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Presentation given to business owners in San Saba, Texas on using social media to promote local businesses and organizations. Hosted by the San Saba Economic Development Corporation and the San Saba County Chamber of Commerce.

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  • The restaurant doesn't typically do a brisk lunch business.  Note that the paid reach was only 526.  The majority of the views came from viral views - aka shares.  Over 7k total views.  Also note that it was only shared 11 times, so asking for the share is important. There were also 10 new likes on the page during the offer.  I attribute this to the offer and shares.
  • Just like you would pin something you want to remember on a bulletin board, Pinterest lets you do the same thing to images you find on the web. Create your own virtual bulletin boards for the things you love – like recipes, places you want to visit, ideas for your home, and more. Once something is pinned, it can be “liked”, “shared” on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, repinned, and commented on by your followers.
  • Aesthetic Design Construction from right here in Bastrop is a great example of a small business that is using Pinterest effectively. They appeal to Pinterest’saspirational nature by showing us what we can do with our new homes once we’re living in them. The photography is beautiful. And they’ve taken something that’s typically considered “manly” (construction) and made it be more appealing to Pinterest’s predominantly feminine audience.
  • This is from a Board that Lost Pines Toyota created called “Welcome to the Family”. It’s genius really. Anytime you can feature your happy customers in a photo that is shareable, that’s a win. People love to see themselves in pictures, and it shows other potential customers what kind of treatment they will receive as customers.
  • Facebook bought Instagram in the Fall of 2012. This was a very smart move.
  • 15 second looping videos
  • What to share?Your first office your staff then and nowYour old logoYour old websiteAn old product launch
  • Even better if you can do it in new, interesting, or artistic ways.
  • Tell us who you are. We are more likely to do business with people we like.
  • It’s kind of like the method. When they show you recommendations for what other people have bought? If ALL these other people like you, then maybe I should like you too.
  • Why should I buy this product? What can it do for me? How will it make my life easier or better?
  • Hashtags are searchable. It’s a way to curate information (or photos, in this case) to make it easy to find. I can search Instagram for other photos with the same hashtag. I can also search them on Twitter where the photos are shared with a whole different audience.
  • People love going behind the scenes. It makes us feel like insiders. In the know. The more we know, the easier it is for us to buy.
  • Show your personality. Let loose a little. As I said earlier, we’re more likely to buy from people we like. Help us like you!
  • First one rotates your photo.Second one adds or removes borders.Third one adds an area of focus (which you can move) and blurs the rest.Last one evens out the shadows.
  • Handout:Ways to Use Twitter
  • Handout:Ways to Use Twitter
  • Location. Tell people where they can find you. Website. You can share a web address with your community. You can give them your website or blog, but consider using a special Twitter landing page. This is a great way to provide additional information of interest to Twitter users looking into your business.Bio. You only get 160 characters to tell people who you are and what you do. Skip the mission statement and talk about the benefits you deliver. And add in a little personality to bring your profile to life.
  • CustomersPotential customersNeighborhood or community businessesTrade or professional organizationsPeople who inspire youPeople you talk with the mostA list allows you to see the tweets from the list members as a separate Twitter timeline. This distinguishes them from the crowd so you can pay attention to what these people say. You can also make your lists public or private.
  • Search by city name or zip code to find other people, businesses, or organizations in your area.
  • Social Media for Business

    1. 1. Social Media for Business San Saba, Texas December 5, 2013 Photo: ePublicist on Flickr
    2. 2. Thank You!
    3. 3. Get these slides here: :
    4. 4. Agenda Facebook 101 Live Demos Q&A Pinterest 101 Live Demos Q&A Instagram 101 Live Demos Q&A Twitter 101 (if time allows) Live Demos Q&A
    5. 5. Facebook 101
    6. 6. What Is Facebook? • Social networking service that allows users to connect to friends and businesses • Share content, links, photos, and videos • Comment on others’ activity • Remember: Personal profiles are for people, not businesses. Develop a fan page instead.
    7. 7. Facebook Stats • Over 1.1 billion active users • Average user is connected to 40 pages • Smartphone mobile users check Facebook an average of 13.8 times a day • 751 million users access Facebook from a mobile device Source: IDC;
    8. 8. Facebook Stats • Average number of connections between local business pages and users is 2 billion • Average number of weekly local business page views is 645 million • Average number of weekly comments on local business pages is 13 million Source: IDC;
    9. 9. Cover Photo Profile Photo Like Button Views and Apps Contact Info / Bio
    10. 10. Admin Panel Insights Post Performance Messages
    11. 11. Admin Panel Manage Page Settings Grow Your Fanbase Find Helpful Resources
    12. 12. Understanding Insights
    13. 13. Understanding Insights
    14. 14. Understanding Insights
    15. 15. Understanding Insights
    16. 16. Understanding Insights
    17. 17. Facebook Page Setup & Use
    18. 18. Facebook Page Setup 1. Page Info 2. Settings 3. Admin Roles
    19. 19. Facebook Page Use 1. Finding fans 2. Posting content a) b) c) d) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Photos Videos Links Asking questions Tagging other pages Sharing posts Pinning posts Highlighting posts Using Facebook as your page a) Liking other business pages b) Home feed usage (liking and commenting)
    20. 20. Facebook Advertising Opportunities
    21. 21. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising Text can be no more than 20% Source: Bass Performance Hall
    22. 22. Facebook Cover Photo as Advertising Source: Mari Smith
    23. 23. Facebook Offers • Affordable and great for brand awareness • Spent $3.70 and drove over $200 in business • 102 offers claimed/5 redeemed • Redemption rate on this offer was low • Ask your community to share! Source: Doe’s Eat Place
    24. 24. Facebook Offers Source: Doe’s Eat Place
    25. 25. Facebook Boosted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
    26. 26. Facebook Boosted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
    27. 27. Facebook Advertising
    28. 28. Facebook Advertising
    29. 29. Facebook Advertising
    30. 30. Facebook Advertising
    31. 31. Facebook Advertising Pro Tip: BE SPECIFIC
    32. 32. Facebook Advertising
    33. 33. Facebook Advertising
    34. 34. Facebook Advertising
    35. 35. Facebook Advertising
    36. 36. Facebook Advertising
    37. 37. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Include a call to action. Combat ad fatigue. Source:
    38. 38. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Put important content first. Identify your target audience. Source:
    39. 39. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Boost important posts. Use Facebook Offers. Source:
    40. 40. Facebook Advertising Best Practices Give people something to say. Use high quality photos. Source:
    41. 41. Let’s Create an Ad!
    42. 42. Pinterest 101
    43. 43. Facebook & Instagram = #selfie “Look at Me!” Photo: omgits_dhilzy on Instagram
    44. 44. Pinterest = “Look at This!” Photo: Transguyjay on Flickr
    45. 45. Photo: vbecker on Flickr • 80% of Pinterest users are women • Users spend an average of 1 hour & 17 minutes on the site • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more $$ than referrals from non-social channels • 43% of Pinterest users prefer to associate with a brand vs only 24% on Facebook Source:
    46. 46. You May Have Seen This
    47. 47. But Have You Seen This?
    48. 48. Drive sales to your website!
    49. 49. Pinterest for Business
    50. 50. See what’s been pinned from your website or blog!
    51. 51. Add the “Pin It” Button To Your Website
    52. 52. Add the “Pin It” Button To Your Website
    53. 53. Add the “Pin It” Button To Your Website
    54. 54. Pinterest Page Set Up
    55. 55. Let’s Create a Board!
    56. 56. How To Easily Pin Content
    57. 57. Instagram 101
    58. 58. is no dummy.
    59. 59. Here’s Why: • More than 55 million photos are uploaded every day • Over 16 billion photos shared • 150 million monthly active users – 60% from outside the United States Photo: WindKoh on Flickr Source: Instagram Press; Social Fresh • 1.2 billion likes daily • 1000 comments per second
    60. 60. Apply Instagram Filters
    61. 61. From this … … to this!
    62. 62. • Select video option • Shoot video • Apply filter • Describe the video • Post to Instagram and/or other channels
    63. 63. Instagram for Business: Best Practices
    64. 64. Show Us “How To”
    65. 65. Take Us Behind the Scenes
    66. 66. Use Hashtags and Calls To Action
    67. 67. #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT
    68. 68. Feature Brand Advocates
    69. 69. Feature Brand Advocates
    70. 70. Host a Contest
    71. 71. Reward Customers
    72. 72. How One Texas Company Uses Instagram
    73. 73. Remember the Chick-O-Stick?
    74. 74. 1. Show Your Products
    75. 75. 2. Introduce Your Employees
    76. 76. 3. Feature Your Customers
    77. 77. 4. Show What Your Products Can Do
    78. 78. 5. Use #Hashtags
    79. 79. 6. Show How It’s Made
    80. 80. 7. Have Fun!
    81. 81. Setting Up Your Account
    82. 82. Set Up Your Account 1. Download the Instagram app from the iTunes App Store or the Droid Google Play Store
    83. 83. Set Up Your Account 2. Click “Register” to create a new account
    84. 84. Set Up Your Account 3. Create a user name and password
    85. 85. Set Up Your Account 4. Find Facebook friends
    86. 86. Set Up Your Account 5. Edit your profile and add a bio
    87. 87. Set Up Your Account 6. Connect to social
    88. 88. Set Up Your Account 6. Connect to social (cont’d)
    89. 89. Set Up Your Account 7. Follow users
    90. 90. Using Instagram 8. Capture or upload a photo
    91. 91. Using Instagram 9. Scale and crop Pinch, enlarge, and drag
    92. 92. Using Instagram 10.Add filters and borders Special Effects Filters
    93. 93. Using Instagram 11.Complete photo information and Add a caption share & hashtag Tag a user Add a location Share on social networks
    94. 94. Let’s Go Practice!
    95. 95. Twitter 101
    96. 96. What Is Twitter? • Free social networking and micro-blogging site that allows users to send and read messages known as “tweets” • Tweets can have no more than 140 characters & are delivered to the author’s subscribers, known as “followers”
    97. 97. Twitter Stats • 500 million users • 60% of active users use their mobile phone to tweet • Average number of followers per Twitter user is 208 • Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on Saturdays and Sundays Source: Linchpin SEO;
    98. 98. Twitter Benefits for Biz • • • • • Low cost Speed of feedback Potential reach of message Customer engagement/service Track what people are saying about your business • Create buzz around upcoming events • Promote your business and other content you create
    99. 99. Profile Photo or Avatar User name or handle Bio and website URL Recent tweets
    100. 100. Anatomy of a Tweet Profile Photo or Avatar User name or handle Mention Retweet Shortened URL Hashtag
    101. 101. Complete Your Profile Source:
    102. 102. Follow People • Your customers • Your business partners, suppliers, contractor s and vendors • Your competitors or peers Source: • Trade or professional organizations for your industry • Businesses in your neighborhood • Businesses run by people you know (your professional network)
    103. 103. Start Talking • Types of Twitter Messages Tweet = message you send out to everyone who follows you @Reply = message you send out as a reply to one you received Mention = message you send out that mentions another Twitter username Direct Message (DM) = message you send privately to another Twitter user Retweet (RT) = message created and sent by someone else that you share with the people who follow you Source:
    104. 104. Connect Your Online Presence
    105. 105. Share Photos Source:
    106. 106. Share Photos Source:
    107. 107. Organize People You Follow Into Lists Source:
    108. 108. Use #Hashtags # Use hashtags in your marketing to help people find your business and the conversations around it. Source:
    109. 109. Find Local Customers San Saba Tx
    110. 110. Twitter Page Setup
    111. 111. Twitter Setup 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Go to Enter your name, password, and email address Click on the “Sign Up for Twitter” button Create a username Click on “Create my Account”
    112. 112. Twitter Setup (cont’d) 6. Click on the gear icon at the top right and select “Settings” a. Account Settings: 1) Select English and Central Time Zone 2) DO NOT protect your tweets b. Profile Settings: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Upload a profile photo Upload a header photo Enter real name/business name Enter actual location (Ex: Lufkin, TX) Enter website URL Enter bio – VERY IMPORTANT c. Design Settings 1) Choose a background or upload a new image
    113. 113. Twitter Setup: Next Steps 1. Look for interesting people/businesses to follow a. Click in the “Search” bar at the top right 1) Search by name, username & location 2) Follow other local businesses/people
    114. 114. Twitter Setup: Next Steps 2. Enter some content (140 characters) a. Tell the world you’re on Twitter! b. Talk about an upcoming event, sale, a new product/service c. Link to an interesting article related to your business 1) Use a URL shortener like to save space & for tracking d. Reply to someone e. RT someone else’s content
    115. 115. Twitter Setup: Next Steps 3. Promote your page a. Update your Facebook status with a link to your new Twitter page – hit up your friends b. Include links in your E-mail signature, on your website, in E-newsletters
    116. 116. What Do You Want To Try?
    117. 117. Can I Help? Call Me!
    118. 118. Follow Me @pagetx Sarah Page, Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512.914.8873