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  • Ministry Net 2009--Upgraded

    1. 1. winning, building, and sending using social media twitter: brianbarela facebook: Brian Barela
    2. 2. --slides from this presentation --using facebook for ministry --webinar on using blog format for ministry --short screencasts on social networking and ministry --tips for using blogging in ministry
    3. 3. our effectiveness in winning, building and sending is proportional the quality and quantity of connections with those whom we are seeking to win, build, and send
    4. 4. connected in form but not function
    5. 5. what did it cost us as an organization to connect before social media? Lots of •T I M E •M O N E Y •E N E R G Y
    6. 6. how did social media change each of these elements? o It exponentially decreased the amount of time it takes to connect o It exponentially increased the return we get our money and decreased the amount of money required to connect o It exponentially decreased the amount of energy it takes to connect and multiplied the manner in which our energy
    7. 7. how engaging is.... handing out a brochure hanging out at a coffee shop
    8. 8. the solution: o integrate engaging content o optimize for "searchers" o leverage connection-oriented platforms
    9. 9. 186,000,000 in less than a month!!!!
    10. 10. what are the 5 best places in your ministry that produce engaging content?
    11. 11. value of content
    12. 12. practical ways to integrate content into your ministry website •make emails into blog posts •shoot videos at your events •interview customers (video, audio, text) •share lessons you learned • think browsing and buying
    13. 13. Optimize for seekers think of 5-10 words of phrases that describe your company--then google them
    14. 14. o 293,000,000 searches per day in 2009--on google alone!!!! o all 293,000,000 have some form of intent behind them!!!! o what campus or company context has 293 million intentional, semi-focused searches happening on a daily basis?
    15. 15. On Page Optimization •Mixed-media •Buyer Personas • Calls to Action •Buy and Browse
    16. 16. Your Ministry Page •Mixed Media •Buyer Personas • Calls to Action •Buy and Browse
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Off Page Optimization • H1, H2, H3 •Bold Text •URL •Page Title
    19. 19. Leverage Connection-Oriented Platforms oMajor Platforms YouTube/Video Email Facebook/Myspace/Your Country's most popular social network Google Blogging
    20. 20. maximizing facebook get people to interact with your content “likes” and “comments” “likes” just one click, but that click spreads that content to EVERY friend of that person --text message key students to “like” piece of content at same time
    21. 21. • General Facebook Overview ◦ Homepage/Layout/Way in which the site organizes content ◦ Some vision as to where Facebook is going, and why it continues to evolve homepage is designed to make it as easy as possible to conenct & share with others •comment/like/share under every post •page layout designed about what’s most valuable to users •beware of the corners facebook seeks to increase viral action of every element •Really easy to spread •the more you are spreading content, the more valuable facebook becomes to its entire user base
    22. 22. • Facebook Fan Page ◦ General Info ◦ Advantages ◦ Disadvantages ◦ Unique elements: ■ Stats ■ Custom URL ■ Embeddedable content ■ Widget Box ■ Custom Content Creation ◦ How to use a fan page effectively ◦ Things to watch out for in using a fan page
    23. 23. Viral Action of One “Like” on a Fan Page student with 600 friends (pretty common #) that “like” gets pushed to the homepage of EVERY fan in our case 200 students it also gets pushed to EVERY one of that student’s friends: 600 one click (less than 1 second) just exposed 800 people to content on your page if one of their friends “likes” the same thing, it gets pushed to all of their friends’ homepage (another 600)
    24. 24. Viral Action of One “Like” on a Fan Page one like, by one student =800 exposures one like, by one student, with one more “like” from their friends =1400 exposures 5 likes, by 5 students, =3200 exposures 5 likes, by 5 students, with one “like” from each of their group of friends =6200 exposures
    25. 25. • Integrating FB with your campus/ministry website fan box easily embed-able in your site students can join fan page without having to go into facebook directly new students can “see” your movement right off the bat when the land on your homepage
    26. 26. • Leveraging your students to use FB for ministry not just stalking :) • Integrating FB with your campus/ministry website • Q&A student to student content is MOST engaging goal: create a system & train students (particularly) student leaders in the following: •Viral Action/Potential for engaging the Fan Page •Setting them up to be distributors of content to sub- groups of ministry, and creaters/sharers of content to movement as a whole
    27. 27. useful social media strategy courtesy of
    28. 28. o actics T •Create content that can be aggregated and shared easily on all three platforms •Reduce Friction--duration/length, kind of media, blended, tagged/non- tagged •Facebook Note: •Contained only in Facebook •Shared only in Facebook •Available to people only on facebook •Blog Post •Contained on company website (good for seo, and engaging target audience) •Can be shared on a variety of channels •Timeless--Can be found by a variety of searches
    29. 29. • Win Build Send o Win--Can connect with our audience before they ever get involved o Build--Can connect them to people and resources beyond our geographical context with ease and low cost (money, time, energy) during their involvement o Send--Can connect them to the mission, vision, and values after they leave
    30. 30.
    31. 31. action points.... o Change company site over to a blog o Capture already existing content and optimize for social-media consumption Train and Mobilize key students on facebook to virally spread content over the platform o Identify 3 buyer personas and optimize web presence specifically for each one
    32. 32. “the fold”--place on “the fold” the page where browser stops
    33. 33. what does it cost when we fail to connect? o as a team what happens? o movement to lost? o leaders to followers? o staff member to staff member?
    34. 34. the social utility of a network depends upon the number of nodes in contact. the social utility of an organization depends upon the number of nodes in contact. the social utility of a movement depends upon the number of nodes in contact.
    35. 35. the social utility of a network depends upon the number of nodes in contact.