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Social networks v2


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Social networks v2

  1. 1. Social NetworksHow it influences our lives? October, 12, 2012 Presentation by NguyễnQuỳnhAnh and TrầnHoàngThắng
  2. 2. Content• IntroductionA) Social networks 1) Definitions 2) Overview 3) Did you know?B) Focus on facebook 1) Its History 2) Its advantages 3) Its dangers Conlustion
  3. 3. Introduction• By the early 2000s,a new category of software is emerging: social software. Commonly known as Web services, they have proved a success. This is the beginning of the internet 2.0
  4. 4. • In late 90s, the first three social networking sites was born:, Linkedlnand Friendster(by Mark Pincus, Reid Hoffman and Jonathan Abrams)
  5. 5. • But these social networks are each specialized in a field of their own (romance, friendships and professional). The creation of the social network Facebookwill upset the notion of “social networking” communities in combining professional and friendly…
  6. 6. A) Social networks1) Definitions-Marketing:“As part of a marketing approach, the term generallyrefers to social networks all websites to build a network offriends or professional knowledgeand providing theirmembers with tools and interfaces, interactions,presentation and communication.” By Bertrand Bathelot Associate Professor of Economics Marketing Management Option
  7. 7. -SociologicalWe define social network sites as wed-based servicesthat allow individuals to construct a public or semi-publicprofile within a bounded system, articulate a listof other users with whom they share a connection,and view and traverse their list of connections andthose made by others within the system.
  8. 8. 2) Overview
  9. 9. 3) Did you know?
  10. 10. B) Focus on facebook1) Its History Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Facebook co-founder
  11. 11. Born: May 14, 1984 in New York.Attended HavardCollege (dropped out in 2004)Occupation CEO/Presidentof Facebook (24%shareholder in 2010)Net worth: US $12.5 billion (2011)Awards: Time Person of the Year 2010
  12. 12. Facebook beginningAutumn 2003: facemash.com2010 2004 thefacebookis launched by FacebookFeb. 2005 thefacebookis officallyrenamed: MarkAugust 2008Zuckerbergexclusively for Harvard University
  13. 13. April 2004 thefacebookexpands to other collegeseSept. 2006 Facebook becomes open to all internet users
  14. 14. • On October 24, 2007, Microsoft announced that it had purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million, giving Facebook a total implied value of around $15 billion
  15. 15. August 2008 Facebook reaches 100 million membersApril 2009 Facebook reaches 200 million membersFeb. 2010 Facebook surpasses Yahoo! As 2ndmostvisitedU.S siteMay 2010 Facebook is the #1 social networking siteworldwideFebruary 2011 more than 600,000,000 users
  16. 16. B) Focus on Facebook2) Its advantagesWhat makes Facebook so popular?1- It’s FREE2- It’s a QUICK and EASY way to communicateAnd collaborate with friends, family and associates(average user has 130 friends)3- It’s a quick and easy way to reconnected with OLDFRIENDS or find NEW ones4- It host user-created content, allowing for selfexpression through the sharing and posting of blog,video, music, photo, etc….
  17. 17. 5- Provides access to globalhappening (news andevents)6- provides a feelingof social belonging (Friends, fansgroups, etc…)7- User have control of information they post, thepeople that view their profile and the informationothers can post in it8- IT’S FUN !!!
  18. 18. 3) Its dangersWhy people are wary about it?1- the privacy exposed to the entire world2- risks in workplace3- risks of addiction4- decreased concentration skills“52%of children aged 13 to 17 say they go on a social network as they do their homework” “30 minute are lost each day by workers on Facebook”
  19. 19. 5- Prolemswithin couples6-Identity theft7- Facebook is slowly killing traditional language,because most of the users use SMS vocabulary toreplace common words.
  20. 20. “Firstly, I want to tell you that you must be very careful about what you post on Facebook, because at thistime of YouTube and other community sites, anythingthat you wish to be presented against you throughout your life.” By Barack Obama President of United States
  21. 21. Conclusion What we want to say is that….. Social network helps in connecting millions of people. It is a platform where people from different culture come together and share their thoughts, photo, video, etc.., For some people Social network has become an indispensible part of their life. For some others, their profession is based eitherBut thereor indirectly on it. people who has lost their directly are thousands oflives to it. Many peoples waste lots of time on it andloose their life.Social network has its own advantages anddisadvantages. So, it’s better to play on the safer side
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  23. 23. Thank you for listening