Using Social Media As A Powerful Business Tool


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  • Business Cocktail Party Advice
    • Meet people and start conversations
    • Answer questions – help others
    • Ask questions – trust others’ advice
    Social Media = Cocktail Party
    • Become a real member of the community
    • Add value to the community
    • Ask and answer questions
    • More effective than live cocktail parties
    • No boundaries of time or space
    • Other people can listen in easily
  • Social Media is used for –
    • Building and Maintaining a Brand
    • Prospecting
    • Reputation Management
    • Listening and Learning
    Reach, Accessibility, Speed, and
  • It’s better when you have a clear plan, First! • Define your target audience
    • Define your key messages
    • Learn everything you can about your industry
    • Prepare to adapt - social media is very much living, breathing and evolving
  • Great example of a corporation Southwest Airlines that has embraced Social Media and look in the beginning when their stats were growing.
  • Here is one negative example of bad press and the next slide shows how Southwest Airlines turn this around.
  • What a great response that had the perception of being real and humanized and sincere from Southwest Airlines.
  • Example of our Marketing Blog Page For
    Wybia Tool bar along bottom. People can go directly to FB and Twitter Pages without leaving Web Site. It is a widget toolbar.
    Does not handle LinkedIn Yet.
  • A great example of our Graphic Design Café’ Blog Page.
  • A great example of our Trade Show News Blog Page.
  • Reasons to Write Articles:
    Increase VisibilityEstablish AuthorityLinking
    Broaden the spectrum of prospects (reach people you would not otherwise reach) Increase Awareness
  • Research from October 2010.
  • Search for the top users on twitter as well as the top professionals in your industry.
    Difference between having the most followers and having the best content. While Lady Gaga may have the most followers, Guy Kawasaki posts the best content.The quality of his tweets are better.
  • While people may follow Lady Gaga, people really do not pay much attention to her content.
  • Remember it is a discussion not a broadcast.
    This is Tweet Chat and you enter in a Hashtag or topic you want to talk about with people and then it pulls up everything being talked about under that subject matter./
    Example: Here we typed in #trade shows and this is everyone on twitter on what they are saying about tradeshows and can join on the conversation.
  • An example of DJ Heckes – Custom twitter page for BRANDING!
  • An example of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts – Custom twitter page for BRANDING!
  • An example of Full Brain Marketing – Custom twitter page for BRANDING!
  • Use Twaiter to pre-schedule and repeat your Tweets (Do not repeat more than twice anymore could drive away followers). You can also track mentions, and archive your tweets.
    We schedule for seminars to repeat to post every two days about our upcoming seminars in AM and PM – twice posts to catch different audiences.
    Be careful not to post the same things to many times. Events are different but for tips and other items, post once every 8 hours.
  • Using one of these platforms enables you to post and manage multiple Twitter and other social media accounts. This is an example of Hootsuite.
    I personally use and my assistant uses
    You can set up key word searches – up to three max. and you can see who retweets and responds to your tweets.
    You can also set up alerts for your name, your company, etc. – I also set up my book title.
  • With Tweepi you can look up your Twitter following and see who is following you back and who isn’t. You can also check for spammers and block them from following you.
  • By signing up with Twitter Feed you are able to post your Twitter updates directly to your blog or website. We have the widget on our own blog. You can use this or what we showed you earlier.
  • If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest. Behind China and India, in front of USA
    Tops Google for weekly traffic in the US
  • • Facebook is a top 20 search engine
    • Facebook is the largest picture sharing site
    • Facebook is the largest social bookmarking
    • FACEBOOK IS HUGE! Businesses have many options when it comes to creating a Facebook personality. There are options for “group” or “fan” pages versus a personal account.
  • If you're a single store location, it might even be advisable to put your store hours on the photo. Add URLs to other websites and social presences. Facebook's limitations on photos vary; some say that they can successfully upload a 200x600 image whereas others claim that 180x540 is the current limitation. Experiment and see what Facebook allows you to do.
  • Example: Rita’s Water Ice NYC.Don't be cute or silly. This is your brand's page. Use the name of your business, and if necessary, add the city name as well.
    We have a vanity name – FACEBOOK.COM\\\Full BrainMarketing
  • NOTE: If you see this comment “PAGE NAME is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, PAGE NAME will be able to set a username.” it probably means you don’t yet have 25 fans
    Enter in your chosen name into the text box provided and click the “Check availability” button. Facebook will then check to see if the name you have selected is free. What this means is that you cannot have duplicate vanity urls. So if someone has already taken “acme” ( then you need to chose another name.
    There are also rules as to what makes up the name: “Your username must be at least five characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop (”.”).” A bit boring but that is it.
    Once the vanity URL you want is available you will get a nasty looking warning message about the fact that you cannot change it to anything else once set. If you are happy then confirm and that's it! You now have a Facebook Vanity URL!
  • Fill out as much information as you can in the About box under your profile and on the Info tab, and make sure to offer keyword rich text so that your Facebook presence shows up for search engine queries for your business.
    We created this custom tab on our Full Brain Marketing Page that talks about the book and gives the link to purchase the book!
  • One of the ways to do so is to create a Facebook page with FBML, Facebook Markup Language. This entitles you to add custom tabs. You can create tabs to invite users to connect, let
    people find your store locations, or offer exclusive features to your fans. Whatever you do, keep the engagement level high.
  • You probably have a web presence, right? Make sure to encourage your followers to find you on Facebook. Add links to your Facebook profile (and any other major social presences) in your email signature. When an individual becomes a new Fan, it shows up in their news feed, so others can also find out where they've been -- and this could potentially have a viral effect. Once you're found, the rest is up to you. Being actively engaged is a critical part of success on Facebook. Once your fans are there, make sure they stay by giving them reasons to regularly participate. Check out some helpful tips on creating Facebook pages customers want to join and how to use Facebook for business.
  • The average Facebook user is a fan of nine Fan Pages, with 41% using Fan Pages to let their friends know what products they support. Not only do consumers want to
    evangelize, they also see Facebook as an attractive alternative to email campaigns: 37% want to receive coupons and discount offers, 35% want to be notified of new product availability, and 31% want to learn
    more about the organization. Additionally, 28% join a company’s Fan Page to meet people with similar interests according to a recent Morpace Omnibus Report from April 2010 stats
    Maximizing the Value of Your Facebook Page: While it takes minimal effort to create your Fan Page, you shouldn’t settle for the default. Best-of-breed retailers treat their Facebook Pages like microsites – taking
    advantage of custom design and Page features like custom Application Tabs.
    Useful out-of-the-box Application Tabs for online retail brands include Reviews, Discussion, Videos, Polls, and Events. Additional apps Page owners can add include those that can syndicate blog feeds like SimplyRSS
    or Social RSS, Twitter and YouTube. The 1-800-Flowers page makes good use of Tabs: Beyond
  • some retailers have been able to use them as an involvement device.
  • What’s more, when a customer ‘likes’ a product on your online store they grant you permission to post
    updates on their Wall for friends to see.
    Promoting Your Facebook Page: Once you have set up a Facebook Page for your website and added the Tabs to your Page and Social Plugins to your online store, make sure you’re evangelizing your Page on your
    site (home page banners and header/footer menus) and in email campaigns. Remember, with email you have more room to communicate the benefits of joining your Page. It’s a good idea to include some
    persuasive reasons for email recipients to click your call-to-action.
  • Videos are a great way to get your message or information out in a professional, eye catching way. On our EXHIB-IT! page, we post how tos and client testimonials as well as educational tips.
  • Promote your upcoming events on Facebook. For EXHIB-IT’s monthly seminar, we created a custom page for our fans to read about the next upcoming seminar and to RSVP straight from Facebook.
    Be sure to also add it to the events to the event tab on your page
  • Our Chat location is on the Double Arrow and allows you to only chat with all the people that have liked our page and narrows down your audience.
    The standard Facebook chat you have access to all of your personal friends on your personal page and the other one narrows down to people who have liked your business page.
  • With the Promotions application you can build your own Facebook promotions, contests and giveaways for your fan base.
  • By adding your blog to Blog Link on LinkedIn, you expose your blog to your contacts as well as being able to read their blogs.
  • Use Polls to find answers for market research, you are able to target professionals with the right expertise and then have to data analyzed for you in an easy to read report. To ask your connections is free, to target a more broad audience is pay per response.
    Located under More tab – you can set up a poll asking questions and keep track of answers.
  • By adding the Slide Share Application to your LinkedIn Profile you are able to share your pdf files and Power Point Presentations with your contacts.
    If a designer, you can post examples of your work.
  • Company Buzz lets your find what people are saying about your company. It searches key words and your company name and complies the information into a report.
    Once you install the application to your profile you can search keywords and you can see what people are saying about you or your company into linked in ad will put into a report.
  • If you are working so hard on the front end to get people to com to your web site and when they get there, you need to capture visitor names as leads, give them a reason to give up their name. What are you offering to capture their information? People love resources and free information. You can create places on your web site to give away info. This allows you to gather leads to your sales force. 10-20% of leads generated will be sales ready, but 50% will tend to be nurtured over time.
  • Using Social Media As A Powerful Business Tool

    1. 1. Social Media Revolution • It’s here. • It’s real. • It’s big. • It’s powerful. YouTube video created by Socialnomics
    2. 2. Social Media – Consumer’s POV
    3. 3. Interaction “I’m 48. I don’t understand this Social Media stuff.” • Similar to a business cocktail reception • Without constraints of time or space
    4. 4. Interaction
    5. 5. Social Media Sites
    6. 6. A Plan for Clear Communication Questions • What do I want to accomplish? • Where do I want to go? • Why do I want to go there?
    7. 7. Our Customers are communicating with us through a number of different online channels. Using these tools allows us to: • Reach a broader audience • Communicate directly with our Customers in the formats they prefer • Stay on top of communication technology “CHANNEL OWNERS” Where are our Customers?
    8. 8. Blogging
    9. 9. Within months of launching the site: • Visits up 25% • Page Views up 40% • Visitors staying 26% longer By October, 2008 Southwest Airlines’ site was named Best Blog for 2008 by PR News (second year in a row). Nuts About Southwest 2.0 launched May 2008
    11. 11. Too Pretty to Fly Learned from our previous experience that they needed to communicate directly with their Customers via: 1. Online spokespeople 2. Official Statement 3. YouTube video CASE STUDY: Too Pretty to Fly
    12. 12. Total views: 250,000   #8 most viewed video of the day  #32 most discussed video of the day #86 most views of the week TOP VIEWED VIDEO CASE STUDY: Response to Too Pretty to Fly
    13. 13. An important part of your Internet marketing strategy. • You become the expert • Fresh, targeted content • Attracts inbound links • Relationship building • Information source Blogging
    14. 14. Social media sites Includes, but are not limited to:
    15. 15. Marketing Blog Page
    16. 16. Graphic Design Café’ Blog
    17. 17. TSN – Trade Show News Blog
    18. 18. Create Custom Content for YOUR Audience and Get Published! • Post Articles at Public Sites • Write 25 Tips and Publish • Write White Pages • Awards to Link and Publish to • Public Relations Articles Posted on your Site Publish Articles Online!
    19. 19. Top 10 Article Directories Rank Article Directory (URL) Alexa TR No Follow! 1 298 / PR6 2 3,147 / PR 5 NF!* 3 3,386 / PR 6 4 7,287 / PR 4 5 24,759 / PR 5 6 26,949 / PR 6 NF!* 7 27,840 / PR 5 NF!* 8 29,878 / PR 3 9 30,890 / PR 6 10 31,192 / PR 3
    20. 20. Social Media Most Popular Avenues Join Social Media Sites that Matter to YOU and YOUR Business!
    21. 21. Twitter
    22. 22. •Tweet – Sending one message •Tweets – Sending more than one message •Tweeting - What you are doing when you are posting a message •Peeps - Everyone in the Twitter community you are following •RT - Re-Tweet ... The best gift you can give your fellow peeps is by reposting a message that someone else sent but that is being reposted and populated •Hash tags - are keywords preceded with the # symbol. Twitter - Symbols Some symbols and definitions you should become familiar with before beginning to Tweet in Twitter.
    23. 23. Top Users With The Best Content
    24. 24. Top Users With The Largest Following
    25. 25. HOW to Participate on Twitter It’s a discussion NOT a broadcast - TweetChat
    26. 26. Twitter – DJ Heckes Page
    27. 27. Twitter – EXHIB_IT Page
    28. 28. Twitter – FullBrainMrktr Page
    29. 29. Twaiter Pre-schedule your tweets and repeat once for the best exposure.
    30. 30. Dashboards HootSuite, Seesmic, TweetDeck are three popular Dashboards to use.
    31. 31. Tweepi
    32. 32. TwitterFeed
    33. 33. Facebook
    34. 34. Facebook • More than 500 Million active users • More than half of Facebook users are outside of college • Fastest growing demographic is women over the age of 55 • Average user has 120 friends on the site • More than 850 million photos uploaded to the site each month • More than 7 million videos uploaded each month • More than 70% of Facebook users are outside of the United States
    35. 35. Facebook 6 Ways To Get Found On Facebook
    36. 36. Facebook – 6 Ways to Get Found 1. Use a profile photo that tells your followers who you are and what you have to offer
    37. 37. Facebook – 6 Ways to Get Found 2. Choose a name for your page that your customers can identify with
    38. 38. Facebook – 6 Ways to Get Found 3. Use a vanity URL that your fans may guess to find you
    39. 39. Facebook – 6 Ways to Get Found 4. Give your followers information about you
    40. 40. Facebook – 6 Ways to Get Found 5. Personalize your page
    41. 41. Facebook – 6 Ways to Get Found 6. Tell your customers where to find you! Follow us on: twitter - facebook - linkedin Subscribe to our blogs: Tradeshow News - Full Brain Marketing - Graphic Design Cafe - EXHIB-IT! Video Blog Check out DJ Heckes' New Book at: Proud member of Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance: Blog Page Example Email Signature Example
    42. 42. Facebook Leveraging Facebook for Ecommerce 68% of Consumers say a positive referral from a “friend” on Facebook would positively influence their purchase decision. (Morpace April 2010 Survey)
    43. 43. Facebook Gaming applications are extremely popular at Facebook. Example: Old Navy fans can literally ‘dig’ for coupons in the Barker’s Bone’s game.
    44. 44. Facebook – Leveraging Social Plugins
    45. 45. Facebook – Videos
    46. 46. Facebook – Events
    47. 47. Facebook – Chat Using the iChat application on Facebook, you can chat live with your fans!
    48. 48. Facebook – Promotions
    49. 49. LinkedIn
    50. 50. Linked In Business Goals • Increase your visibility and brand awareness • Improve your Google Page Rank • Enhance your search engine results • Generate traffic, links, and sales leads naturally through viral features
    51. 51. Linked In – Blog Link
    52. 52. Linked In – Polls
    53. 53. Creative Portfolio Display
    54. 54. Company Buzz
    55. 55. Face to Face Marketing More critical now than ever! • Generational Differences and need to build relationships. • Build Know, Like, Trust Value! • Build Word of Mouth Network. • Personalized Marketing. • Seeing your Brand in Person.
    56. 56. QUESTIONS? Contact: DJ Heckes, CEO & Author (Full BRAIN Marketing) EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts Tel: 828-0574 Email: Web: