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How do local governments use twitter in japan


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How do local governments use twitter in japan

  1. 1. How Do Local Governments Use SocialMedia in Japan and the USA?Adam Acar
  2. 2. In our social media seminar, each student isassigned a research project. Haruka, a seniorstduent majoring in English, looked at thedifferences between the posts of American andJapanese local governments. Sampling: Collect thelast 10 posts of the 10 most populous localgovernments in Japan and the USA in the month ofJanuary, 2013.HOW?
  3. 3. SNS Presence (by January 25, 2013)74%58% 58%28%55%17%Facebook Twitter Both (Facebook +Twitterthe U.S. (Out of 50 states)Japan (out of 47Prefectures)
  4. 4. ContentSample: The last 10 tweets of the 10 most populous Japanese prefectures and helast 10 tweets of the 10 most populous American states. Japanese prefectures:Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi, Saitama, Hyogo, Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Hiroshima, Kyotoand Niigata. American states: Texas, New York, Michigan, Georgia, NorthCarolina, Indiana, Missouri, Maryland, Alabama and Kentucky.
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  8. 8. Conclusions• American local governments mostly tweet about localnews while Japanese prefectures tend to focus oninforming people about local events and activities.• American local governments ask many questions butJapanese prefectures don’t.• American local governments tend to thank followersand show appreciation (verbally) while Japaneseprefectures don’t.• Reference to blogs is almost nonexistent in the US.• Tips & useful information is almost nonexistent inJapan.