August 6 2012 Intro to Culinary Program


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  • Advanced Culinary Overview- play slideshow used for conference
  • Background- interest in culinary arts, education, experience as teacher (when, where)Ms. Quattro’s Teacher CreedAs your teacher, I will not allow any student in this classroom to stop me from teaching.As your teacher, I will not allow any student in this classroom to stop another student from learning.As your teacher, I will only allow student behavior in this classroom that is in your best interest and the best interest of the class.
  • Inform students they can only have each person sign once.Pass out worksheets.
  • Refer to Q & A slideshow (time permitting… if not, save for day 2)*Only 1st period made it to q&a
  • 31. Parking Lotteacher provides a place or “parking lot” for students to use a post–it to place questions about what was covered or about rules not covered.if a student has no questions or concerns, he/she may answer one of those posted by another studentteacher uses a strategy to make sure all questions have been answeredteacher uses a strategy to check all
  • Sponge Activity: If the first day lesson goes quickly, this is a great sponge activity to end with. Students come up with 2 true and 1 false statement about themselves. (The false statement should be something believable… the point is to get to know one another AND build community)
  • August 6 2012 Intro to Culinary Program

    1. 1. Intro toAdvancedCulinary Artswith Ms. Quattro
    2. 2. August 6th, Amuse Bouche:  View the slideshow, “Advanced Culinary Overview”.  Fold the index card and write your name on one side. On the other side, write what aspect of culinary arts you most look forward to (based upon the video) and any questions you have about the class.  ~Be prepared to share your responses~
    3. 3. Objectives:Students will be able to: Introduce classmates. Demonstrate Fire Drill procedures. Identify procedures and guidelines for advanced culinary arts class.
    4. 4. Meet Your Instructor: Ms. Quattro
    5. 5. Meet Your Classmates:Who in the World…
    6. 6. Facility TourNote: Please do not touch equipment or open cabinets, doors, drawers, etc. Thank you!
    7. 7. Fire Drills: Video (Dwight’s Fire Safety Drill)
    8. 8. Fire Drills: Practice Practice Fire Drill Procedure: 5 Yard Line on Football Field Please record fire drill location in your notes, you will see this on an assessment.
    9. 9. Homework:
    10. 10. Q & A Presentation: Pleasenote important information
    11. 11. Closure: Parking Lot 1. On a post-it note, write down one of the following and then post it in the “Parking Lot” 2. What questions do you have about Advanced Culinary Arts? 3. What do you think is the best way to teach and learn culinary arts? 4. Share three goals you have for this year’s culinary arts class.
    12. 12. Getting Acquainted Activity 2 True & 1 False…