Hidden City, do you know what you’re here for? Jezabel: No…Aphrodite: Well first off let me introduce myself, I am Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and you’re one of seven ladies here to be a part of a wonderful experience; a bachelor challenge!! Jezabel: Who is this guy?
  5. 5. Aphrodite: He’s the eighth generation heir to a legacy aiming to restore our God ofPeace, poor boy has had no luck in the love field and as Goddess of Love, that must be fixed. Everyone should be loved. Jezabel: Yes, but who is he? Aphrodite: You’ll just have to get to know him and find out. I won’t tell youanything more than that right now. No fair giving you girls any insider information.
  6. 6. Contestant 2: Isabella GreavesHome World: Mystery’s Greaves Family ISBI Occupation: Spare Sign: Taurus Aspiration(s): FA/K
  7. 7. Aphrodite: Oh aren’t you adorable in your Peasant clothing!! Welcome to Hidden City.Isabella: I am most honoured to be whisked away to such a wondrous and strange land!! Pray tell; why am I here? Aphrodite: You are one of seven girls that will be participating in a Bachelor Challenge.
  8. 8. Isabella: A what? Who are you? Aphrodite: Oh how silly of me; I’m Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Isabella: A goddess??!! Oh…if I had known I would have donned on my best outfit and curtseyed properly!!Aphrodite: You are so cute!! But there’s no need. You’ll be competing for the eighth generation heir to our legacy. Isabella: A prince? Oh how delightful!! I have always wished for such an opportunity!!
  9. 9. Contestant 3: Polly (Wolly-Doodle) JingleheimerHome World: musicdreamer7’s Welcome to Dreamland legacy Occupation: Gen. 2 Heir (I believe) Sign: Gemini Aspiration(s): K
  10. 10. Polly: This place is weird, where am I and where’s my sister? Aphrodite: You’re in Hidden City and your sister is just fine; she’s here too. Polly: And you are? Aphrodite: Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. At your service. I’ll be your liaison to Hidden City and your temporary landlord while you’re here. Polly: Which is why exactly?Aphrodite: You’re one of seven competing in a Bachelor Challenge for the eighth generation heir to the legacy here.
  11. 11. Polly: So I’m competing with my own sister and five others for some guy I’ve never even met or even know the name of? How is that going to work?Aphrodite: It usually is a lot more fun than you make it sound. He has no idea that we’ve even started this for him though. Polly: Won’t he be mad? Aphrodite: I hope not…
  12. 12. Contestant 4: Hokey (Pokey) JingleheimerHome World: musicdreamer7’s Welcome to Dreamland legacy Occupation: Spare Sign: Gemini Aspiration(s): FA
  13. 13. Hokey: Is my sister here? Aphrodite: Yes, next door. Hokey: Can I see her?Aphrodite: No, unfortunately. It’s part of the challenge you’ll be taking part in. Hokey: What is it?
  14. 14. Aphrodite: It’s a Bachelor Challenge for our eighth generation heir here in Hidden City. I am Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and I’ll be looking after you girls until the challenge begins. Hokey: And I have to compete with my sister?Aphrodite: She said the same thing oddly enough…but yes and it will be fun trust me. Hokey: I’ll take your word for it…I seem to be able to trust you.
  15. 15. Contestant 5: Aphrodite Wrongway Home World: Super Frogs Wrongway LegacyOccupation: Secondary Character (daughter of Ralph and Ariel, twin sister of Lee) Sign: Scorpio Aspiration(s): K/FA
  16. 16. Aphrodite: Love the name girl, welcome to Hidden City! Other Aphrodite: Is it true that Hex is here?Aphrodite: Yes, he is and he’s very close to Solan too. Do you want to see him? Other Aphrodite: I’d better not…so what am I doing here?
  17. 17. Aphrodite: You’re one of seven ladies competing in a Bachelor Challenge for our eighth generation heir. I’ll be looking after you until it begins. Other Aphrodite: So Hex won’t know I’m here then? Aphrodite: Not unless someone tells him; which I don’t think will happen. Other Aphrodite: Is this heir nice? Aphrodite: You’ll have to wait and see.
  18. 18. Contestant 6: Miranda BlueHome World: Super Frogs Here We Go Again OWBC Occupation: New founder due to rebuild. Sign: Gemini Aspiration(s): K
  19. 19. Miranda: Wow, you are gorgeous!!Aphrodite: I like you girl; keep the compliments coming. A goddess loves to hear praises. I am Aphrodite; your landlord for now. Miranda: Am I here to assist you? Aphrodite: No, you’re in a Bachelor Challenge for our eighth generation heir.
  20. 20. Miranda: Is he a good guy?Aphrodite: Of course, but you’ll have to wait and see for yourself. I’m going to be looking after you girls for a bit. Miranda: I see. Aphrodite: Don’t worry; you’ll have a great time here.
  21. 21. Contestant 7: Biro BoxHome World: Thai’s Box Legacy Occupation: Spare Sign: Cancer Aspiration(s): FA
  22. 22. Biro: This room is very pink… Aphrodite: You don’t like it? Biro: Oh, no it’s fine my mom had pink hair so I’m used to it.Aphrodite: Well, this is Hidden City and I’m your gracious hostess Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.
  23. 23. Biro: So what am I here for? Aphrodite: You’re in a Bachelor Challenge for our heir.Biro: I’ve never done one of those before, sounds like fun. Aphrodite: Glad you approve.
  24. 24. So now that you’ve all met the ladies who will be competing for Virgil; it’s all about waiting until he graduates to get this ball rolling. I’m sure it will be fun since Virgil is one Nice point away from being totally mean to the ladies. You’ll see a lot ofGeminis in this challenge, that wasn’t intentional. Most of them were born that way and it so happens that Geminis and Scorpios do get along quite well so it’ll be aninteresting seven days that’s for sure. Who will co-create the ninth generation? Who will be a crucial part in restoring the God of Peace Only time will tell…