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Transition words


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Transition words

  1. 1. TRANSITION WORDSYudhie Indra G
  2. 2. TRANSITIONWORDSWords to Add, Compare, Contrast,Exemplify, Summarize, and Sequence.
  3. 3. The Functions of TransitionWords Transitions function to connect words, phrases, and clauses. 1. Apples and oranges are types of fruit. 2. Not only fast cars but also slow trucks make up highway traffic. 3. Henri stopped writing so that he could listen to his friend.
  4. 4. Transitions Add, Compare, andContrast1. Addition We also visited Miami Beach.2. Comparison We like them have to study.3. Contrast Instead of riding, they walked.
  5. 5. Transitions for Example, Summary,and Sequence4. Example: To illustrate, I will tell a story.5. Summary: In sum, you must try hard.6. Time Sequence: At last, she said yes.
  6. 6. Transitions of Addition Common Words  Power Terms 1. And 1. Moreover 2. Also 2. Furthermore 3. Besides 3. In Addition 4. Too 5. First 6. Next 7. Last
  7. 7. Transitions of Comparison Simple Ones  Complex Ones1. Also 1. In the same way2. Too 2. Likewise 3. Similarly
  8. 8. Transitions of Contrast Simple Contrast  Complex Contrast1. But 1. Although2. Yet 2. At the same time3. Still 3. Despite that4. Even so 4. In contrast5. Instead 5. In spite of6. Otherwise 6. Nevertheless7. Regardless 7. Notwithstanding 8. On the other hand
  9. 9. Transitions of Example Simple Example  Complex Example1. For example 1. As an illustration2. For instance 2. In other words3. Indeed 3. In short4. In fact 4. That is5. Of course 5. To illustrate
  10. 10. Transitions of Summary Simple Ones  Complex Ones1. Altogether 1. In brief2. Finally 2. In conclusion 3. In other words 4. In particular 5. In short 6. In summary 7. On the whole 8. That is
  11. 11. Sequence Transitions Simple Ones  Complex Ones1. Afterward 1. as long as2. again 2. at last3. before 3. at length4. finally 4. at that time5. last 5. in addition6. lately 6. in the past7. meanwhile 7. So far8. Next 8. Until now9. soon10. then
  12. 12. Watch out forTransition Words Just like traffic signals on busy roads, transitions words tell good readers to watch out for a change of direction in the passage. “Good readers follow the signals. Hence, you will too!”
  13. 13. Practicing Transitions1. In addition,2. Likewise,3. Even so,4. For instance,5. In general,6. Finally,