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Altered Fates: An AU Legacy Chapter 15


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Finally after six months a new chappie!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Altered Fates: An AU Legacy Chapter 15

  1. 1. Been far too long hasn’t it?What was it? Six months? Anyway summer is murder in my room because it’s like being in a sauna all day long, it’s just too hot to Sim or write on the computers. But now it’s September and things are cooling down as fall approaches so look forward to more updates as they come. Where were we? Ah yes, generation five is on stage and soon I can move on to the final stretch of the legacy. Also we see what Loki has been up to lately, his BC winner AphroditeWrongway hasn’t seen him since theJedi Knights came and took him away…
  2. 2. Look, we have generation four’s portraits up in the garage!!That means we’re officially on to the halfway generation.Will I get some green babies? Or will they lose their alien heritage in just two generations?Time will tell…
  3. 3. Danielle:This is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life… Pips:What will? Danielle: My life as carefreeTownie is over…no more freedom. Pips:Well that’s hardly fair, I prefer to think of it as a new adventure.
  4. 4. Danielle:Well…this is nice I suppose. Pips:We’ll work on it, don’t worry. Danielle:You are rich after all. Pips:Way to bring down the mood…
  5. 5. And the bell tolls for thee…generation five baby yeah! Pips: NoisyVoice is noisy. Sorry. >_<
  6. 6. An uneventful three days later, I had Danielle put that that Bronze Flower badge to use and make me some stock for a business in the newly created Duality A Business Center and she labours right in front of it. Also hi Kit, long time no see. Kitian: Great grandbaby. Never thought I’d see the day. I knew, or rather hoped you would.
  7. 7. Danielle:You mean woo hoo has consequences??! Uhh, yeah. And you need at least a few more since in Duality A niceness determines heirship. Danielle: Can’t Pips date the telescope instead? Perhaps…if you only give me mean kids. Danielle: Deal!Then that’s what I’ll do from now on.
  8. 8. And since I turned the special events camera back on this time, no birth spin pics. But we have the first arrival of generation five, a boy named Azrael. Don’t know where that came from, I was going to go with Azalea if it was a girl but…meh. Danielle: Huh, well he is cute. I guess. Good, now hand him off to the nearest Family sim and get back to making me flowers.
  9. 9. Pips: I have a son. Can I have more? Well if he’s too mean then yeah you have to. Remember five Nice points is minimum here. Pips: Cool. Sounds like a plan.
  10. 10. Amar: I feel old now. I have a grandson. Your grey day is coming so it won’t matter for long. Amar: I guess. Can I still work? If you want, unless I see that retirement want come up.
  11. 11. How time flies huh, it’s already time to see if we need more Alpha kids.Then gotta catch up the Betas so this won’t be too far ahead. Pips: I want more. Danielle:You know where the telescope is buddy. I want to be a CelebrityChef since Amar is getting old. Someone needs to take over. Amar: I am not that old!!
  12. 12. Huh.Well then…o_O? Looks like we need more kidlets. Four is too few Nice points. Pips: He’s beautifulVoice!! He’s my boy. Azrael Alpha Leo 4/10/4/4/4
  13. 13. Anyway, over in Duality B, Alema Rar and her bartender man are finally getting down to business. Alema Rar:You pleased me and now I must make you mine. I require minions. Daryl:Yes dear.
  14. 14. Alema Rar:Yes, minions to train in the ways of the Dark Side. Daryl: *just smile and nod. She’s crazy but hot* And now we can begin to catch up to the Alphas.
  15. 15. Alema Rar: My father had ten kids, but I only require a few.The meaner the better. You got that that Blondie? Daryl:Yes dear, but why do they have to mean? Alema Rar: Because. Now proceed and please me.
  16. 16. Daryl: I’ll do my best… Alema Rar:You will.Or suffer the wrath of a future Sith Lord. Daryl: *gulp* Alema Rar: Fear keeps him in line. I like it.
  17. 17. Mission complete. Generation five of the Betas is on. ******
  18. 18. Meanwhile… Windaria: He is fast, but not fast enough… Valeran: It’s too bad he had to find out who we were so soon… Windaria:Yes, I would have liked to play with him some more. Valeran:You can’t hide from the Dark Side of the Force!! WEWILL HUNTYOU DOWN!!
  19. 19. Loki: How could I have been so blind?There were Sith Lords all along…I let my guard down.
  20. 20. Loki:Who’s there? I can’t see you very well. “The better question is who are you and what are you doing in my front yard hiding?” Loki: Please…don’t hurt me. I—I am in trouble…they’re after me. “Who?” Loki:The Sith Lords.They wanted to kill me and take my power.
  21. 21. “What makes you think I won’t just turn you over to them?” Loki: Because even you aren’t that cruel. If you were I would know.The Dark Side would be showing through you. “What is your name?” Loki: Loki. Loki Beta.
  22. 22. “I can sense why they want you.You are a Force Child. And it is so strong in you.” Loki:That’s why they took me. I actually believed they were trying to help me control my power. “The Dark Side uses many tricks to tempt you away from the Light.”
  23. 23. “My name is Eleanor. And I am one of the few Jedi Masters left here. I will help you.” Loki:Thank you… Eleanor: Let’s get you fixed up.You’re a wreck.
  24. 24. Loki: Thank you for the meal. I can’t remember when I ate last. Eleanor:You need your strength, the Sith won’t just give up on you. Loki: I am afraid they’ll go after my nieces and nephew.They are Force Children too. Eleanor: It is a high possibility.They will use whatever means they can to draw you out.
  25. 25. Eleanor: Do your nieces and nephew know who and what they are? Loki: Mercury might, I don’t know aboutVenus or Jupiter.They just aren’t as strong as me. It’s in the eyes, the purple colour. Mercury has them. Eleanor: Hmm. I can show you how to use the Force right but you must be free of anything that can distract you.
  26. 26. Loki: Distract me? I like to think my ties are what give me strength. I miss Aphrodite so much.And protecting her is what drives me. Eleanor: She is driving you alright; right into the hands of the Sith. Love leads to jealousy, jealousy leads to hate, hate to anger, and anger to the Dark Side. It is why we Jedi must forsake it.
  27. 27. Eleanor:You need to forget about your Aphrodite; she will get you killed. Loki: I won’t do that!! I love her!! Eleanor: And that is how the Sith got hold of you in the first place.They promised you power enough to protect her did they not? Loki:Well…yeah but--
  28. 28. Eleanor:Then you know what must happen; you need to forsake her. Loki: I—I don’t know if I can. Eleanor:Then all is lost, you may as well get out of my house and go announce yourself to the Sith right now. I cannot train you if your mind is not fully on the training.
  29. 29. Loki:There has to be a way to make sure she’s safe. Once she is then I can devote myself fully to the Jedi. Eleanor: And then you must never see her again afterwards.The path is always a fragile one; the way of the Jedi is not for everyone. Loki: It’s not fair…how can I give up the woman I love?
  30. 30. Eleanor: Sit down Loki. I will tell you how I ended up here. Loki:You had a lover too?A family? Eleanor: I did; but the Sith killed them, my parents, my brother, my husband…I lost everything. All I had left was the ways of the Jedi, I found the strength to go on. So will you. Loki:Tell me.
  31. 31. Eleanor: I found the Sith Lord who killed them and together with my master we fought him and won. My family’s souls joined the Force and I felt them flow into me.They were at peace; and so was I. I became a Jedi Master soon after my master passed on and joined the Force as well. Now as far as I know, I am the last one left. Loki: I would prefer my family to live and still give me power, but I do see your point. I’ll make sure they’re protected and then I will return to become your padawan, if you’ll have me. Eleanor:Very well. But be quick about it.
  32. 32. Next time on Altered Fates: Whew, that was fun.Well we didn’t see any gen. five from the Beta side this time but rest assured next time you will. Hopefully it won’t be another six months. Till then, See you on the flip side.