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Erin Sucher Castellano: Making the Switch to a Newsmagazine


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This is a presentation Erin Sucher Castellano gave at the 2013 Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Spring Convention. It shows examples and gives some tips for staffs looking to make the jump from newspaper to newsmagazine.

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Erin Sucher Castellano: Making the Switch to a Newsmagazine

  1. 1. Erin Sucher Castellano, Journalism Adviser, Clayton High SchoolMAKING THE SWITCHfrom newspaper to newsmagazine. Why you should and then how to go about doing it.From beginning design to what issues to anticipate along the way.
  2. 2. The broadsheet
  3. 3. The newsmagazine
  4. 4. Why?✤ Student Appeal✤ Dying Broadsheet Newspaper✤ Reader Friendly✤ Design, Transferable to Online✤ Freedom
  5. 5. Design
  6. 6. ✤ Go to: (or search chsglobe at see the evolutionWe’ve come a long way...
  7. 7. So now that you’re convinced ... where to start?✤ Have an idea of what you want to achieve...
  8. 8. Look at magazines... lots and lots of magazines
  9. 9. Look at magazines... lots and lots of magazines
  10. 10. Look at magazines... lots and lots of magazines
  11. 11. Also look online...✤✤ Francis Howell North Star (
  12. 12. Also look online... Vista H.S. Cupertino, CA
  13. 13. ✤ look online...
  14. 14. look online...
  15. 15. look online...
  16. 16. ✤ look online...
  17. 17. The ReDesign✤ How to Start the ReDesign:✤ Get Signed Up for a Summer Workshop:✤ (Ball State)✤ (Lindenwood University)✤ Or one in your local area
  18. 18. The redesign✤ Start by just copying spreads you like✤ Establish New Paragraph Styles, Libraries, Templates, several“looks”✤ Talk to your printer about sizes✤ Our size: (w) 49p6 by (h) 63p✤ Make a Back to School Issue Before School✤ Don’t be afraid to tweak your design as you go
  19. 19. ✤ Bleeds✤ Cost✤ Turn Around Time (all paper vs. gloss cover)Issues to foresee
  20. 20. A few more helpful sites✤✤✤ google docs (Story Ideas, Page Assignments, Advertising Records,Photography Assignments)
  21. 21. ContactErin Sucher CastellanoClayton High SchoolClayton,