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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 11


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Blood ties are the strongest of all bonds, but not all blood ties are relative...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 11

  1. 1. There is nothing stronger than the Ties of Blood. Though not all blood is relative…
  2. 2. “This can’t be my life now…it was just supposed to be a simple dare, something stupid and childish. But I guess now that childishness is gone forever, I’ll never know what I could have been…”
  3. 3. Adam: How long have we lived together now? Fricorith: A while, you lose track of time when you’re a vampire. Why? Adam: It’s just that I hardly know anything about you Cori, and you’ve become my best friend. Fricorith: My past…I came to forget it. I don’t like to bring things up that I wanted to leave behind.
  4. 4. Adam: Maybe it’s because I spent my whole life in an Apocalyptic wasteland but I know there has to be more outside Angel’s Haven for me to explore and learn about. You’ve been out there, you even came from another country. Something has to stick out in your mind as being nice or good. I want to know. Fricorith: In Greece, things weren’t as peaceful as you think. I faced tremendous evil there…it made me what I am…it made me who I am now. Adam: Wanna share? Fricorith: You won’t let this go will you? Adam: Nope. We have nothing but time…
  5. 5. Fricorith: I barely remember what I was like before I left Greece, it’s been so long now. All I do remember is that I wasn’t very happy for a long time, and that I had been dead before…before I got vamped. Adam: You’ve died twice? Fricorith: Yeah… Adam: How?
  6. 6. Fricorith: My family was cursed by the gods, they feared us and what we could become. So they slaughtered my entire bloodline all the way back to my grandfather. Adam: Wait, gods? What gods? Fricorith: Ares and Athena, the Greek god of war and the goddess of knowledge. Adam: They’re real?
  7. 7. Fricorith: Very real. And they still had the same arrogance as they did in Ancient Greece, even the new generation of gods. The curse of the Tricous was well known and through the use of black magic we became easy to mold once our memory was wiped, so I had no idea that what the gods wanted me to do was wrong… Adam: What do you mean? Fricorith: I would rather not go into it, it’s ancient history now…and it was taken care of.
  8. 8. Adam: Alright, fair enough. I won’t push. But can I ask how you ended up a vampire? Fricorith: That was part of the plan of the evil creature that had wiped my memory. He ordered me to find a Grand Vampire and get them to bite me. Adam: Why? Fricorith: I didn’t know why at the time, but it made sense later on…
  9. 9. Fricorith: I was bitten as a teenager, so any chance I had at a second life was ruined that fateful night. Adam: You were that young? Fricorith: Yeah, when I died the first time I was sixteen and once I was brought back I stayed that same age.
  10. 10. Fricorith: I went to college though, with my cousin Gvaudoin and it was there that I had my first taste of human blood. I bit a cheerleader, at the time I just ended up turning her instead of killing her. It was also my first bite so I wasn’t sure of what I was supposed to do. Adam: Is she still around, the one you turned? Fricorith: If she wasn’t killed when the Apocalypse hit, I don’t know. And I don’t care. Adam: I see.
  11. 11. Fricorith: I did later learn how to bite to kill, and as soon as I did I was ordered to kill someone by one of those gods I told you about. He had some sort of personal vendetta against this girl and he wanted me to kill her. Adam: Couldn’t you have refused? Fricorith: No, I was under his control I had no choice but to obey him. Adam: Who was she? The one this god wanted killed?
  12. 12. Fricorith hesitated, her face and her name had never left his mind in all these years. She was the first one he actually killed… Adam: Cori? Fricorith: Her name and her face are forever burned into my memory…and so is the exhilarating sensation of her blood…her name was Lelantos Reed…and she was the daughter of Athena. The same Athena who had helped Ares murder my entire family the first time.
  13. 13. Fricorith: When I killed Lelantos, it set in motion a series of events that led up to the final battle to stop this evil creature that had decided to lay claim to Earth. I wish I could have brought her back after it was all over, I wanted to tell her that I didn’t want to kill her, and to apologize for taking her future from her…even if she refused my apology. Then the Apocalypse happened and I lost any chance I had at resurrecting her again. Adam: So you left Greece because you felt guilty over not being able to bring her back? Fricorith: She was part of my reason for leaving, but not the biggest one…I lost someone very important to me, someone I loved dearly…
  14. 14. Adam: Who was she? Fricorith sighed, if he was going for full confessional he may as well tell Adam about her… “She was my wife, Eirene.” Adam: You were married?
  15. 15. Fricorith: Yes, I was. She was much more than just my wife she had a very important mission to complete as well. She was also the new Peace Goddess. Adam: What? Well from what I understand about the concept of a god; they can’t die. They’re supposed to be immortal so how can she be dead? Fricorith: Gods can die Adam, but it takes something incredible and rare to kill a god. And that evil creature had a way to kill gods…
  16. 16. Adam: What can kill a god? And would it work just as well on a demon? Fricorith: What do you mean? Adam: As long as we’re sharing our life stories, my little brother Cain was turned by a demon named Danava. I have seen and heard about the demons that set themselves up here in Angel’s Haven. The A.H.R. was fighting them before we ever came here and they are stuck at a stalemate in that battle. So if you know what kind of weapon can kill a god, then maybe it would kill demons too. Fricorith: It’s not that easy, the weapon that can kill gods…is gone. Or I should say THEY are gone, gone back to where they came from. Adam: I don’t understand… there’s more than one?
  17. 17. Adam: Can’t you get them back? Fricorith: They are not things, they are living, breathing, weapons…that are not of this Earth. Adam: What?
  18. 18. Fricorith: It’s exactly what it sounds like, the only things that can kill a god are living, alien weapons. After the battle in Hidden City they left and went back to their own world. They were no longer needed here on Earth. Adam: Why? It sounds like something should have been done to keep them here in case something happened that would need them again, like I don’t know, a DEMONIC APOCALYPSE perhaps! Fricorith: There was no one way anyone could have known what was going to happen, no one really knew about what went on in Hidden City, that’s why the city was called HIDDEN City.
  19. 19. Fricorith: I’m sorry Adam, I don’t know what you want me to say. Adam: It’s just…my mom was a General, if she had those alien weapons back in Pleasantview she wouldn’t have—my parents…they wouldn’t be dead. They would still be alive…demons killed them. Did I ever tell you that? Fricorith: I’m sorry Adam, I didn’t know. Adam: Is there anyway to get them to come back? Can you talk to someone… Fricorith: Adam, I was just a pawn. If anyone knows how to find the Adriels again, it would be your grandmother Ani-Mei.
  20. 20. Adam: Is there more to that story? What happened after you left Hidden City? Fricorith: You really are persistent aren’t you? Adam: Sorry Cori, you’re actually a really good storyteller. I’m hooked. Fricorith: I never saw myself like that…but if you really want to know. Yes, there is more and this next part is not something I like talking about.
  21. 21. “Oh no…he’s back…is he going to finish me off this time? Why am I being held captive here? What did I do to deserve this? My parents…they must be worried sick about me. I’ve been gone so long.”
  22. 22. “I love you, so much…I’m so happy.” “I’m glad, it’s all I ever wanted for us, for our family…my dear Anna.” “Anywhere is good when we’re with you, Drake…”
  23. 23. Drake: I promise you Anna, we’re done moving. I’ve called it quits, I’m not going to follow my father’s wishes anymore. You are far more important to me, you and Erica. Anna: I’m glad, I’ve been thinking…maybe we should have another baby? Drake: Really? That’s just what I was thinking too.
  24. 24. Erica: Uhh, parental PDA is so gross. I can’t wait to go to college. I don’t want no screaming brat waking me up all hours of the night. Drake: Oh honey, you’ll change your tune when you find the one you love and have kids of your own. I promise. Erica: Uhh, no. Eww. Diapers and crapping, so not for me.
  25. 25. Erica: So he’s all like ‘Oh you’ll change your tune,’ as if. Why would I want to ruin my perfect body? “Totally right? It’s like gross…I am so glad I am an only child.” Erica: This place is soo boring, there’s not even a mall here. Just some crappy general store. I mean, who wants to wear things that are so out? “I’m glad I live in the city.”
  26. 26. Sierra: You could come stay at my place, the ‘rents are off somewhere skiing and are never home. It’s just me and my stupid sister, she’s all college-y and high and mighty. She like totally graduated and got sucked into watching me. She totally flipped when they told her that. It was awesome. Erica: I should, this place is like so dead. Sierra: Well, there is one thing to do in this crap hole…a test of courage. You game?
  27. 27. Erica: Like what? Sierra: Well there’s this creepy black house on the edge of town, they say some weird guy lives there. He’s like a psycho or something, sleeps in a coffin. Erica: What? Like a vampire? Oh come on Sierra, that’s so not true. There’s no such things as vampires. Sierra: Well whatevs, the dare is to break in and take a picture of the coffin. So like everyone knows you totally did it. It’ll be awesome.
  28. 28. Sierra: It is true!! I know a guy who tried it, he said he saw the guy. Erica: Yeah, right. Sierra: So go there and prove it’s faked then, you said you’re bored here right? Erica: Well…mom works late and dad usually conks out early… so maybe I will. Sierra: Oh man, Erica, you do that and you’ll be like the coolest chick in school!!
  29. 29. Erica: So I just have to find the coffin and take the picture right? Sierra: Yeah, just the picture. That’s all. And you’ll have every guy in school wanting to go out with you, you’ll totally be voted Prom Queen for that! Erica: Cool. I’ll do it then. Sierra: Sweet!! I’m gonna tell everyone in class tomorrow!! This is gonna rock!!
  30. 30. “It sounded so simple, just some stupid prank. I had no idea it would get so bad…or that he’d already been collecting victims…”
  31. 31. “I saw the grave, it was marked in an elegant scroll. Erica Jalayapan…gardener.”
  32. 32. “And then the other one, also marked…Erica Lowell. That was the name of Sierra’s sister’s college roommate…they both had the same name as me, it was creepy.”
  33. 33. “I must have screamed or something, because the next thing I remember I saw a flash of red and blond hair then a searing pain in my neck as he sunk his white, glinting fangs into my neck…I had no idea what to think or feel, I just felt cold…”
  34. 34. “It was a strange feeling, your life draining away, the coldness climbing up your body from your toes to your head as the blood curdles in your veins, your heart stops, then your life flashes before your eyes…just like they always say happens when you’re about to die…”
  35. 35. “Then your body contorts and twists into weird shapes, as the virus transforms your muscles, strengthening them with an unnatural strength and agility. You become something else, no longer human, no longer alive, but also not dead…”
  36. 36. “But then, it’s over. I’m still standing, there’s no blank grey tombstone at my feet…I am no longer human…I am a vampire, a demon like him.”
  37. 37. “I lost track of the days, all I ever saw anymore was darkness…and him. My captor, my sire…my master in a way. When he’s near, I feel helpless, weak, like I would lose my balance at any given moment. And every time he comes through that bookcase, I wonder if this time he is going to finish me off. If he’s going to drag me kicking and screaming outside into the alcove, locking the door and leaving me to burn to death in the rising sun…”
  38. 38. “But this time, when he comes in…he’s looking at me strangely. Why?” Fricorith: Erica…I’m sorry. I am SO sorry… Erica: What? Fricorith: I did this to you, I cursed you…I stole your future from you, just like I did to her…
  39. 39. Erica: You’re not here to finish me off? And who’s ‘her’? Fricorith: Someone I killed, like those two in my yard…a long time ago. I was trying to escape my guilt, my remorse over what I did…but it seems I couldn’t. I lost to it. Erica: To what? Fricorith: The Blood Lust…and if you don’t feed it will consume you too. I don’t want to see that happen to you. I couldn’t bear it…
  40. 40. Erica: I can’t!! I can’t drink blood!! It’s gross!! Fricorith: You have to, it will drive you insane if you refuse to feed…you won’t die but you will lose your mind. Erica: I can’t!! I won’t!! Fricorith: I’ll just leave it here then, please…drink it.
  41. 41. “Never…I said that to him that day. But every night he would come back and he would leave another blood pack for me, removing the spoiled one. The hunger pains were excruciating, I refused to eat, I refused to…but was he right about losing my mind? And what was the look in his eyes that day all about? He looked, sad somehow…lost. What happened to him to make him that way? Who did he lose? And why do I seem to remind him so much of that person? Why didn’t I listen to daddy when he told me all those vampire stories?”
  42. 42. Adam: So you turned this Erica girl? Where is she now? Fricorith: I let her go, she went to college and that was the last I heard from her. I do worry that she might seek me out again, whether it be for revenge or just someone familiar. She was my captive for weeks, and it was only after six weeks that she finally drank the blood I had been leaving her every night. She was very close to losing her sanity by then. I was afraid she had already lost it. Adam: Why did you let her go? Fricorith: She…reminded me of my daughter…Ariadne. Adam: You had a daughter too?!!
  43. 43. Fricorith: I did, she was just a toddler when the Apocalypse hit. She never got to grow up. But I had always imagined she would be as beautiful as her mother and just as special. A daughter of a vampire and a goddess…she would have been extremely powerful. When I saw Erica, I saw what Ariadne could have grown up to be like and it destroyed me. I left soon after I let Erica go. Adam: And you came here. Do you think she’ll come find you? Fricorith: I feel her still, it’s our Blood Tie as sire and sired. She will instinctively seek me out. I just don’t know when…
  44. 44. Fricorith: My daughter was born into a powerful legacy bloodline, eleventh generation. Her grandfather was a warlock, like your dad was. And he came from a special line as well, Eirene told me all about him. Adam: What was his name? Fricorith: Hex. Hex Rightway. He was a guardian, and powerful. Adam: A guardian? Fricorith: A long story…and a confusing one.
  45. 45. Adam: I didn’t know that vampires could have children. I thought my chance passed when I had Cain bite me. Fricorith: We can still have children, though every time it’s a risk. They could be born sick or ill, or even fail to survive infancy. I think that Ariadne was strong enough, she had godly blood in her veins and that somehow counteracted whatever deficiencies I could have passed on to her. Adam: She sounds wonderful, I would have loved to meet her.
  46. 46. Erica: He must have left some sort of trail for me to follow…I just have to find it. Oh master…why did you leave without a word to me? Erica Van Helsing was indeed looking for her sire, at Academie Le Tour just outside the ruins of Pleasantview. Her father Drake believed she was dead, when she didn’t return home after that day Sierra dared her to find the vampire’s coffin. Her mother, distraught with grief, took her own life; leaving Drake Van Helsing all alone. He resumed his mission to hunt down the vampire he blamed for the death of his wife and his daughter…even though Erica was still alive, in one sense. But now she was a Fanged; the creature her family has hunted for centuries. If he found her, could he kill his own child…again?
  47. 47. After Erica found out about her mother’s suicide she also found out about the family secret. That the Van Helsing family had spent centuries hunting the Fanged, her father never told her about the atrocities he committed or the brutality of his hunts, all in the name of “justice”, her grandfather’s words. When they came to Lost Valley, her father was trying to get away from the legacy, the mission of her ancestors; he wanted a clean break and a chance to start over. And then Fricorith Tricou was found out, he was a Fanged and he had taken Erica…that was too much for her father to handle. He went to the house and burnt it to the ground, unaware that the house was already vacant.
  48. 48. That didn’t stop him, Drake pressed all his contacts, shook down known vampire cultists, and eventually learned that Fricorith had left the country. It took only a few clicks and Google searches to find out where Fricorith went. If she could find her sire then her father was surely capable of finding him also. Erica couldn’t let that happen, she wanted to protect her sire…at all costs. Some would call it Stockholm Syndrome where the captive falls in love with the captor, which in some way is true. But more accurately, it’s their Blood Tie that compels her to protect him, to seek him out if they are separated. She was still a fledgling vampire and her bond with her sire had not fully matured yet. She was driven to complete that bond.
  49. 49. Yuki had just finished breakfast and everyone was at work, she was just about to go and pee for the tenth time that morning when a crippling pain ripped through her abdomen. Yuki: OOHH!!! No baby!! Not now!! No one is here!! But the baby had its own schedule to keep…
  50. 50. Yuki soon held a warm, sweet little baby boy in her arms. He looked up at her with bleary eyes, her eyes. Yuki: Kon’nichiwa chisana ichi, watashi wa anata no hahaoyadesu* David…my son. *Hello little one, I am your mother.*
  51. 51. But she soon found out that little David wasn’t alone. He was joined by his twin sister, Rachel. They both had her eyes, and Isaiah’s colouring. Yuki was overcome with a mixture of joy and fear, she had twins now. And Drake was definitely formulating something in his mind for them…it scared her. Isaiah was a triplet so she had suspected he might carry the multiples gene but then again she hoped it wouldn’t be passed on to her babies…
  52. 52. Not too long after Yuki, Melissa had begun having labour pains of her own. Isaiah didn’t know that he already had four kids, so to him this baby was number three.
  53. 53. Or rather number three and four…Melissa began to huff again after just passing off their daughter to him. The multiple gene was indeed strong in Isaiah…
  54. 54. A veritable baby boom in Angel’s Haven was good news to anyone who was following the Angel family and their restoration efforts so when Margaret Cwik announced that she had delivered a healthy baby girl named Hope, the people’s spirits were lifted even further.
  55. 55. It also happened to be time for Leah and Jeremiah to grow up as well. Leah grew up to resemble her mother quite and bit. Although she had Isaiah’s nose and hair colour. Jeremiah also favoured his mother but with her nose and brown hair. It could also have come from Isaiah’s side, his mother told him that his great grandmother had brown hair too. All in all the fourth generation of the Angel family was growing up healthy and stronger than previous generations.
  56. 56. Melissa: I suddenly feel old…we have four kids…four. Isaiah: Childhood is precious and fleeting Soon we shall be meeting and greeting The last bleeting reminders of youth. Melissa: I don’t quite understand what you mean…but it sounds depressing.
  57. 57. (In yellow) Esther Angel Gemini 5/8/9/3/1 (In blue, my fourth gen heiress) Theresa Angel Scorpio 9/10/10/7/6
  58. 58. Here’s a few shots of the current Angel’s Haven. Not much has changed, except for a few small things…see if you guys can spot what’s different. If not, no worries. All will be revealed in time…like the next few chapters.
  59. 59. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: What will become of the various intertwining lives of the residents of Angel’s Haven? Who will find answers and who will find old nemeses? Find out next time.