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Assignment: Challenge assumption 2


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Assignment: Challenge assumption 2

  1. 1. Assignment:Challenge Assumption 2 100 Ways to sleep Team: Enablers
  2. 2. Background of Sleep Problem• Sometimes we get lots of stress & this stress might cause sleeping problems.• So team "enablers" decided to address issue of Stress related sleeping problem.
  3. 3. Methodology & Outcome• As per the learning of “6 thinking hats” we arranged a brainstorming session with 7 team members• Ideas were generated in this discussion• Our objective was to find at leasst 100 ways to tackle this issue• We were surprised to see 125 ways to address this issue.
  4. 4. 100 ways to address1. Forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made.2. Forgive others for their offenses against you.3. Stop obsessing over things you can’t control.4. Take breaks often to clear you mind.5. Think positive.6. Stop over analyzing.7. Stop judging what others do or don’t do.8. Learn to say no.9. Start thinking new things.10. Give yourself some approval.
  5. 5. 100 ways to address11. Stop being a perfectionist and move on.12. Let go of trying to control everything.13. Don’t get emotionally invested in every little argument.14. Quit agonizing over decisions you’ve made.15. Remember that almost everything is temporary.16. Ask yourself: Will it matter? If not, let it go.17. Find reasons to laugh out loud several times a day.18. Stop taking things personally, it’s not always about you!19. Don’t compare yourself to others. Life is not a contest.20. Smile at yourself.
  6. 6. 100 ways to address21. Start conversation with a positive thought with person.22. Don’t worry about things that happened.23. Quit reacting.24. Go to gym.25. Don’t trade sleep for work.26. Listen music.27. Express gratitude for the things in your life.28. Go for long walk.29. Do Yoga.30. Play with pets.
  7. 7. 100 ways to address31. Watch TV.32. Listen to music that calms your soul and carries you away.33. Read book.34. Play with children.35. Go to the beach or river and soak up the negative ions.36. Do something nice with beggar.37. Support your wife in kitchen.38. Tell people how much you love them39. Count your blessings.40. Eliminate unnecessary comments.
  8. 8. 100 ways to address41. Don’t allow others to make you feel pressured.42. Stop creating unnecessary drama.43. Take 10 slow, deep breaths every hour on the hour.44. Talk to your parents.45. Consciously relax every muscle in your body at bed time.46. Do meditation.47. Do gratitude review.48. Play indoor games.49. Laugh at yourself.50. Go to temple or church.
  9. 9. 100 ways to address51. Make peace of mind a high priority in your life.52. Find ways to express your concern.53. Eat healthy food.54. Hang out with happy people.55. Stop complaining.56. Don’t use words like stressed out, worried, or pressured.57. Take action to resolve issue.58. Maintain you energy levels and you will be stress less.59. Sing your favourite songs.60. Watch cartoon.
  10. 10. 100 ways to address61. Sit alone in room and do introspection.62. Read for pleasure and relaxation.63. Go for spa.64. Inhale calm, exhale tension.65. Go for massage.66. Don’t take caffeine.67. Don’t take alcohol.68. If it’s not your problem get out of the way.69. Go back to your hobby.70. Don’t gossip or discuss with anyone.
  11. 11. 100 ways to address71. Laugh out loud.72. Be realistic with the pressure and accept it.73. Talk to old friend.74. Don’t over focus.75. Maintain an optimistic perspective.76. Don’t sweat the small stuff.77. Be reasonable to yourself.78. Accept that everything takes longer than you think.79. Write letter to old friends.80. Stop trying to worry too much.
  12. 12. 100 ways to address81. Never argue with yourself.82. Adopt a stress free attitude.83. Remember that negative life lessons have great value.84. Counter stress with positive words and actions.85. When you’re feeling down count your blessing.86. Go and watch motivational videos on You Tube.87. Control over expectation.88. Remember; first come the fear then the blessing.89. Don’t stress out trying to get everyone to agree with you.90. Stay away from the negative thoughts
  13. 13. 100 ways to address91.Encourage others.92. Live in the present instead of longing for the past.93. View situation as an opportunity to build relation.94. Break thinking chains.95. Plan for tomorrow.96. Believe that if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger.97. Talk positive to yourself.98. Life isn’t always fair but it is still a gift, practice gratitude.99. Dissociate yourself from the root cause100. Enjoy being
  14. 14. 100 ways to address101. Try aromatherapy102. Adjust lighting103. Create a collection of things you love104. Reframe the problem105. Meditate on positive words106. Practice positive affirmations107. Take responsibility for your thoughts108. Have realistic expectations109. Visualize the outcome you desire110. Work a puzzle/game
  15. 15. 100 ways to address111. Play an instrument112. Dance113. Soak your feet in warm water114. Enjoy a steamy bubble bath115. Practice deep breathing116. Go see a movie comedy117. Use mental imagery of success118. Get a haircut and enjoy the wash119. Email an old friend120. Star gaze121. Spend a few hours boating/yachting122. Take a scenic drive123. Build a sandcastle124. Go out to dinner125. Window shop