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  • Remind students that JTED courses are designed to prepare students to be successful in their career. Promptness and reliability are key to success. Employees who have bad attendance records, tardies, etc. Are not considered for promotions or raises and are the first to be cut if workforce needs to be reduced.
  • Howmyclassroomworks2012 2013

    1. 1. Clear DeskEyes on TeacherQuiet/ListeningQuestions after Explanations
    2. 2. As your teacher, I will not allow any student in this classroom to stop me from teachingAs your teacher, I will not allow any student in this classroom to stop another student from learning.As your teacher, I will only allow student behavior in this classroom that is in your best interest and the best interest of the class.
    3. 3. Be seated before the bellBring your own paper, pencil, and book each day.Follow Dress code each day.Follow Directions and Safety & Sanitation guidelinesNo cursing, bullying, name-calling, putdownsNo gum, earphones, drinks, food, make-up application, texting, or other distractionsStay on task
    4. 4.  Homework pass Drop low grade Call home Good grades in my class Considered when choosing Award Winners Student of the Month Dinner Letters of Recommendation Recommendation for internship positions Chosen as Manager for events Participation in field trips (A Tavola, Miguel’s, FCCLA events, Disneyland) Chosen for competitions (Tucson Meet Yourself Iron Chef, Yule Log, CCAP, FCCLA, Taste of Chocolate, Small Bites, Salsa, Cookie & Cupcake) Complimentary A la carte item from Snackbar
    5. 5. WarningDetention and call homeReferral and Parent conference3rd referral results in removal from class.
    6. 6. FightingDisorderly ConductOvert DefianceInsubordinationRefer directly to Administration for severe consequences
    7. 7.  Entering Class & Bellwork Attendance Tardiness Grading Pencil Sharpening Bathroom Announcements & Pledge Transitions Pre-dismissal Dismissal Homework Make-up work Substitute
    8. 8. Go directly to your seatGet out binder, turn to bellwork sectionBegin BellworkVoice level 1 until bell ringsVoice level 0 once bell rings
    9. 9. Be present every day and on time.Attendance and punctuality are employability skills and will be graded.Must make up work missed within time period outlined in student handbook.Awards given for perfect attendance.
    10. 10. Being on time is defined as: Being in your seat and doing bellwork when the bell ringsIf tardy:  Complete tardy slip. To prevent further interruptions after signing in, wait under the flag until teacher signals for you to have a seat (Please do not drop off your items at your desk and return to the flag, this creates further distraction)  After 3 tardies: After school detention  If student reports to teacher the day of the 3rd tardy to schedule detention, time served is cut in half. If teacher has to remind student that they have 3 tardies, they will then serve the full hour of detention.  Student serves detention or accepts the consequences of a referral.
    11. 11. Must meet 80% of course standards with a minimum grade of 70% (C)If a student has met 80% of course standards, then:  A=90% and above  B = 80% - 89%  C = 70% - 79%  Below a C- Student is highly encouraged to consider a different elective
    12. 12. If teacher is talking, DO NOT GO.If someone else is there, DO NOT GO.If #1 and #2 are clear, GO!
    13. 13. If teacher is talking or assisting another student, wait to ask to go to the bathroom. (Do not interrupt instruction)Students receive four bathroom passes per semester. If a student has a medical condition that necessitates frequent visits, this needs to be documented with the school nurse.Bathroom passes will not be given during the first ten or last ten minutes of class or during a catering event. Please plan accordingly.Unused bathroom passes may be turned in for bonus points (5 each)
    14. 14. Stay in your seatsDo not talk (Voice level 0 )Listen to announcements (We do not have the school intercom, therefore, the class manager will read the announcements to the class)Stand for Pledge of AllegianceParticipate in the Pledge in accordance with your beliefs.
    15. 15. Check for assignmentsLow voice level (1 or 2)Clean-up lab and classroomSee teacher if:  Tardy  Absent Previous Day  You got a “See teacher after class” card handed to you during class.
    16. 16. If you receive this card, please see the teacher at dismissal.Please do not ask to address card prior to dismissal.This card could mean: • You have paperwork that needs to be completed for JTED • I need to discuss grades, tardies, or attendance • You have been chosen to represent JTED in a competition or field trip opportunity. • There was an incident in class that needs to be discussed.
    17. 17. The teacher ( not the bell ) dismisses class.Students will be dismissed when all classroom furniture is in place, books returned to the shelf, kitchen tools and equipment are accounted for and put away in appropriate place, all lab areas are clean, classroom is clean and orderly, papers have been collected or handed out.Closure activity or Lab checklist/evaluation must be complete PRIOR to the bell in order to participate in the next scheduled lab
    18. 18. Used to expand on the lessonUsed for remediationTwice per week will be maximum.Always worth pointsWon’t usually exceed 30 minutes, with the exception of projects.Projects are assigned at the beginning of each rotation and due dates given.
    19. 19. Throughout the year, you will beassigned several projects as a part ofthe rotation schedule. Some of theprojects that you may be assignedare:Prepare a lesson to present tobeginning culinary students.Restaurant Design/Business PlanFood Truck Design/MenuPlanningPortfolioCooking Show or WebquestPresentationMy Plate PresentationFCCLA Star EventChef Study
    20. 20. Work-Based Learning hours provide students will on-the-job training in order to succeed in the foodservice industry.Students are required to complete a minimum of 5 WBL hours per quarter.In order to receive credit for WBL hours, students must arrive on time, stay on task, and demonstrate employability skills.Students will keep a log of WBL hours completed. Students must have instructor sign off on the log within 24 business hours of the event in order to receive credit.
    21. 21. As a second year culinary student, you will be assessed on your performance by demonstrating mastery of skills obtained.You will have several weeks to work on the actual assessment and will have opportunities to practice outside of class.Skills assessed: Safety and Sanitation, Time Management, Following a recipe, Knife Cuts, Proper preparation and temping of protein, creating an emulsion, appropriate flavor combinations and seasoning, plating.The PBA will be scored by professional chefs in the area.
    22. 22. It is STUDENT’S responsibility to see the teacher to get make-up work.Upon return, you have the number of days missed plus one additional day to complete missing assignments.Students are to read the PowerPoint from the day (s) missed, read announcements, and complete assignments. The PowerPoints are housed in the “Lessons” binder on the classroom work table.Some assignments cannot be made up. In this case, you will be required to complete a lesson and quiz for each day missed on Rouxbe, the online cooking school.Amnesty Day is one week before end of quarter and any work may be submitted for 70% maximum credit.
    23. 23.  Always sit in assigned seat Perfect behavior is expected regardless of the personality or behaviors of the substitute. Any work that is not completed will be made up after school. Students will not be permitted to participate in cooking labs until this work has been completed. If your name is left on the substitute report as having been off task, talkative, disruptive, in wrong seat, unproductive etc… you will receive a phone call home and 2 hours community service (teacher approved).