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Publicizing your high school journalism program - San Diego 2014


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This was my presentation from the jEA/NSPA National High School Spring Journalism Convention in San Diego in 2014. In it, I give a variety of ideas to programs for creating and executing plans to publicize different media within the school and journalism programs as a whole.

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Publicizing your high school journalism program - San Diego 2014

  1. 1. @Manfull #nhsjc publicity creatingawareness Aaron Manfull, Media Adviser | Francis Howell North High School | St. Charles, Mo|| |
  2. 2. @Manfull #nhsjc More than Awareness… • Deciding who and what you are as a publication (your attitude) • Creating ways to communicate that to your audience – What will make them want to develop a relationship with your publication? – What do you have to offer them?
  3. 3. @Manfull #nhsjc experience an
  4. 4. @Manfull #nhsjc Make Publicity Work for You – Two Steps to Get Started define the problem set the goal
  5. 5. @Manfull #nhsjc
  6. 6. @Manfull #nhsjc • Screensavers • Wallpapers • Buddy Icons • Music • Posters • Twitter and Instagram profiles • Mobile games, Online games • Phone wallpapers, ringtones, texts • Website with video, forums, blogs, audio slide shows, contests, interaction, etc. • eNews alerts your news
  7. 7. @Manfull #nhsjc YOUR publicity in action
  8. 8. keeping it simple, easy (and cheap)
  9. 9. @Manfull #nhsjc Meet your audience where they are. Online, on their phones, in school or…in their car.
  10. 10. @Manfull #nhsjc • Sidewalk Chalk • Car paint • Posters • Flyers • Become a homepage for all shared school computers • Tag your web site on all school communication • Offer to flow names to sports flyers • Hang a banner with a URL in your gymnasium
  11. 11. @Manfull #nhsjc building momentum
  12. 12. @Manfull #nhsjc • Utilize your Web site • Use your biggest asset – publication students! • Start working your freshmen early • Engage your audience • Send out newsletters • Make signs for the water fountains, business cards to hand out • Create T-Shirts for your publication – with school-wide appeal This site was recommended to you by a friend.
  13. 13. interaction with your audience contests
  14. 14. @Manfull #nhsjc Start Out Easy
  15. 15. @Manfull #nhsjc More Involvement
  16. 16. @Manfull #nhsjc Up the Game • Maybe your publication is ready to move forward in contests. Consider sweetening the incentive with a prize.
  17. 17. @Manfull #nhsjc • Cutest Couple • Cutest Pet • Cutest Pet • Best Spring Break Photo • Selfie Contest • Publish a story on the web • Push it through Twitter and have students submit photos on Twitter • Voting for best is done on Facebook • Prizes are usually good, like $50 • Prizes are donated by local companies in exchange for advertising • Facebook traffic goes up by thousands, Twitter interactions by hundreds during a good contest
  18. 18. @Manfull #nhsjc • Prizes offered • Voting uses WP-polls
  19. 19. @Manfull #nhsjc How to get prizes • Request items from large companies or those that advertise with you. • You can exchange a product for some ad space. • Get a contest sponsor • is also a website that sends your publications free things that you may give out as prizes.
  20. 20. @Manfull #nhsjc keep in contact eLetters
  21. 21. E-newsletter The e-newsletter helps promote the publication and its web site. Benefits? Instead of receiving regular mail, with the e-news letter, subscribers are only a click away from being taken to the web site for an opportunity to interact with your publication.
  22. 22. Customize Your eNews
  23. 23. Content • weekly updates help inform parents • podcast teaser • quick links go straight to the website • Plus - people can pass it on to help publicize for you!
  24. 24. getting social
  25. 25. Tips for Social Use • Go with a 60/40 ratio • Work to have links go directly to your site (not Youtube, Instagram, etc.) • Compose Tweets of roughly 100 characters. • Engage in conversations, share posts, be social • Avoid posting message blasting across platforms
  26. 26. Cross Marketing combines the strengths of two or more groups for the benefit of both cross marketing
  27. 27. @Manfull #nhsjc Why Cross Market Cross marketing develops relationships with groups other; it also provides a partnership that can be called on in the future for prizes, favors and advertising opportunities. QR Codes
  28. 28. @Manfull #nhsjc measuring success
  29. 29. @Manfull #nhsjc
  30. 30. @Manfull #nhsjc
  31. 31. @Manfull #nhsjc publicity benefitingyour program Aaron Manfull, Media Adviser | Francis Howell North High School | St. Charles, Mo|| |
  32. 32. @Manfull #nhsjc Your publications are what sell your program. Your people are what seal the deal.
  33. 33. @Manfull #nhsjc Top Three Recruiting Methods • Individual Conversations with students • Begin in 8th grade • Get the staff to help For a full list check out
  34. 34. @Manfull #nhsjc publicity creatingawareness Aaron Manfull, Media Adviser | Francis Howell North High School | St. Charles, Mo|| |