The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 8


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The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 8

  1. 1. The Foxglove Legacy Chapter 8 Yay! Generation 2 has ! :D I’m going to try and make the chapters a bit longer than first few I wrote in this legacy - hopefully at least 50 slides. For some reason, this chapter felt really confusing to write, so I hope it’s not too confusing to read! (Oh, and if you don’t like 1st person, which I know some people don’t, I suggest you skip to slide 32)
  2. 2. Dear diary...
  3. 3. Tomorrow is my wedding, andI’m so nervous, but also extremelyexcited! I can’t believe it’s comearound so quickly. It seems likeonly yesterday Orlando and Iwere just kids.
  4. 4. Dear diary,I’m married! When Orlandoslipped that little golden ring onmy finger, it was the best feelingin the world! We were finally afamily.
  5. 5. Tying the knot was even betterthough! I’m now Mrs Holly BlueBertino!
  6. 6. After the wedding me andOrlando... had some fun.
  7. 7. Dear diary,It snowed! Orlando and I hadsnowball fights, and made snowangels and snowmen... I lovesnow!
  8. 8. Dear diary,I’ve been feeling under-the-weather lately. I keep onthrowing up. Urgh, it’s horrible.
  9. 9. But to try and cheer me up,Orlando is painting me. He’s sotalented!
  10. 10. Dear diary,Turns out I didn’t have a sicknessbug, but I’m pregnant!
  11. 11. Orlando is over the moon, and tobe honest, so am I!
  12. 12. Well, I’m going to stop writingnow – we’re just going to go anddecorate the nursery!
  13. 13. Dear diary...
  14. 14. I found myself a cute little cottageat the edge of Cloudburst Cove.
  15. 15. I met up with a man who knowsquite a bit about the career I’m in.His name is Robert Baker.
  16. 16. Soon, we became good friends.
  17. 17. I’m not sure whether it’s becauseI’ve never had a boyfriend before,but I started to flirt with him. I’mpretty certain that he didn’t mindthough.
  18. 18. I shared my first kiss with him!
  19. 19. Dear diary,Robert came over today, andsaid:“Madeline, we haven’t knowneach other for long, but come andlive with me!”
  20. 20. He hugged me so tightly when Isaid yes – it made me smile.
  21. 21. It was raining when we arrivedat his house, but boy is itamazing! It’s so beautiful andmassive...(downloaded from Mod the Sims)
  22. 22. When I first arrived, he grabbedhold of my hands and said,“Maddie, do you want a room ofyour own, or do you want toshare?”After thinking about it for a bit, Isaid my own. I had a plan.
  23. 23. My room was quite small, butcosy and modern. He said I waswelcome to go and see him anytime I wanted. After a quick peckon the cheek, he left.
  24. 24. That night, I snuck into his roomwhilst he was in the shower andwaited by the wall. I’m not surewhat got into me, but I just... Ithink I’m in love... and feelingreckless.
  25. 25. He came out, and said,“Jesus, Maddie! Why the hell areyou in here?”But I could see he didn’t reallymind at all.“Well, you said I was welcomeany time I wanted... you didn’tspecify what I should bewearing...” I replied.
  26. 26. That night was amazing.I’ve changed a lot recently, diary.But it feels great.
  27. 27. Dear diary,You’ll never guess what!
  28. 28. Ricky proposed to me!
  29. 29. I said yes, of course. Ricky and Iagreed that we wanted a smallwedding, probably just the two ofus.
  30. 30. My mum, not knowing that’swhat we wanted, went andbought a whole load of stuff.
  31. 31. Dear diary,I’ve been learning how to play thepiano.Never mind. I had more to say,but my mum’s here.
  32. 32. “Lauren, tomorrow morning isyour wedding, is everythingready?”“Oh poo. It is, isn’t it?”
  33. 33. “Don’t tell me you forgot aboutyour own wedding!?”
  34. 34. “No... of course not!”“Good!” laughed Evangeline.
  35. 35. The next day came round veryquickly, and before she knew it,Lauren was married and Ricky wasRicky Foxglove.
  36. 36. “Dad, I got a boyfriend!”“I’m so proud of you, Maddie.”
  37. 37. They cut the cake, and Ricky wasthe lucky one to get it shoved inhis face.
  38. 38. “So, are you planning on havingkids?”“Holly! We’re not even married!”
  39. 39. The conversations continued asthe family sat down to eat cake.
  40. 40. That night at dinner, however,Evangeline had something else onher mind.“So, when are we gettinggrandchildren?”
  41. 41. Ricky choked, and luckily Laurensaved him from having to answer.
  42. 42. “We could start trying tonight?”“That would be great, sweetheart!”
  43. 43. So, they did.
  44. 44. When Lauren woke up, she foundOrlando standing in the corner.
  45. 45. “Great. This ruins everything!”“Erm, Orlando?”
  46. 46. “Ok! I admit it! I’ve always like...liked liked you... I sort of hoped...”
  47. 47. “I suppose you don’t want me totell Holly Blue about this...?”
  48. 48. “Oh, no! Blue! I’ve made a rightmess of this!”“Orlando, just go home, andpretend nothing happened.”Orlando sighed, and left.
  49. 49. Madeline began to feel sick, andwould often throw up.
  50. 50. “You’ve been being sick a lotrecently, haven’t you, Lauren?”“Yeah? So what? I’ve always beena sickly child.”
  51. 51. “I think you’re pregnant!”“Really?”“Yes.”
  52. 52. “That’s awesome!”
  53. 53. It was soon obvious thatEvangeline was right.
  54. 54. “Hello?”“Hello, it’s Elise.”“Oh, hi.”
  55. 55. “I just want an update of what’sbeen happening. Even thought Ialready know.”Orlando ignored this.“Well, Holly Blue and Lauren arepregnant and married, andMadeline has a boyfriend... Erm...Me and my wife are now elders...That’s about it.”
  56. 56. “Hm, ok. Goodbye.”
  57. 57. Orlando hung the phone back up.“I’m never going to get rid of her,am I?” he said solemnly.
  58. 58. “Mum, mum, mum, mum! I’mpregnant, like you said!”“That’s great, but you should reallytell that husband of yours.”
  59. 59. “RICKY! I’m pregnant!”
  60. 60. “That’s great! Don’t squash thebaby, though,” he said, pushingher away, laughing.
  61. 61. “Hello?”“Lauren! It’s Maddie!”
  62. 62. “You’ll never believe it – I’mpregnant, and engaged toRobert!”“Congrats!”As soon as she put the phonedown, it rung again.
  63. 63. “Hello?”“You might want to tell your mum– Holly Blue’s having the baby!”It was Orlando.“Great! Call again when it’s born!”
  64. 64. At their house, Holly Blue was in alot of pain.
  65. 65. “AHHHH! GET IT OUT!”
  66. 66. Soon, she was holding in her armsa baby boy, who they namedArchie.
  67. 67. “Orlando! There’s another one!”
  68. 68. She also gave birth to a girl, whowas named Caitlin.
  69. 69. “Lauren? It’s Orlando! She hadtwins! Archie and Caitlin!”“Congrats!”
  70. 70. On that happy note, I leave you!Happy simming!