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Nicole Jensen's CV Pitch


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I made a SlideShare CV in time for my graduation in mid-2012. Get in touch if you would like me on your events team.

Published in: Business, Technology

Nicole Jensen's CV Pitch

  1. 1. Hi. I‟m Nicole Jensen.(and this is why you‟re going to hire me)
  2. 2. I do events stuff...
  3. 3.…
  4. 4. ...and play around with new ideas.
  5. 5. What’s more, I love it. Events Manager est. 2001. Internet Enthusiast est. 2000.
  6. 6. I’m smart. • Bachelor of Business (Event Management) – Griffith University, 2010- July 2012 – GPA 6 • Diploma of Event Management – SBIT, 2007-2008 • Half-Bachelor of Social Science/Arts (Psychology, Sociology) – UQ, 2006-2007 • A stack of other certificates – hospitality, business, entrepreneurship, HTML
  7. 7. I’ve worked for these people...
  8. 8. (wait for it...)
  9. 9. ...and helped these guysfor free.
  10. 10. I’ve been a guestspeaker fivetimes, talkingabout socialmedia andevents.
  11. 11. These people think I’m pretty alright too!• “Her ingenuity, enthusiasm and ability to get things done, even with the barest of resources, is inspiring.” • Tiara Shafiq, Creative Productions Service Provider• “Nicole has bought vibrancy and energy to the Women in Technology team, as evidenced by a dramatic escalation in WiTs online presence and a tangible increase in attendances at recent WiT events. She is outcomes-focused, and has consequently dedicated time to working on areas of key importance, including new member recruitment and marketing activities.” • Anne-Marie Birkill, President, Women in Technology, 2010• “Nicole showed energy, creative thought, teamwork and focus in bringing together the Brisbane Twestival in a record-breaking time. I remain impressed by Nicoles positive attitude and willingness to do what needs to be done to achieve success.” • Micheal Axelsen, Director, Applied Insight Pty Ltd More recommendations at LinkedIn
  12. 12. I‟ve been event manager, operations manager, admin assistant, functions coordinator,festival director, publicity officer, sponsorship manager, regionalmanager, team leader, consultant and volunteer.
  13. 13. And I just graduated.
  14. 14. So what do I offer you?• All of my experience and passion• Up-to-date events, social tech and marketing knowledge• Full understanding of your objectives, and suitable strategy suggestions• Enthusiasm and resourcefulness• A focus on community, culture and development• Someone who doesn‟t only think about their work during the „9 to 5.‟
  15. 15. What do I want in my career?•Something I will ultimately love•To contribute to something great•Creative, passionate team members•An innovative employer•Goals, plans and ambition•Exciting, valued projects•Growth and inspiration “Viewmaster” by Flickr user geoftheref used under Attribution- NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic licence.
  16. 16. Get in touch.