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Sina Weibo for your business: Getting Started

Sina Weibo for your business: Getting Started



Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) is one of the largest social network in the World. But with content exclusively in Chinese, it is difficult for most of us to integrate this important tool ...

Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) is one of the largest social network in the World. But with content exclusively in Chinese, it is difficult for most of us to integrate this important tool into our digital marketing strategy.

Online presentation (with sound): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=173tubkEmVc



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  • https://social.ogilvy.com/the-top-10-brand-weibo-posts-in-china-of-2012/
  • http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjg5OTE3NDUy.html

Sina Weibo for your business: Getting Started Sina Weibo for your business: Getting Started Presentation Transcript

  • XQ. February, 2013
  • Agenda• Re-cap: Sina Weibo Statistics• How Does Sina Weibo Work?• How to Engage with Target Audience?• How to Track Weibo Account Performance?• Our Services
  • 500 million users 46.2 million daily active users* Source: Sina 2012 annual reportSINA WEIBO IN 2012
  • 2012 London OlympicsSINA WEIBO IN 2012
  • • February: 82 million posts on Valentine‟s day• May: 300 million “thank you parents” posts during“Mother‟s Day” and “Father‟s Day”• July: 6 million “Xiao Mi” mobile phones sold• November: Tmall transaction reached RMB 1.9billion in one day.• November: 42 million posts discussing DiaoyuIsland incidentSINA WEIBO IN 2012
  • “400 million accounts, over 130 thousand corporate accounts,millions of international and domestic celebrities, businessmenand politicians are on Weibo, including Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, BillGates, Gregor Robertson, Kevin Rudd, Christine Lagarde, etc.Sina Weibo has been a darling of both domestic and internationalbrands. The platform offers brands a quality, diversified targetaudience and sophisticated engagement tools. 56% of Weibo‟s400 million users follow at least one brand.100 million new posts a day.”
  • USERS ARE YOUNGAND WELL-EDUCATED Although most registered users aremale, active users are female. 65% active users are female. 70% content concerning brands fromwoman.
  • Entertainment and“fun” content arereposted most oftencompared to twitterMagnitude of repostsare also much higherthan twitter
  • • 140-character limit• Mention or talk to other peopleusing "@UserName" format• Add hashtags with"#HashName" format• Follow other people to makehis/her posts appear in usersown timeline,• RT @UserName• URLs are automaticallyshortened using the domainname t.co.• Users are allowed to insertgraphical emoticons or attach ownimage, music, video files in everypost.• Comments to a post can be shownas a list right below the post• Brand pageSina Weibo Twitter Facebook140-character limit 140-character limit NoMention or talk to other people using "@UserName" format Mention or talk to other people using"@UserName" formatMention or talk to other people using"@UserName" formatAdd hashtags with "#HashName#" format Add hashtags with "#HashName" format NoFollow other people to make his/her posts appear in usersown timeline, like people‟s postsFollow other people to make his/her postsappear in users own timeline,Follow other people to make his/herposts appear in users own timeline, likepeople‟s postRe-post with “@UserName” RT @UserName NoURLs are automatically shortened using the domain namet.cnURLs are automatically shortened usingthe domain name t.coNoUsers are allowed to insert graphical emoticons or attachown image, music, video files in every post.No (Insert a picture) Users are allowed to insert graphicalemoticons or attach own image, music,video files in every post.Comments to a post can be shown as a list right below thepost, the commenter can also choose whether to re-postthe comment, quoting the whole original post, tocommenters own page.No Comments to a post can be shown as alist right below the post
  • TIME LINEStatus updatesRecommended accounts to followInstantMessageUpdatesfrom peopleyou follow
  • PROFILE PAGERegisteredpersonalinformationNumber offollowers,posts andaccountsthat I followVerificationAccountsI followedrecently
  • Personal Accounts Enterprise EditionVerified AccountsVIP MembershipAccounts“DaRen” (Experts)AccountsVerified Weibo accounts are the same asTwitter‟s, displaying a „verified‟ badge to make iteasy for the public to recognize an account(mostly public figures who have a certainpopularity or reputation). Need ID cardregistration.VIP Membership have six levels while all start atLevel 1 (VIP1) at 10 yuan a month or 108 yuan forannual payment. As the member logins moreoften, the level will go up.Interests based real-identity registrationsystem, majority of the registers are young people.Sina Weibo Enterprise Edition is aWeibo upgrade version forenterprise accounts. With multi-function page and a managementdashboard, it provides morefunctions and features includingpersonalized page display, dataanalysis, and more social CRMelements.ACCOUNT SYSTEM
  • Verified AccountPERSONAL ACCOUNTS• Real-name registration• Categorized byprofessions, industries andspecialties• Verified badge• Expose to new users in the• same industries or have thesame professions has Sinarandomly promote verified userson Sina Weibo front page.
  • PERSONAL ACCOUNTSVIP Membership Accounts• VIP Membership have six levels while allstart at Level 1 (VIP1) at 10 yuan a month or108 yuan for annual payment. As themember logs in more often, the level will goup.• VIP members get four types of privileges:status showoff, extra functions, mobile andsecurity features.• VIP Only Mobile Features: VIP Sina Weibomembers can use voice posting to Weiboaccount by dialing 950 138 333 on mobile,receive SMS alerts when specified user logsin and followed users‟ birthdays arrive.• Security Privileges: VIPs will receive securityalert via SMS, probably when things likelogin at unusual location takes place.
  • VIP Membership AccountsExtra functions VIP members get include:• Accelerated growth of Weibo Levels (normal usergrows to a higher level by accumulating morelogin hours)• Increased limit of maximum number of users onecan follow (non-VIP can follow up to 2,000 userson Sina Weibo); VIP1-VIP3 can follow up to2,500 users and VIP4-VIP6 up to 3,000• Higher priority to be recommended to other users• Increased limit of maximum number of users onecan “quietly” follow (currently any user can followup to 10 users without being found) to 15 forVIP1-3, 20 for VIP 4-5 and 30 for VIP6• Increased limit of maximum number of users onecan “block” from showing his or her posts ontimeline (normal member can “block” up to 5″) to50 for VIP1-3, 80 for VIP 4-5 and 100 for VIP6
  • PERSONAL ACCOUNTSDaRen Accounts• Have a real self-profile photo.• Bond to a mobile number, so he/shecan send Weibo via mobile phone.• Follow a minimum of 100 people.• Have a minimum of 100 followers.• Follow back at least 30 people (thismay impose a 30% follow backrate) required to select 3 interests.
  • ENTERPRISE EDITIONThe platform enablesbrands to create an officialpresence through averification system(verified accounts aremarked with a “V”, verysimilar to the Twitterones). Profiles can becustomized by adjustingthe background and thepossibility to share graphicelements such as picturesand videos.
  • • Content Calendar• Q&A• Small and ongoingcampaigns• Weekly statistic analysis• Social data and CRMDAILY COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT
  • TOP 10 BRAND WEIBO POSTS IN 20121. Nike: Olympic2. BMW: Single‟s Day3. McDonald: Consumer Day4. Arsenal5. Mini: Censorship6. Vancl7: Bestguard8. Burberry9. Durex10. The Best
  • INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT• Identify industry thoughtleaders• Closely monitor influencers‟posts and engage in acreative and fun way• Celebrity endorsement(paid service)• Offline engagement (Liveupdate on Sina Weibo)
  • THE WEIBO ANALYTICAL DASHBOARD• Fans:• Number of fans, growthrate.• Demographic• Interaction• Behavior• Keyword monitoring• Trend analysis• Page view• Click through of embeddedshort links.
  • OUR SERVICES•Marketing plan for Chinese market•Website translation to Chinese•Weibo account set up•Content writing & adaptation of existingcontent for Chinese readers•Followers engagement•Lead nurturing•Reporting & analysis