Social media in india


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Some notable Digital & Social media campaigns from India. Marketing strategy class at IUJ

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Social media in india

  1. 1. International University of Japan Pawan S. R. Marketing Strategy Class Professor: Adam Acar
  2. 2. Titled ” It Takes Two”, this Facebook campaign is aimed at asking Indian couples to submit a picture of themwhich reflects their “style sensibility” (whatever that means!) on Esprit’s India Facebook page . Esprit wouldthen adjudge the couple with the best picture, and award them a free trip to California along with free Espritapparel and goodies!Though the campaign till now has only 252 fans and there does not seem to be too much of activity around it,at least on Facebook ( I mean couples are not yet feverishly rummaging their digital archives and sending intheir best moments for Esprit to mull over) it is interesting to see the “Facebook-isation” of Indian brands.
  3. 3. SEO Experts India offers effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Services that go above & beyond what most internet marketingcompanies provide. SEO Experts India is differentiated through thehuge knowledge base, seasoned experience, ethical practices anddedication to customer satisfaction.
  4. 4. East Meets West in Nissan Social Media-Bollywood Film.India campaign combines Bollywood with Facebook in bid toown both spaces
  5. 5. Harping on the growing trend of social media marketing,Tourism Ministry has decided to open an Incredible India pageon the Facebook as part of an aggressive campaign showcasingIndian destinations.
  6. 6. Cricket is a religion in our country but then there are football-loving crazies outthere too. Keeping them in mind, keeping the future in mind Pepsi India is trying tochange the rules of the game. It is shifting gears from cricket to football. And tomake this a bold message it is organizing a T20 Football championship among 64teams from across India. The T20 Football will be an action packed game for 20minutes among 7 young players in a one large cage. The final winning team would becoached by an international football star, which will then play the grand finaleagainst the Indian cricket stars.