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School Publication

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Region III – Central Luzon TARLAC STATE UNIVERSITY Tarlac City SCHOOLPUBLICATION EDUARDO A. PANTIG JR. MaEd-TLE 1
  2. 2. SCHOOL PUBLICATION 2 a newspaper written and published by students in school these papers traditionally cover local and primarily school news
  3. 3. Organizational chart of 3 SCHOOL PUBLICATION SCHOOL BOARD Publisher SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Editor FACULTY SPONSOR Co-Editor STUDENTS Asst. Editors & Journalists
  4. 4. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 4 PUBLICATIONPARENTS  to cultivate a partnership between school and home  to increase parents’ knowledge and understanding of the educational program
  5. 5. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 5 PUBLICATIONPARENTS  to increase parent participation in school affairs  to educate parents about specific school problems
  6. 6. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 6 PUBLICATIONSpecial community groups & general public  keeping citizens informed of the policies, practices and needs of the school system  cultivating a sense of partnership in advancing the cause of public education
  7. 7. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 7 PUBLICATIONSpecial community groups & general public  show what the tax peso buys  report on educational progress  dispel misconceptions
  8. 8. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 8 PUBLICATIONSpecial community groups & general public  neutralize harmful propaganda  can thank individuals and groups for contributions to the school
  9. 9. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 9 PUBLICATIONSpecial community groups & general public  can show how the school contribute to the community  can help inform government officials which sometimes leading to gaining their support
  10. 10. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 10 PUBLICATIONSTAFF PERSONNEL  to establish communication that is not possible via personal contact  employees able to know what is going on where they work
  11. 11. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 11 PUBLICATIONSTAFF PERSONNEL  to improve employee morale  keep staff informed of educational policies, practices and problems
  12. 12. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 12 PUBLICATIONSTAFF PERSONNEL  encourage all employees to submit constructive ideas to improve the school  can contribute appreciably to employees’ understanding their role as interpreters of the school system
  13. 13. MAJOR OBJECTIVES of SCHOOL 13 PUBLICATIONSTUDENTS  to increase their understanding of educational opportunities and problems  to communicate that informed students are an important part of the school operation
  14. 14. KNOWING THE AUDIENCE 14 determine the READING LEVEL of the public and write at that level determine reader INTEREST
  15. 15. CHOOSING THE CONTENT 15 emphasis should be placed on what people in the schools are doing classroom innovations
  16. 16. CHOOSING THE CONTENT 16 building plans community relation ideas
  17. 17. CHOOSING THE CONTENT 17 problems of students and how they are being met follow-up information on previously innovative programs
  18. 18. If you write somethingworthwhile, you are helping mankind 18