Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 2


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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 2

  1. 1. Miranda: I have never had turkey for breakfast that wasn’t in sausage form… Aphrodite: Me neither.Virgil: We have no stove so bear with it. I don`t need anyone doing the Fire Dance.
  2. 2. Day 2 begins with a lovely breakfast of turkey. The two who make it to the table first with Virgil are Miranda and Aphrodite. Stepping it up I see, good for you girls!!
  3. 3. Virgil: Now why I have I never been in one of these before? Day 2: First hot tub date. Which three will make it first?
  4. 4. Miranda, Biro and Polly. They were the fastest. Virgil: My cousin is an alien. Miranda: My mom was a plant.Biro: Really? I wish my family was that interesting. Polly Me too.
  5. 5. One on one date: Chat. Aphrodite: So…you know Hex huh?Aphrodite: Does everyone here know that? I was told no one would tell him I was here.Virgil: I didn’t say Hex knew you were here, I just asked if you knew him…you know trying to make “small talk” and whatever.Aphrodite: Oh, in that case…yes I do. He’s the Guardian of the Rightway half of the family.
  6. 6. Aphrodite: You have nice eyes. Virgil: Umm, thanks? Aphrodite: They’re so blue.Virgil: My mom’s eyes. My dad’s are black, not pure black but you know God of Death and all, he’s gotta fit the look. Know what I mean?
  7. 7. Virgil: Jezabel…so you are a town founder? How’s that work out?Jezabel: I started a town, I get marriedhave some kids, convince others to join me as settlers and we build a city.Virgil: Sounds exhausting…do they havegyms there or do you gotta commission them? Jezabel: I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just call me fat… Virgil: I didn’t, I just asked…Jezabel: NOT LISTENING!!! LALALA!! Virgil: Riight then…next.Ouch…ear plugging is not going to makea good impression at the end of the day…
  8. 8. Virgil: Polly… Polly: Virgil…Virgil: Tell me about yourself, why did you enter with your sister?Polly: She and I are close and I didn’t want to leave without bringing something familiar with me.Virgil: So you two are like buds huh?Polly: Except that she loves to noogie everyone…Virgil: Girl after my own heart. Who doesn’t love a good noogie? Polly: I don’t.Virgil: Oh. Well maybe it’s a Scorpio thing.
  9. 9. Virgil: Biro, so you’re an heir like I am huh? Did you ever have to do one of these?Biro: No…my spouse was chosen for me, I just went with it. Virgil: Where’s the fun in that? Biro: …Needless to say, looking bored is one way to NOT act in a BC…
  10. 10. Miranda: So your cousin is an alien, how cool is that? Virgil: Your mom’s a plant, how come you’re not?Miranda: Oh she wasn’t born one, she turned into one. Too much spraying of our crops. Don’t you have them here? Virgil: I don’t know…no one’s ever said they knew one. Miranda: I’d love to try it out, just for the Knowledge of it. Virgil: Well I don’t…being Family and all.
  11. 11. Hokey: So she told you about the noogies huh? I’m quite proud of those. I’d still do them now if I could. Virgil: Usually that’s something you do as a kid. Not now. Hokey: They had it coming. You saying you wouldn’t do it too if you could? Virgil: Not really… Hokey: Bored now. Virgil: Right… It’s never a good sign to do that…
  12. 12. By now it’s long past noon eliminationsso I’m just going to change that to the 5pm eliminations. Isabella would not stay still long enough to let him talk to her.Virgil: You’re a hard one to track down Isabella. Isabella: Forgive me my Lord, I was famished. It would not have been appropriate for my stomach to make such rude noises while we spoke. Virgil: I like the Lord thing, but really it’s not necessary to call me that every time, Virgil will do.Isabella: I could not do so; it would not be proper of me. Virgil: If you insist… Isabella: I thank you my Lord.
  13. 13. Isabella: It would have been proper for the others to wait for you before beginning to sup, it’s not very polite. Virgil: Not everyone has your upbringing; I deal. Isabella: Indeed…
  14. 14. So who failed to make the cut today? Which one of the bad conversations will cost the girl her shot at Virgil? Let’s find out:1. Isabella: 33  Clearly, she’s doing something right here…2. Polly: 30  But she has competition, Polly’s not giving up so easily…3. Miranda: 26  Big improvement, must be the shared paranormal family…4. Aphrodite: 14  Better, but still room to grow…5. Jezabel: 8  The ear-plugging cost her big time…6. Biro: 7  Yawning is never good… Therefore today’s cast-off is: Hokey with 6.
  15. 15. Hokey: I wonder if this place has any good condos for sale?
  16. 16. Hokey: Was it the noogie thing? Aww…good luck big sis, win this for the Jingleheimer girls!! Polly: I will, don’t worry.
  17. 17. Aphrodite: Aww honey, welcome back anyway. Cupid: How was he? Hokey: Do I stay here?
  18. 18. Hokey: He was cute, but I guess he didn’t appreciate my noogie humour, I think it was the final nail in the coffin. At least my sister is doing well.Cupid: Time will tell that’s for sure. I have never set anyone like Virgil up before so it’s a new challenge for me. Hokey: So I stay here until the winner is decided?
  19. 19. Cupid: Usually; here you have a roof over your head and someone to talk to and you don’t have to earn any money or your keep. It’s just what we do. Hokey: It’s temporary right?Cupid: Yes, you have a choice though; you can stay playable or we can turn you loosein Townie land and maybe you’ll have a shot at someone else down the line via Well Drop or Matchmaker date.
  20. 20. Hokey: Hmm, tough choice. I don’t know which I’d prefer right now though.Aphrodite: You don’t have to choose right now, once the others who didn’t make it come here, then you can all decide together what option you want. Cupid: It’s your choice, we’ll be here regardless of which you pick.
  21. 21. Hokey: Thanks, I’ll think about it. In the meantime, I guess I could take in the sightsand get to know the city a bit. I love learning new things so I’m sure Hidden City has lots to discover. Aphrodite: Sure!! Great idea!! You could start with the Parthenon across the way here, that’s a good place to begin. Hokey: I might do that. Cupid: Good.
  22. 22. And so ends Day 2, One Down… Who will make it? Who will joinHokey? Guess you’ll have to wait and see.
  23. 23. Because who wouldn’t want this face next to them every night? He’s so adorable asleep isn’t he? Till next time.