Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 4


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Day 4 is live and we see what happens to the girls and Loki next.

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 4

  1. 1. Welcome back to Day 4…and what have we here? Aria: FIRE!! Maddie: WHERE? Yes, where? Invisible tree is invisible. Aria: I could have sworn…
  2. 2. Today’s task, two flirts with each of the five girls. First up is yesterday’s second lowest scorer Maddie. Loki: M-Maddie, about last time…I really am no good at these flirts, maybe you could help me with it? Maddie: That could be arranged…
  3. 3. Loki: Really? Well how about a Suggestion? Maddie: Umm…what kind? Loki: Oh…I um… *whispers*
  4. 4. Maddie: Now why would you go and do that? Loki: Oh…too soon? Maddie: Yeah…just a bit. That has to hurt…not good for Maddie to be tossing double negatives…
  5. 5. Next up was Ella…will this go any better? Loki: I really love that cute outfit…it’s our favourite colour. Ella: Yeah? I love it too, and it is cute isn’t it? Loki: Really is.
  6. 6. Loki: I think I am getting the hang of this flirting thing… Ella: I would say so too, that was a really good suggestion. Loki: Thanks, I tried something new this time. Ella: Good choice. He’s learning…I’m so happy. *sniff*
  7. 7. Loki seems to be hitting his stride with the shy flirting…and I really am running out of things to put in here so you get a description instead…Camilla accepted, which is good.
  8. 8. It was enough to get the positives flying too. Camilla: You’re getting better at this. Loki: Thank you. Good boy.
  9. 9. Aria is up next…let’s see how he does. Loki: I still like that outfit Aria, it suits you so well. Aria: It’s my favourite too. She accepted, this is good.
  10. 10. She also accepted the Suggestion, this is good too. We have a serious competition going on now.
  11. 11. And finally, Aphrodite who is maintaining her lead with Loki and accepted both flirts, launching crush hearts. Aphrodite: No second place for me this time. So you have said…but there’s still time, anything can change the standings.
  12. 12. But alas, someone had to go and that rejected flirt cost Maddie valuable points. So she has been eliminated from the race. Maddie: Well to be honest, I like Loki but I don’t want to be tied down. He wants six kids…and I’ll never get away. I see…some things transcend universes.
  13. 13. Loki: I didn’t want it to be you…I mean we could have worked. Maddie: Maybe, or maybe not. Loki: What does that mean? Maddie: Nothing. Have fun, I’m sure one of those four is the right one for you. It’s just not me.
  14. 14. Day 4 Stats: Aphrodite: 125, Crush hearts Camilla: 72 Ella:65 Aria: 63 Maddie: 38 Maddie lost valuable points, it’s kinda of sad. Loki really liked her too. But some things just weren’t meant to be…we’ll catch up with her later.
  15. 15. Loki: The spring weather is nice isn’t it? Ella: Yeah, except for the rain. Aria: And the lightning…
  16. 16. Camilla: This is so not fair… Well you know what they say, you snooze you lose. Camilla: Yeah…well shut up. Touchy.
  17. 17. The one on one dates was a Share Interests. Loki must have something other than the environment in common with them right? Loki: I think the perfect date is a trip to a museum, I love to paint. How about you? Camilla: That sounds lovely, I would definitely go to a museum with you on a date.
  18. 18. Camilla: Or a theater. That’s a good place too. Loki: Really? Wow, that’s a great place. Camilla: Are there any theaters around here? Loki: No, but I’m sure Voice could build some…
  19. 19. Loki: Duality B needs more theaters. Camilla: Totally. But theaters are hard to build... >_< Loki: I know you can handle it Voice.
  20. 20. Loki: So Aria, fashion. How do you feel about it? Aria: You mean like makeup and stuff? I try to find colours that suit my skin colour. Loki: Like pink? Aria: Yes, like pink. It stands out on me.
  21. 21. Aria: And never underestimate the power of a good pair of pumps. You know what I mean? Loki: Kinda…my sister was never one for shoes. Aria: Her loss then.
  22. 22. Loki: Is it the same with jewellery too? Aria: Oh yeah, that really pulls the outfit together. Loki: I never really paid much attention to it. Aria: I picked the golden pendant on my outfit myself.
  23. 23. Loki: Have you ever met your space parent Ella? Ella: Yep, they abducted me in college. Loki: I think I did too, I was also in college. I wonder what is so special about that time? Ella: I don’t know, full maturation of the Star Baby I guess?
  24. 24. Ella: Used to be that our space parents only scared astronauts outside the Space Station, now they actually take them from the planet. Loki: Oh really? What do you think changed their minds? Ella: Us, the Star Babies. They learned that the humans have something in their DNA that makes a merging stronger. Or something…
  25. 25. Ella: Then the humans tried to make rockets to see the home planet of our space parents, they are far from reaching it. Loki: Wow, you sure know a lot. Ella: I guess so. I mean didn’t you learn any of this from your visit to them? Loki: I don’t remember…which is odd.
  26. 26. And finally Aphrodite, with an audience this time. Aria: She’s too far ahead…I need to spy on them. Aphrodite: Spying usually works better if you’re not right there, talking about it. Loki: So, you said you had an interest in the environment earlier.
  27. 27. Aphrodite: I did, do you have something in mind? Loki: Organic foods, I would love to have a big garden filled with fresh vegetables and fruit trees in bloom. A private pond for fish too, I think it would be lovely. Aphrodite: Sounds pretty nice. And we can have lots of flowers too right? Aria: *still photobombing*
  28. 28. Aphrodite: It’s a good thing Duality B has no poison-spewing factories around isn’t it? Loki: Yes, I know right? Grandma Kiara wants to make sure that the Beta name rules this place with an iron fist. And that means no factories. Aphrodite: That sounds…great.
  29. 29. Cupid: So Maddie, what happened back there? Maddie: I chose to preserve my freedom. Cupid: What do you mean? Maddie: He wanted six kids, I’ll never have any time to myself if I stick around.
  30. 30. Cupid: How do you know that would have been the case? Maddie: I know his type. Cupid: And what type is that? Maddie: The Family types. They are all about kids, kids, kids…I’m Popularity.
  31. 31. Cupid: Ah, well aren’t you being a little hypocritical? Maddie: What is that supposed to mean? Cupid: Popularity is all about friends, friends, friends. That’s the same thing, I mean all those kids are just chances to make new friends right? Maddie: Ah damn…you’re right…what have I done?
  32. 32. Maddie: You’re a god, can I get a do-over? Cupid: Sorry, no can do. I just show you the door, what you do inside is your doing alone. Maddie: Aww…
  33. 33. Maddie: Well that Gabriel isn’t so bad…*swoon* Gabriel: I know I’m just that awesome aren’t I? Cube: Juggle! Juggle! Juggle! *smash* Hehe…oops? Gabriel: Those better not have been my high ball glasses!!
  34. 34. Maddie: Way to go Cube… Cube: Yeah it was awesome the way they went all SMASHY-SMASH!! wasn’t it? Gabriel: Is it too much to use my simself powers to get the brunette to kill the blond? Yes. So don’t even think about it.
  35. 35. And that’s Day 4 folks!! We’re down to the final four now and one of the remaining girls will win Loki’s heart. Will it be Camilla, the slighted zombie or Ella, sixth generation heiress and fellow abductee Star Baby? Or will it be Aria, the come-from-behind underdog we all love to root for? Or even Aphrodite, the leading contender with something to prove? Come back next time for the exciting Day 5!!