Convergent Media: REinventing the high school newsroom


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Convergent Media: REinventing the high school newsroom

  1. 1. REinventing the high school newsroom
  2. 2. RE organize staffs
  3. 3. All Media Staffs Must Merge Newspaper Photo Yearbook Video/Broadcast Radio
  4. 4. Editor-in-Chief Newspaper Yearbook Visual Business Section Editors Coordinators Staff Reporters
  5. 5. RE brand yourself
  6. 6. Your staff/publication should be Noticed Create a Logo and Brand yourself Pens, Magnets, Lanyards, Cups, Window Stickers
  7. 7. RE learn how to write stories
  8. 8. How an Convergent Story looks Attend Event: Twitter Updates, Shoot Photos/Video After Event: Post a Brief Online The Next Day: Write a News Story for Web Soon Thereafter: Create Podcast or Sound Slide The Next Week: Gather a news package for Web/Print Afterwards: Change to Past Tense for YB
  9. 9. RE locate yourself
  10. 10. Convergent Program Must Utilize Social Media Outlets Create a Student Media Twitter Account Create a Fan Page in Facebook Create a MySpace Group Create YouTube, School Tube & Vimeo account Use Issuu for interactive PDFs of Print Editon
  11. 11. Convergent Program Must Have a Web Presence A Media Web Site Should Include: News Sports Briefs Print Edition Yearbook Ordering Video/Photos Interactive (comments, up/downloads, polls) Yearbook Sales/Supplement Blogs Updates Daily
  12. 12. Convergent Program Must Have a Web Presence If You’re Not Breaking News, You’re Not an Online Newspaper!
  13. 13. RE save your staff’s works
  14. 14. A Convergent Program Must Run Smoothly Use tools to keep your staff together Google Docs Staff Website Wiki Space
  15. 15. RE print materials
  16. 16. Why Keep your Print Editions? Yearbook: It never outdates! Not Everyone Has a Computer Creates More Ad Revenue Hard Copies are Important for Historic Reasons Design Skills (which can be lost in Web Publications) Print Copies Publicize/Promote your Web Edition Print Editions can be Read Anywhere They are still liked by High School Students
  17. 17. RE think coverage and writing
  18. 18. News/Editorial/Sports Sections • Brainstorm and write DAILY! • Listen, Ask, Follow Up on EVERYTHING • Every Staff Member is assigned a BEAT • Weekly Meeting with Principal • Use District’s PR/COMMUNICATION team • Follow up on RUMORS • Read/Analyze LOCAL news outlets • Utilize VIDEO for stories
  19. 19. Feature Section • Each Staff Member has a FEATURE PACKAGE due each 6-Weeks • PHOTOS and SECONDARY COVERAGE must be included • SCHEDULE the 12 best to POST the next 6 Weeks • Save ONE or TWO for the PRINT EDITION • Use some for the YEARBOOK
  20. 20. Entertainment Section • Find a FEATURED COLUMNIST to write each week • Post REVIEWS each week • SUGGEST things in the community (picks) • Showcase talents of STUDENTS (personalities) • Update WEEKLY
  21. 21. Blogs •  Each student must BLOG once a six-weeks •  ORGANIZE blogs (community, school, sports, etc)
  22. 22. The POWER of Video • At least TWO videos should post each week • Use VIDEO for stories where writing is difficult • FIND things to discuss (Hall Walking) • Always be a professional REPORTER
  23. 23. Filler Assign TWO fillers each 6-Weeks to every staff member • Personality Profile/Athlete Profile • Where you there? • Link Up (list of links on the web) • Students are Talking • Faculty Spotlight • That’s What She/He said • This one time at… (store in a library to post when the site is stale)
  24. 24. Reader Needs Ownership • Comments on stories • Letter to the Editor • Upload stories/videos/projects
  25. 25. RE grade students’ work
  26. 26. 6-Week Grades News Story 20 points *Feature Story 25 Points Editorial 15 Points Blog 10 Points * Personality/Sports Profile 10 Points * Filler 5 Points Podcast 10 Points (a story a week) *required each six-weeks
  27. 27. RE learn your reader
  28. 28. Know how/what your reader reads • Google analytics • Have Staff post in social media outlets • Track how many hits per story • Weekly “unique users” chart
  29. 29. Leland Mallett Mansfield Legacy High School