Twitter Growth Strategies


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Social Media Agency Room 214 collected a presentation of tools, tips, and tricks to grow your Twitter presence.

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Twitter Growth Strategies

  1. 1. TIPS FOR: Twitter Growth Strategies /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  2. 2. Twitter 101: Create a community, build trust Every successful Twitter account is a living and breathing community. If you want to be a major part of any community you must build trust with the community members. HOW TO BUILD TRUST ON Twitter: Step 1: Listen Step 2: Actively Respond Step 3: Be Interesting A community requires two-way Chime in on relevant Think about this from a user communication. Aim to make conversations whenever it is perspective: why should I your Twitter account a appropriate. This does not follow your Twitter account? community based on your mean you should spam, but it’s brand’s ideals. okay to reach out to people. • What do people in your • Be helpful: reply to questions, • Post great, relevant content. community talk about? What issues, and problems. • Talk about the great ideas that do they spend their time on? • Be thankful: Reach out to those already exist in this • Who is talking about your who mention your brand. community. brand? • Start conversations with • Running out of ideas? Refer • Who are the influential users in influential users. back to step one. your community? • Prove to your community that • Pay attention to the you are listening. conversations happening. Important: Before you create a Twitter account, you must dedicate appropriate time and resources to ensure the proper management of your social media presence. PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  3. 3. Twitter 101: Dos and Don’ts Part of building trust means you agree to follow the rules. There are several written and unwritten rules to which active Twitter users strictly adhere. DO DON’T Be Genuine Use auto-tweeting programs Follow and connect with influencers Mass follow at random Join the conversation Post only about yourself Grow organically Over-follow/Unfollow Respond to individual posts Auto-tweet based on general keywords Twitter has great resources for guidelines and best practices. Check out their site to make sure you do this the correct way. Important: Twitter closely monitors your follow-to-follower ratio. If they find that you are following users at mass, then quickly un-following users who don’t follow back... your account will be suspended. Read up on Twitter’s Following Rules and Twitter’s Automation Rules and Best Practices. PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  4. 4. TWITTER GROWTH TACTICS Now, let’s learn about some tools and resources that will help accelerate your Twitter growth. PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  5. 5. Twitter SEO: Make Your Account Easy To Find Twitter is all about finding interesting people to follow. If you want to grow your account, the first step is to make sure your account is easily searchable. Optimize your Twitter Handle: Create a short, easy to remember Twitter handle. Avoid all unnecessary characters, and keep it as close to your company’s name as possible Write keyword-rich tweets: Review the top keywords for your website and consider keywords to include in your updates, particularly in the beginning of tweets Tweet your web page content: Tweet links back to valuable content from your web site Optimized Twitter Bio: It should be informative, eye- catching, compelling and contain some keywords that represent your industry Web Link: Use a full URL to your site in your bio, not a shortened URL Encourage Re-Tweets: Leave extra character space available for re-tweets PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  6. 6. Following: Never Click Follow at Random Following is the first step to build your Twitter presence. First, target communities who may have an affinity for your brand, and then connect with the most influential users in those communities. Find the right users: • Who are your customers? What are their interests? • If they are tech-geeks, follow the most influential tech geeks on Twitter • Research your audience, then follow a targeted group of individuals Stay away from these users: • Not active in the last month • Spam accounts only posting about themselves, or auto-posting their content • Uneven follow-to-follower ratio (high follows, low followers) • Post inappropriate material PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  7. 7. Following: Target Your Audience If you don’t have a clear idea of your customer’s attitudes, interests, or affinities, it is time to research your ideal audience on Twitter. Affinity maps are a great place to start. In this example we used InfiniGraph to look at influencers and affinities for Pampers on Twitter. InfiniGraph will: • Provide a list of the top influencers by brand • Show the other Twitter accounts those users were most likely to follow Affinity tools give you clues about your audience: • TV viewing habits • Shopping preferences • Activities/interests • Age and marital status For a brand similar to Pampers we would recommend you follow: • Family focused mothers and fathers • Shoppers with a preference for brand name • Users with an interest in food and cooking PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  8. 8. Following: Lists and User Directories Once you have a strong understanding of your audience, there are several resources for searching out and following users who fit your target. Twitter Lists - created and managed by individual Twitter users. A great resource for finding Twitter users around a specific topic or interest Twitter Directories - large databases of Twitter users categorized by self tagged interests. A fast and easy way to target Twitter users Our favorites... Listorious: • Users are individually tagged by categories • Search/browse Twitter lists and follow users • Offers other similar categories and lists WeFollow: • Users self tag themselves with interests • Automatically ranked by influence/followers • Good for location based user searches PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  9. 9. Following: Find Active Users Take advantage of tools which help you understand which users are more active and influential. Klout gives Facebook and Twitter users an overall influence score based on their interaction rate. Klout is a quick and dirty way to get an idea of the activity and influence of any given user. A high Klout score means your tweets: • Encourage replies and interaction • Are often re-tweeted • Reach more users • Hold more weight than users with a low score A few easy ways to use Klout: • Download the browser plugin - it automatically shows Klout scores right next to users on • Hootsuite Integration - Klout is integrated with Hootsuite to show you the influence scores of your followers and the users in your lists PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  10. 10. Following: Management There are several tools to help you manage the redundant Twitter tasks. These tools should be used sparingly, and never be used to mass-follow and un-follow. Read Twitter’s automation rules. Automated following: • Based on Keyword searches • Never follow the same person twice • Stops when Twitter follow limits are reached • Time delays and intervals Expanded search options: • Exclude profiles with default avatar • Search users by profile data • Import and follow lists Twitter’s stance on automated following/unfollowing: It is ILLEGAL Twitter closely monitors following behavior and will suspend accounts for shady activity. PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  11. 11. Monitoring: Twitter Search, Hashtags, and Trending Topics Get familiar with the search tools which can help you monitor conversations about you brand and other relevant conversation on Twitter. These tools can help you find users and gain visibility to non-followers. At-large conversation search: • Set up Twitter keyword searches for your brand and your competitors • Respond to complaints, questions, and positive posts about your brand Hashtags: • Hashtags are used to group tweets that discuss the same topic • When including a hashtag in a post, your tweet will appear in a timeline of all tweets with that hashtag • Trendistic tracks and archives popular Twitter hashtags Trending Topics: Twitter Monitoring Tools: • The most used keywords on Twitter at any given • Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow you to save time several keyword searches, and will notify you • Join these conversations to gain visibility, but be when new tweets appear in those searches careful to stay relevant to to discussion at hand PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  12. 12. Response: ReTweets, Mentions, DMs In many cases, Twitter growth is closely related to your level of activity on Twitter. If you want to grow your account you should constantly respond to questions, conversations, and comments. At-Large Conversations Direct Response: • Time sensitive - requires a quick response time from your team • Reply to @mentions and DMs directly Public Response: • Publicly thank those who re-tweet your updates • Re-tweet creative or interesting comments from your brand’s advocates Active Response: • Respond to at-large questions and comments about your brand and your competitors. Active Response • Many users will post complaints without directly mentioning your Twitter account • Requires close monitoring of keyword searches, but can directly lead to new fans PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  13. 13. Direct Message Offers Automatic Direct Messages to new followers are generally looked down upon by Twitter and Twitter users. If you dare to use this medium be sure to offer something fun and unique for your Twitter community. Example: Travel Channel’s Travel Guides • Travel Channel encouraged new followers to use their automated Travel Guide service. • Users could send Travel Channel a reply with the name of a major city • Travel Channel would automatically reply with a link to view a travel guide for the requested city Results: • Higher engagement with new followers • Increased Traffic to • Increased Twitter growth PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  14. 14. Twitter Gaming Twitter gaming platforms can create a more entertaining and engaging experience for your friends and followers. Local Bunny will automatically reply to your followers based on keywords. Fans @mention your account with a word to initiate the game. Then, Local bunny sends an automatic reply to that user with instructions to play the game. Game types: • Spin to win • Trivia • Word scramble Benefits: • Build engagement with followers • Visibility to the friends of your followers • High levels of participation • Works with minimal incentive PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  15. 15. Twitter Contests and Giveaways Contests and giveaways are a great way to add value for your Twitter followers. There are several simple contests which can easily be run from any Twitter account. Retweet contest: ReTweet Contest • Instruct fans to re-post a message in order to BrandX: Repost this to win tickets to tonight’s gain entry into your contest • Track the number of entries with a hashtag or game: "RT: I love @brandX check out their products an URL here" • Select a few random winners Hashtag Contest Hashtag contest: • Instruct fans to post a Tweet and include a BrandX: Tell us about your favorite movie and use specific hashtag to gain entry this hashtag #moviecontest if you want a chance to • Use Twitter search to track all tweets using that win free movies for a year. hashtag • Select random winners Trivia Contest Simple trivia contest: • Instruct fans to re-post a message in order to BrandX: Friday Trivia! In what year was Brand X gain entry into your contest founded? 10th, 20th, and 30th correct answers win • Track the number of entries with a hashtag or a free trip to Canada. an URL • Select a few random winners PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  16. 16. Promote Your Twitter: Online Convert current customers and fans into social media fans through all available brand touch points. Use current online assets as a platform to drive Twitter account growth. Social media promotion can be done at all brand Digital: In-person: touch points. • Web • Packaging • Email signatures • Events The key is to make it easy to find your account • Blogs • Point-of-purchase and become a follower. • Email newsletters • Advertising • Facebook/Linkedin Room 214 Email Signatures Facebook Landing Page Room 214 Blog Team Twitter Feed PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  17. 17. Promote Your Twitter: In-Person Take the social media experience out of the digital world and promote your Twitter account wherever you will find interested fans. Use added incentive (coupons, deals, etc) to encourage customers to become fans. In-Person Social Media Promotion Pepsi Raw Packaging In-store Window Cling QR Based Event Flyers PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  18. 18. Re-Purpose Twitter Content Twitter content from you and your followers can be re-purposed to create new and interesting content. • Re-posts content from selected Twitter users in a easily readable newspaper style format • Creates an automated news hub Social Print Studio • Uses avatars from Facebook or Twitter to create large high quality posters • Decorated Mashable’s office with the avatars of over 500,000 Mashable Twitter fans PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  19. 19. Paid Advertising: Twitter Promoted Products Twitter has several options for paid promotion of your account and your content. These programs are currently in beta and Twitter has restricted use to large brands with large budgets. Find out more from Twitter. Promoted Tweets: Regular Tweets that are amplified to a broader audience. When you promote a Tweet, only users that follow similar accounts to yours see it. • Cost-Per-Engagement - only pay when a user replies, retwees, clicks or favorites your tweet • Tweet appears in stream for relevant users Promoted Trends: Feature a trend related to your business at the top of the Top Trends list. • Massive exposure - seen all across Twitter • High Cost (reports of $80k - $100k for 24 hrs) Promoted Accounts: Part of Twitter’s account recommendation engine. • Twitter looks at your account and followers to ID similar accounts and followers • More personal and accurate PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  20. 20. Paid Advertising: 3rd Party Advertising Products Several 3rd parties have creates advertising networks that exist outside of Twitter on desktop applications and mobile apps. These platforms can deliver results at a cheaper cost than official Twitter advertising options. One Riot: • Displays ads on mobile Twitter applications • Target users by age, gender, interest, location • 2 Billion ad impressions monthly • iPhone, Android, Blackberry 140 Proof: • Displays ads on web, desktop, and mobile Twitter applications • Target users by interests and persona • Has worked with GM, Burger King, Microsoft, Levi’s, Sears and more PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011
  21. 21. Thank You! Questions? Feel free to reach out! Twitter: @Room_214 Brandon Whalen Twitter: @Brandonsings Twitter Growth Strategies PHONE: 303.444.9214 TOLL FREE: 866.624.1851 WEB: EMAIL: /Room214 @Room_214 /Room214Monday, June 20, 2011