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Chinese Social Media: An Overview


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Ready to start using social media as a marketing tool in China? Read this first!

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Chinese Social Media: An Overview

  1. 1. AGENDA • Background of Chinese social media • Introduction to Weibo • Marketing in China with Weibo • Introduction to WeChat • Marketing in China with WeChat • Censorship in China
  2. 2. • Over 700 million internet users (2016) • 70% of social media users are under the age of 35 • Chinese spend five to six more hours online per week than Americans • Average of almost 90 minutes per day on social networks • 38% of consumers make product purchase decisions based on recommendations on social networks SOCIAL MEDIA IN CHINA Source :Internet Live Stats
  3. 3. • Chinese Internet Service Providers (IPS) block access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google (Instagram was blocked from 2013 to 2015) • Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos and Google Maps are unseen and unheard to Chinese internet users CHINESE SOCIAL MEDIA ≠ US SOCIAL MEDIA
  5. 5. WEIBO AND WECHAT • Weibo and WeChat currently dominate Chinese social media landscape
  7. 7. “WeChat and Weibo: the new social universe.” WEIBO AND WECHAT Picture:
  8. 8. • A Microblogging social platform • Over 600 million registered accounts (End 2015) • 261 million monthly active users(MAU)( 2016) • 91% use it on mobile • Pronounced as [wei bə:] WEIBO Source:
  9. 9. • Mix of Facebook and Twitter features • Easy and fast to acquire followers • Allows translation of Chinese sentences • Used in over 190 countries • Can create accounts through Facebook WEIBO Source:
  10. 10. • Create questions and polls, post photos and videos, create events and invite friends • Find new friends, events, interesting spots around you (GPS) • Play games, watch live video, listen to music, shop, purchase movie tickets… • Subscribe to newsletters • Can “secret” follow people WEIBO KEY FEATURES
  11. 11. • Can delete comments under your post, or close the comment section • Upload directly via mobile • 140 character limit per post (roughly 70–80 words in English) • The more hours users spend logged in, the higher their level becomes • Can follow trending topics & emoticons by hour, day or week • Can track data of how many people visit your account or read your posts WEIBO KEY FEATURES
  12. 12. WEIBO PAGE
  13. 13. MARKETING IN CHINA WITH WEIBO • A strong factor in a foreign company’s brand introduction and success in the Chinese market • Register an account and have it verified (people tend to follow accounts that have “v”) • Start marketing by publishing content, sharing videos and photos • Promote yourself by featured in advertising banners (homepage, login), mobile banners, app recommendations, promotional ads • Online campaign for interactive games, voting or submissions • Create pages with live broadcast for events, parties, conferences, fashion shows or seminars
  14. 14. THEY ALL DID IT!
  15. 15. THEY ALL DID IT
  16. 16. • All-in-one communication s app • 697 million users (End of 2015) • Connect with the people of your choice WECHAT
  17. 17. KEY FEATURES Source:
  18. 18. KEY FEATURES (CONT.) Source:
  19. 19. WECHAT PAGE
  20. 20. • Brands can create official accounts tailored to their strategies • Two basic types of official accounts WECHAT MARKETING IN CHINA
  21. 21. • The most basic choice of the official accounts • For daily news and content broadcasting • Allowed to push one message per day • For media or small-mid size brands • Best for content marketing • Able to apply customized menus WECHAT SUBSCRIPTION ACCOUNT Source:
  22. 22. • Allows you to push four messages per month • For providing services instead of broadcasting messages (government, banks, etc.) • To provide prompt response and service • Free customized menu • Support Wechat Pay WECHAT SERVICE ACCOUNT Source:
  24. 24. • Chinese users cannot view an account which is set up outside of China • A foreign company can open a Chinese official account through WeChat Website INTERNATIONAL WECHAT ACCOUNT Source:
  25. 25. MEDIA CENSORSHIP IN CHINA • Search Blocking: unable to search for certain sensitive keywords • Search Censorship: prohibited from searching for messages containing certain keywords • Message Deletion: Chinese government instructs media to remove all content relating to some specific keywords or events Source:
  26. 26. THANK YOU.