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Bco writing 2

  1. 1. Yudhie Indra G
  2. 2. Basic Course Outline Subject : Writing 2 Wight : 2 SKS Allocation Time : 1 X 200 Minutes Lecturer : Yudhie Indra G
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION OF COURSEThis course is expected a students areable to analyze the genre of theparagraph well. Besides, they are ableto organize the paragraph correctlywith good structure and grammar.
  4. 4. BASIC COMPETENCY1. Students are able to express their opinion in real life2. Students are able to organize narrative text3. Students are able to organize descriptive text4. Students are able to organize the paragraph by using outline5. Middle Test6. Students are able to organize the paragraph using transition signal (unity and coherence)
  5. 5. BASIC COMPETENCY7. Students are able to recognize theessay organization8. Students are able to use the logicaldivision of ideas9. Review The Lesson10. FINAL TEST
  6. 6. FUNDAMENTAL DISCUSSION1. Organization and Writing Process2. Kinds of narrative text3. Kinds of descriptive text4. Prewriting and Writing processMIDDLE TEST
  7. 7. FUNDAMENTAL DISCUSSION5. Prewriting and Writing process (Unity andCoherence)6. Outlining an essay7. Using the logical division of ideas intoparagraphs8. Review Unit 1 – unit 7FINAL TEST
  8. 8. METHOD AND REQUIREMENTThe students in this class should beactively involved in the learningprocess, inside and outside the classroom.The Lecturer will give two steps: A. Pre-test B. Treatment
  9. 9. EVALUATIONEach students will be assessed on the basis ofhis/her performance on the following:1. Class Participation and Activities2. Middle Semester Test3. Students presentation4. Final Semester Test More than 5 times absences without permission you will failed your subject.
  10. 10. CRITERION ASSESMENT Assessment done is during study process, seminar, and duty. RANGE SCORE QUALITY 81-100 A VERY GOOD 71-80 B GOOD 61-70 C ENOUGH <60 D NOT PASSAssessment Wight : 1. Assignment + Attended list + Presentation 20% 2. Value of UTS 35% 3. Value of UAS 45%
  11. 11. REFERENCES1. First Step In Academic Writing By Ann Hogue 19962. Introduction to Academic Writing By Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue3. Lets Write By George Wishon
  12. 12. First AssignmentAbout yourself:Write a paragraph about yourself. Use these informationto developed your paragraph:1. Be careful to end each sentence with a period.2. Practice the rules for capitalization A. What is your name? ( First, middle, family name) B. Where are you from? ( City and country) C. What languages do you speak? D. What is the name of your college?