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Social Media Integration

  1. 1. Social Media Integration By Puneet Bajaj
  2. 2. Index 1) What is Social media? 2) Social Media Tools. 3) Social media integration Page tactics 4) Benefits 5) Bigger Picture 6) SM integration on CIL sites
  3. 3. Social Media What is social media? - masses + internet + power to customers = Todays social media. Social media marketing - is just an idea/insight that has power to spread. 1 to 1 1 to many many to many many pow many
  4. 4. Few of Social Media Integration Tools.... 1) FB, Twitter, Google login on your site. 2) Facebook Like button. 3) Facebook Recommend - Share link instantaneously. 4) Comment and Share - User generated + user control Content 5) FB Friend feeds - Showing visitor's friend talking about your page. Adds credibility. 6) Showing timeline of tweets 7) Empowerment - Showing user's credentials on high traffic page 8) Youtube, picassa, Flickr integration
  5. 5. Social Media Integration Page Tactics 1) SM integration on good quality pages. 2) SM integration at bottom of page. 3) Could use current strength of business - traffic. 4) Scrolling down --> Permanent "like button" on bottom of page - For user spending good amount of time on page. 5) Placement should be away from ads 6) Bought product from my site - pls tweet/share.
  6. 6. Social Media Integration Page Tactics Cont… 7) Compact buttons work on top of page. 8) Always use “smart buttons” whenever possible. They offer counts to demonstrate popularity of a post. 9) Avoid generic wording in badges. The standard “Follow Us on Facebook” button is so prevalent in real life and across the web that it now has a negative effect. People see it but it often doesn’t register. 10) Activity widgets are good 11) "Like" - It could be liking Fan page OR sharing page on wall. 12) More SM integration you can find on - http://www.mapsofworld. com/test/smo.html
  7. 7. Social Media Integration Benefits 1) User Generated Content/ User control Content. 2) Updated content for static sites. 3) More credibility as per user and Search Engine perspective 4) Strong Word of mouth 5) Good Reach - Share/tweets from Different users.
  8. 8. Bigger Picture - Social Media Integration 1) Delay Differentiation - Use Social media at second level, without dilluting focus of your brand. 2) Side product - Use it for Customer empowerment, credibility, updated content. Don't use it for clicks:) 3) Page should be theme based. 4) Entice user to type. 5) Don't brag about your product , talk about user's experience. 6) Treat different user's differently using Social media - Showing Friend's FB talks. 7) Visitor empowerment - Publishing User thoughts. 8) Analyze complimentary service for your page - ex google map. 9) SM should be inside the product instead of temporary tweets and FB comments.
  9. 9. Social Media Integration Examples – 1) 2) integrated-social-media-links-in-web-design 3) Selling Products on FB - http://www.zencartoptimization. com/2009/08/14/facebook-ecommerce-retailers/ Future would be 10% SEO and 90% SMO. But, few researcher believe that Social media is dying. Trust factor has reduced from 45 to 25% on SM. Only bestest, cheapest and different will survive because other shop + customer is browser away!!
  10. 10. Why CIL sites good for SM integration? 1) 90% unique visitors, so higher returns per customer. 2) Visitor's lifetime value is too low (Avg 1 Rs/visit) - SM integration could boost this. 3) Very Generic sites - Could easily develop theme based pages and increase ROI on Social Media. 4) Static web 1.0 pages - Need to jump on web 3.0 quickly. SM integration is fast and best in this. 5) Static, outdated, SEO specific content on site - Sm integration could increase user generated and user controlled fresh content. 6) Too good in building traffic , we could easily cannibalize to build Social Media Life time Customers.
  11. 11. Few examples of CIL sites –
  12. 12. What Next? Explore and integrate Social Media today on your site.
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