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Canadian heroes weebly
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Canadian heroes weebly


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Alberta Social Studies 20 project

Alberta Social Studies 20 project

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Find your pocket protector • YOU will be designing a webpage for TWO heroes, one of which must be from the list we compiled last class. • Not up on your computer coding? That’s fine, since when did not knowing something stop you before.
  • 2. • Go to • Sign up for a new account (use your school email address) • I will give you 10 minutes to poke around a bit, or for some of you to stare wide eyed at the computer. • Regardless of your skill level, please pay attention to the following demo.
  • 3. You should include • Birthplace • Date of birth • Date of death (if applicable) • Relevant pictures • What did this person do that makes them a Canadian Hero? • How have they helped build Canada’s sense of nationalism? • One fact you find interesting about the hero
  • 4. Rubric Is the website: Limited Satisfactory Excellent Concise? /3 There is either too much information, or too little information to effectively communicate ideas Choice of information to include is effective, although some areas have too much or too little Choice of information to include shows a confident control of summarizing an issue Informative? /6 Student demonstrates a confused understanding of the information. Audience will be confused by the information. Student demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the relevant information. Writing provides a satisfactory understanding to the audience. Student demonstrates a confident understanding of the information relating to the topic, which in turn effectively educates the audience Appealing? /6 Stylistic choices are awkward, dialogue is awkward and ineffective Stylistic choices are matter of fact creating a layout that is straightforward. Dialogue is basic and academic. Stylistic choices create an appealing layout. Dialogue has an engaging voice This presentation & assignment can be found at:
  • 5. You will email a link to your website (choose a URL title that makes sense) to me. Be prepared to walk us through why your hero is better than all the rest. Actually yours does not have to be better than theirs but you will summarize how your heroes contributed to Canadian nationalism.