Math Classroom Procedures


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Class Procedures are very essential and useful to be told to students at very begining of the year.

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Math Classroom Procedures

  1. 1. 2010-2011
  2. 2.  A procedure is a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; a particular way of accomplishing an objective.  Procedures are the way that we do things in math. We have procedures so that everyone has the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.
  3. 3. Why we have a start of class procedure.  To be able to start quickly.  We have more time to work on our assignments.  More class time to do work means less work that has to go home!
  4. 4.  Enter the room through the door  Enter quietly and sit in your assigned seat  Have a sharpened pencil and your other class materials ready.  Copy the “Warm-up” from the board into your notebook.  Copy any homework assignments into your school agenda.  Remain seated and quiet until I direct otherwise.
  5. 5. Why we have end of class procedures .  To make sure that all equipment, materials and supplies are safely and neatly put away so that we can use them again  To keep our classroom clean and safe  To get everyone to their next class on time
  6. 6.  Begin to clean up and put away materials only AFTER you have been given instructions to do so.  Put all materials and supplies in the appropriate place.  Pick up any trash from around your area and dispose of it properly.  Make sure that tables are properly aligned.  Remain seated and quiet until I dismiss the class.  Exit through the door.
  7. 7. Why We Have Procedures for Getting Materials.  To make sure that everyone has the materials they need to learn  To make sure that materials remain in good condition
  8. 8.  I have general supplies for student use at my desk such as paper clips ,stapler etc.  Do not remove the general supplies from my desk.  Pick up and/or use supplies only after you have been instructed.  All supplies must be accounted for at the end of class.
  9. 9. Why we have asking questions procedures.  To make sure everyone has the opportunity to express themselves.  To be able to hear and learn from others.  To make sure everyone fully understands what we are doing.
  10. 10.  Raise your hand timely to speak; wait to be called on.  Do not approach me with your questions; I will come to you.  Whenever another person is speaking, you should be listening.  Never interrupt while someone is speaking, that is rude.
  11. 11. Why it is important to have this procedure .  So that everyone can hear information they need to know  So I do not have to yell ,or lose my voice. When I raise my hand, all students have to :  be quiet  stop what they are doing  give me their full attention.
  12. 12. Why we have transitioning procedures.  To maximize instructional time  To make sure everyone knows what they are to do in the next activity  Listen for all instructions and permission to move before transitioning.  Move quickly and quietly to the next activity. This is not time to socialize.
  13. 13. Why we have procedures to leave class during instruction.  To prevent the disruption of class  To prevent losing instruction.  You are allowed 2 hall passes per 4 weeks in Math class.  This includes the bathroom, nurse, locker, etc.  You have 2 minutes to use the bathroom.  Use your passes wisely.  At most 2 students can take a hall pass during one class unless it is an emergency.
  14. 14. Why we have individual work procedures .  To allow students to learn and work without distractions  To maximize working independently
  15. 15.  There is NO TALKING during independent work.  You may only ask me for help with individual daily assignments by applying the asking questions procedure.  I may help you only 10 seconds for each question.
  16. 16. Why we have group work procedures.  So that we are able to do group activities.  To make sure all directions are heard and followed.  To keep students safe during activities.
  17. 17.  All group members must participate in group assignments.  QUIET talk is allowed during group work (quiet talk means no vibrations, no weird noises , it is a whisper)  You are not allowed to associate with other groups .  Only one person from each group is allowed out of their seat at a time .  Do not touch group materials until directed to do so.
  18. 18. Why we have this procedure.  To make sure everyone has a good learning environment.  To make sure learning is not interrupted by sharpening pencils.
  19. 19.  Be prepared with all of your supplies before class begins. “I don’t have a pencil” is not an excuse!!!!  Sharpen your pencil at the beginning of class, before beginning the “Warm-up”. Otherwise, timely raise your hand for permission.  Never sharpen your pencil or ask to borrow something while someone is talking. This is not polite.
  20. 20. Why we have food procedures.  To keep the classroom clean and safe.  To prevent disruption.  There is NO eating or drinking in my classroom except for class parties or treats received from Mr. Kanmaz.  Treats from other teachers must be eaten before entering my class.  If you are caught with an open food product, I will take it and throw it away and consequences will be processed.
  21. 21. Why we have late work procedures.  To make sure late work is assessed properly  Work is accepted late at my discretion.  All late work must have a parent’s signature.  You will receive a reduction in points.
  22. 22. Why we have extra credit procedures.  To give everyone the opportunity to raise their grade every quarter.  Extra credit will be assigned at my discretion but students should ask for an extra credit.  Extra credit work will not be accepted late.
  23. 23.  Why we have make up work procedures.  So that students may complete work they missed while they were absent  It is your responsibility to make up work that you missed while out; you are not excused from it!  Extra handouts will be located in the copy center.  You have one day for each day you were absent to make up work
  24. 24. Why we have this procedure.  To understand the math concept and review it at home.  To go to next activity smoothly.  Students should try to finish writing notes in assigned time.  If someone finishes early, he/she must be quiet and should deal with the extra problems.  If someone does not finish on time , he/she should complete by looking from classmate’s notes.
  25. 25. Why we have this procedure.  To be able to take notes neatly  To review the concept at home w/o any confusion.  Students must put their name ,date and title of assignment(or lesson) in the top right hand corner of their work papers. John Doe 2/12/10 Place Value
  26. 26. Why we have this procedure.  Not to disturb other classes.  Not to tripped over by a chair  We will silently line up.  We must not in the hallway.  We walk on the right side of the hallway single file.
  27. 27. Why we have this procedure.  To keep our school environment clean and neat.  Students will pick any paper around their desks and throw it in recycle bin during the last minute of each class.  Students will pick any other trash around their desks as well.
  28. 28. Why we have this procedure.  To respect everyone’s learning level.  To reply “What do we do when we are done?”  If you are done early in any activity, you have some options : 1. Get a card from the copy center and work on it. 2. Put your head on the desk and rest. 3. Read a book.
  29. 29. Why we have this procedure.  To learn from your mistakes.  To improve integrity.  I will show the answers on the star board and you will check your answers with your red pens in an assigned time.  After you are done I will go around and do quick grading.
  30. 30. Why we have this procedure.  To have a quiet testing atmosphere.  Your desk should be clear of all materials except for what is required for the test.  Be prepared in advance for the test we will be doing chapter/unit review at the day before the test.  There will be a time limit for each test/quiz if you don’t have enough time to finish you can come to my office hours to complete it.  If you are done, you should fold your paper so that your name will not be seen then turn your paper in.
  31. 31.  Under no circumstance should your eyes wander towards your neighbors test, do not even appear to be looking at anyone’s test.  No talking allowed during the test, this means while you are taking the test and when you are finished with the test.  If you have a question, please raise your hand and I will call on you to come to my desk.  Always bring extra work, a book or magazine with you on test day in case you get done early.
  32. 32. Why we have this procedure.  To improve the integrity.  To learn from our mistakes.  Once the teacher passes out the folded test papers , students must get ready with their red pens.  The teacher will show the answers on the starboard and will give you a time. You must finish checking on the assigned time limit.
  33. 33. Why we have this procedure.  To able to discuss everyone’s opinion  To ask students how the math class is going.  The Meeting will be held once a quarter.  Students should express their opinions in a respectful way.  During class meeting all students are expected to be courteous and listen to the other students.  Only talk when you have the glue.
  34. 34. Why we have this procedure.  To keep the computer lab neat.  Students will go to the assigned computer as teacher directs.  Students will leave the computer s with chairs pushed in and computer area neat and tidy
  35. 35. Why we have this procedure.  To make us well-organized.  Binder checks will be done almost every 4 weeks.  During the binder check there may be a fun activity (watching video ,party etc…) It is up to the class’ behavior and performance in that period.  Each student must clean their homework and class work section after the binder check.
  36. 36. Why we have these procedures?  To prevent class disruption  To show that we are responsible and respectful people  When a visitor enters the room or if I have to leave the room, you are to continue working quietly.  Do not acknowledge any visitors by yelling out
  37. 37. These are a few things that I do not tolerate in my classroom. They are considered class disruption and will result in disciplinary action.  Beating on desk with pens or hands.  “Shooting” paper into the trash can.  Teasing, Bullying.  Touching the starboard w/o permission.  Singing/Rapping in class.  Saying to another student “Shut up”.
  38. 38.  All procedures are expected to be followed everyday as rules; failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.  Please refer to this handout for questions regarding all procedures. A copy may be posted to the school website.