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Curriculum component

  1. 1. Yudhie Indra G S.Pd
  2. 2. Curriculum have five especial component, that is :( 1) target;( 2) items;( 3) strategy, study;( 4) curriculum organization and( 5) evaluation. Fifth of the component have hand inglove related/relevant and cannot be dissociated. To bemore sharpness, hereunder will be elaborated by abouteach component.
  3. 3. 1. TARGET Important considering of education him to human being, almost in each; every state have obliged all its citizen to follow activity of education, passing various technical manner is its management, which adapted for by state philosophy, situation of social-politic ability of resource and situation of his environment each. Even that way, in the case of determining the target of education basically have is same essence.
  4. 4. In Permendiknas No. 22 Year 2007 told that target of education of storey; level set of education of base and formulated middle to relate to target of education public following:1. Target of education of base is to put down intelligence base, knowledge, personality, august behavior, and also skill for self-supporting life and follow furthermore education2. Target of middle education is to improve intelligence, knowledge, personality, august behavior, and also skill for self-supporting life and follow furthermore education3. Target of vocational middle education is to improve intelligence, knowledge, personality, august behavior, and also skill for self-supporting life and follow furthermore education as according to his vocational.
  5. 5. 2. Items Study. In determining study items or teaching materials do not get out of education theory and philosophy developed. In this case, study items compiled logically and is systematic, in the form of :1. Theory; a set concept or construct, or definition of preposisition which is interaction, presenting systematic opinion about symptom with specification of relation-relation among variables for the purpose of explaining and forecasting the symptom2. Concept; an abstraction formed by organization of specialties, representing brief definition from a group of symptom or fact
  6. 6. 3. Generalizing; conclusion of public pursuant to special things, stemming from analysis, verification or opinion in research4. Principal; that is especial idea, existing scheme pattern in items developing relation among some concept5. Procedure; that is successive stages; steps series in lesson items which must be done by educative participant
  7. 7. 6. Fact; a number of special information in lionized items, consist of terminology, place and people and also occurrence7. Term, special and new exchequer words which introduced in items8. Example of illustration, that is action or matter or process with aim to clarify a[n opinion or description9. Clarification Definition: that about congeniality or meaning about a matter / its sketchy word. 10. Preposition, that is way of used to submit Iesson items in the effort reaching the target of curriculum.
  8. 8. 3. Study Strategy Study tend to have the character of contextual, used study technique and method shall no longer in the form of presentation of teacher but rather have the character of individually is, direct, and exploit group dynamics process co-operative, like : study of modular, observes, or simulation of role playing, discussion, and of a kind.
  9. 9. In this case, learn not many intervene. Role of teacher onlyas facilitator, and motivator of guider. As facilitator, teachertry to create and provide environment learn which isconducive to educative participant of. As motivator, teachercope to push and educative participant stimulate of so thatcan do deed learn. While as guider, teacher do tuition bytrying to recognize all educative participant of by personal.Hereinafter, with study appearance base on technologywhich emphasize importantly of him domination ofinterest bring separate implication in determination ofstudy strategy. Even still have the character of dominationof interest or items like in classic approach, but in study oftechnologies still enabled to educative participant to learnindividually.
  10. 10. In study of conducive by technologies of educativeparticipant to learn without looking in the face directwith teacher, like passing other electronic media orinternet. Role of teacher in study of technologies moretend to as learning of director, coping to instruct andarrange educative participant to do deeds learn asaccording to what have previous design.Pursuant to breakdown of above, in the reality manypossibility to determine study strategy and each; everystudy strategy have weakness and his separateexcellence.
  11. 11. Related To Curriculum Mount Set of Education,lately start to emerge study concept with PAKEM,representing acronym of Active Study, Creative,Pleasant and Effective. Therefore, in practice a teacherproperly can develop study strategy by variatiev, usingvarious conducive strategy of student to be able toexecute process learn him actively, pleasant andcreative, with high effectiveness.