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Iterative Website Redesign: Micro Goals in Action - CASEV 2011


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Complete website redesigns are a thing of the past, it's time to think beyond the launch it and leave it mentality. Learn how to discover the pain points of your website and successfully correct them. This interactive talk will walk you through your site as an end user. Learn about A/B and multivariate testing mechanisms, how to create effective tests, and how to publish results to build credibility and authority. This talk will leave you with the ability to take away a process to build upon.

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Iterative Website Redesign: Micro Goals in Action - CASEV 2011

  1. Iterative Website Redesign: Micro Goals in Action
  2. Nick DeNardis@nickdenardis Associate Director of Web Communications Wayne State University Host of EDU Checkup Writer for .eduGuru Curator of EDU Snippits
  3. Higher ed web work is hard
  4. aka conferences..
  5. Today’s Topics• Motivations behind full redesigns• The “non full redesign” option• Creating effective feedback loops• Communicating changes
  6. Your site is launched Now what?
  7. Wait 2 years, repeat. Forming the committee now...
  8. Or.. Start making changes in 2 weeks?While the committee is still busy announcing the launch
  9. Churn and Burn
  10. The Redesign Truths• Everyone strives for “something different”• Your users are not sick of your site• Large focus on visual appearance• Old and new websites have completely incomparable experiences
  11. Reasons to Redesign• Users goals not being met• Bring the site into a central identity• Institution or department has new goals/ initiatives• Reaction to a change in the marketplace
  12. Micro Redesigns Definition:Taking small deliberate steps to reach a larger goal (which may be not 100% apparent at the time).
  13. Encourage CraftsmanshipLet designers design, writers write, developers program.
  14. Micro Ideas• Reduce redundancy• Clearer calls to action• Reduce path length• Remove a silo• Integrate external information
  15. Micro Changes• Grouping content• Visual style tweaks• Combining CSS/JS/Image files• Menu item label changes• Microcopy changes
  16. Homepage Stories
  17. 0.009 % CTRLess than 100 click-throughs per month
  18. Trial and Error
  19. 0.01 % CTRLess than 150 click-throughs per month
  20. New CTR: 0.8 %Now ~6,500 click-throughs per month 6400 % improvement!
  21. Campus Tour
  22. A/B TestGoogle Website Optimizer
  23. Option 1 Option 2 Goal
  24. A/B Test
  25. Goal Conversion
  26. Faculty Profiles
  27. Apply NowHomepage call to action
  28. 100 days?What type of timeline is that?
  29. Side Effects Be on the lookout
  30. An Evolution
  31. 37 Signals Evolution
  32. OpportunitiesEveryone has an eye for challenges
  33. Feedback Loops
  34. • Interacting with the actual users• Can be subjective• Solution may not be perfect for everyone• Needs to be documented• Think of the scientific method
  35. Communicating Changes Building support
  36. Blogging is story telling
  37. Tools of the trade• Google Analytics• Google Website Optimizer• Crazy Egg• Click Tale• Woopra• Websort
  38. CrazyEgg
  39. Woopra
  40. Woopra
  41. Websort
  42. Google Analytics
  43. Google Website Optimizer
  44. Click Tale
  45. Dream Big Think Small
  46. Thank you
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