Social Media in Japan


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The talk I gave at Sietar about Social media in Japan. Most of the material was already covered here

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Social Media in Japan

  1. 1. 2011 Published the first academic studyabout the Tohoku earthquake2008 Published antecedents of socialnetworking behavior, cited more than40 times2006 Conducted one of the earlieststudies about facebook
  2. 2. History of Social Networks Source: Boyd & Ellison, 2007
  3. 3. Social CapitalWe have a natural tendency to build functioning networks which usually result in physical, informational, financial or other forms of gains.
  4. 4. Communication Imperative We are born to communicate and we are driven to maximize our communication satisfaction and interaction.
  5. 5. .7= Correlation between perceived social support and happiness
  6. 6. – RESEARCH• Efficient and convenient communication• Curiosity• Desire for popularity• Relationship building• relationship maintenance. (Urista et al. (2009)• a) social network surfing• b) social investigation• c) social connection• d) shared identities• e) content and status updating. (Joinson, 2008)• diversion (pass time, break, escapism),• personal motives (self presentation, impression management)• informational motives (information seeking, information sharing, surveillance, social investigation, social sneaking). (Sejrup, 2009)
  7. 7. Surveillance Connection(information gathering) (social bonding)
  8. 8. My Study• Conducted in 2006, published in 2008• The size of online social networks is larger than real life social networks• Females spend more time social networking• People with high self esteem don’t add strangers to their network and might even have smaller circles.
  9. 9. How about Japan?
  10. 10. History of SocialNetworks in Japan Facebook 2010GOCO GREE & MYSPACE 2nd Life Twitter (Interface2003 MIXI 2004 2006 2007 2008 change & Tokyo Office)
  11. 11. March, 2012, N:1000
  12. 12. To kill time To have fun Get info about my interest area Contact w. friends Easily communicate w. friends To find out about the news To get relaxed To tell others what I am up to To check what my friends are up toTo relieve stress
  13. 13. March, 2012, N:1000
  14. 14. March, 2012, N:1000
  15. 15. Because of the earthquake?
  16. 16. Unique Japan #1SecuretwitteraccountsAlmost nonexistentanywhere else in theworldIn Japan around 8%
  17. 17. Unique Japan #2Twitter coreusersAre actually moreintrovertthan other fb or Mixiusers
  18. 18. Unique Japan #3Facebook isseen more like socialMEDIARather than asocial network
  19. 19. Unique Japan #4It’s RUDE if youpost a photo onFacebook and thendo not respondto every singlecomment on thatphoto
  20. 20. Unique Japan #5People postindividualmessages morethan communityrelated messageson Twitter
  21. 21. Unique Japan #6Compared to the USPeople post moreabout TV and lessaboutsports/news/politics on Twitter
  22. 22. Unique Japan #7Twitter core usersusually have lowerself esteem and don’teasily trust others.Similar to the2channel crowd.
  23. 23. Unique Japan #8Most brandsdon’t allowfans to post ontheir brand pages onFacebook.
  24. 24. Unique Japan #9Traditionally thehighestblogger percapita in the worldand has the worldlargest nickname basedForum: 2channel.
  25. 25. Unique Japan #10Location based services(even though promoted byMixi, Facebook and ofcourse Foursquare) are notlikely to pick up because ofsecurity concerns…
  26. 26. Last thing…Japan is Hard to predict.The power of socialconformity is higherthan perhaps anyother country in theworld.
  27. 27. Thank you…
  28. 28. Did you know?Yesterday,250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook, 864,000hours of video were uploaded to YouTube,and 294 billion emails were sent.
  29. 29. No one saw it was coming, including…• Facebook wanted to spend a huge chunk of its resources to found a separate P2P sharing site in 2004 instead of focusing of basic sns functions.• Google, the worlds richest and biggest website didn’t care much about and invest in Orkut.• 6 was not discovered by many of us and just went out of business.• People thought Friendster was a dating site even though its features were pretty much the same with Facebook.
  30. 30. • Better communication skills• Better English Skills• Better Presentation Skills• Better business Skills• Better leadership skills MARKETING COMPETITION JAPAN Twitter:@mcJapan Facebook: search marketing competition Japan