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  • Playbook

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK The quick reference guide for the major social media platforms
    2. 2. THE STARTING LINEUP 1. Facebook 7. Ning 2. Twitter 8. foursquare 3. LinkedIn 9. 4. YouTube 5. digg 6. delicious
    3. 3. FACEBOOK A social networking site where people can add friends, send messages, and build a profile
    4. 4. GOOD FOR: • CustomerCommunication- Great for engaging people who feel passionately about your brand • Brand Exposure- Fan pages are great exposure for a brand
    5. 5. OK FOR: • Trafficto Your Site- Traffic is decent and on the rise thanks to share buttons and counters, but don’t expect massive numbers of unique visitors on your site. • You need to give them a reason to go to your site
    6. 6. BAD FOR: • SEO- little to no value aside from blogs picking up and featuring your posted links
    7. 7. IT CAN ALSO BE USED FOR: • Market Research- You can search for groups and fan pages that were formed around a shared interest • Makes it possible to see how consumers interact around this interest
    8. 8. USER INFORMATION • 400 million users worldwide • Fastest growing segment is 30+ year olds • Average user becomes a fan of 4 pages per month
    9. 9. HOW TO USE IT • Set up a user account • Set up your personal profile page (takes less than 30 minutes) • Can create fan pages and groups or join by searching or being invited to join • Can add applications to your fan page to increase interactivity and to better show off the personality of your brand
    10. 10. TERMINOLOGY • FanPage- A page created for a person, character, or brand that allows fans of him/her/it to interact and share content about him/her/it
    11. 11. TWITTER A microblogging site that enables users to read and send “tweets” (messages of 140 characters or less)
    12. 12. GOOD FOR: • Customer Communication- Use keyword search monitoring to see what people are saying about you and your competitors • Brand Exposure- Offers unique opportunities for Web integration and to engage with customers in a viral way
    13. 13. OK FOR: • Traffic to Your Site- Potential can be large but promotion is an art form • SEO- Tweets will rank high in search results but shortened URLs are of little use
    14. 14. IT CAN ALSO BE USED FOR: • MarketResearch- Can see trending topics and search what people are saying about a certain topic
    15. 15. USER INFORMATION • Most users are older adults • 74% of users have <10 followers • 49% of users came over in the celebrity rush • Tweets are approaching 50 million per day
    16. 16. HOW TO USE IT • Set up a profile (takes a minute) • Download the application to your smart phone • Search and follow others to receive their tweets • Send tweets from your computer or your phone
    17. 17. TERMINOLOGY • Tweet- A message • ReTweet (RT@)- Posting someone else’s tweet while giving them credit (paste their tweet after the @ sign) • Hashtag (#)- Put it in front of words and the tweet will show up in searches for that term
    18. 18. LINKEDIN A social networking site for business professionals
    19. 19. GOOD FOR: • Brand Exposure- Effective for personal branding and demonstrating your organization’s professional prowess. • Encourage employees to maintain complete profiles to strengthen the team’s recognition
    20. 20. OK FOR: • Customer Communication- Not the main focus, but it is possible by answering industry-related questions, establishing yourself as an expert in the field • SEO- Almost guaranteed on the first page of search results for your company or employees
    21. 21. BAD FOR: • Traffic to Your Site- Not expected to drive a lot of visits but those few visits are probably could be from potential clients or customers • Quality not quantity
    22. 22. IT CAN ALSO BE USED FOR: • Networking- Can establish identities before a face-to- face or after by following up • Recruiting- A great place to find qualified candidates. There are recruiting functions that will help find the perfect candidates
    23. 23. USER INFORMATION • 60 million registered users • About half are in the U.S. • 11% in Europe
    24. 24. HOW TO USE IT • Set up a personal profile (takes around 20 minutes) • Should be updated when necessary • Invite contacts to join your network and be connections • Join groups that are relevant to your industry • To stay up to date on current trends and to meet new contacts
    25. 25. TERMINOLOGY • Connections- Professional contacts • Answers- A place for professionals to ask questions that anyone can answer
    26. 26. YOUTUBE A video sharing website where users can share and upload new videos
    27. 27. GOOD FOR: • Customer Communication- A powerful channel to quickly engage your customers, respond to complaints, and show your social media savvy • Brand Exposure- One of the most powerful branding tools on the web, when building your own channel promote via high traffic sites • SEO- Very good for building links back to your site because videos rank high
    28. 28. OK FOR: • Trafficto Your Site- Traffic goes to the videos so put a hyperlink in the video description • Traffic will not correlate closely with video views
    29. 29. USER INFORMATION • Over 1 billion views per day • Most of the videos are uploaded by individuals
    30. 30. HOW TO USE IT • Set up a user profile (takes a few seconds) • Set up a branded channel
    31. 31. TERMINOLOGY • Spotlight Videos- Highlights premium channels to keep branded channels happy • Promoted (Sponsored) Videos- Part of Youtube’s search advertising program • Featured Videos- primarily filled by sponsors but does include some user content
    32. 32. DIGG A social news site where users can discover and share content
    33. 33. GOOD FOR: • Brand Exposure- Huge opportunities for promoting press/blog coverage of your brand • If your content is too ad-like they will kick you off the site • Traffic to Your Site- Big opportunity, so be active in the community or find someone that is • Consider launching an industry blog on a non-corporate Web domain to establish yourself as a thought leader • SEO- Even if your story doesn’t become popular then your page will still be indexed quickly • This is one of the best sites to get linked to by bloggers if your story is popular
    34. 34. OK FOR: • Customer Communication- An objective third-party write-up as a PR effort, to counteract bad press or customer sentiment, can be promoted
    35. 35. IT CAN ALSO BE USED FOR: • Market Research- By seeing what’s popular in certain categories a better idea of what drives the consumer, with an interest in that category, can be attained
    36. 36. USER INFORMATION • Top 100 most trafficked sites on the Internet
    37. 37. HOW TO USE IT • Create a user profile (takes a few seconds) • Search for news and videos in the “Upcoming” section • Digg or bury news and video to vote them up or down • Search the “Top 10” list for the most popular news and videos • Can comment and build a network of friends to share content with
    38. 38. TERMINOLOGY • Digg- to vote up an article • Bury- to vote down an article • Upcoming Stories- a section for the most recently posted articles
    39. 39. DELICIOUS A social bookmarking site where users can share and store bookmarked pages
    40. 40. GOOD FOR: • SEO- Pretty much everything about the site helps: • When your page is bookmarked it’s a direct link back to your site • When you’re on the front page or the big category tag pages that trust will pass directly to your URL
    41. 41. OK FOR: • Traffic to Your Site- informative, massive reference places bookmarked for later use will drive some traffic to your site
    42. 42. BAD FOR: • Customer Communication- You can see what people tag with your brand name but communication is non-existent • Brand Exposure- Not enough brand recognition unless you want to be known for providing reference content for later retrieval
    43. 43. IT CAN ALSO BE USED FOR: • Market Research- can search keywords that other users have tagged their bookmarks with to see what people with those interests are looking at online • Can be useful for identifying individual sites or complementary interests you didn’t know existed
    44. 44. USER INFORMATION •5 million users • 150 million bookmarked URLs
    45. 45. HOW TO USE IT • Create a user account (takes a minute) • Bookmarksites by using the delicious button in your bookmark bar • Tag keywords that relate to the bookmarked site
    46. 46. TERMINOLOGY • Tag- words used to describe the bookmarked URL • They are searchable
    47. 47. NING A website where you can create your own social network or join others
    48. 48. IT CAN BE USED FOR: • Branding- can create your own network that centers around the interest the brand best identifies with • Market Research- a lot less effort to join networks that are formed around an interest that you are researching • Can see how consumers interact around this interest with friends and other enthusiasts
    49. 49. USER INFORMATION • 40 million registered users • 1.9 million networks
    50. 50. HOW TO USE IT • Create an account (takes 5 minutes) • Join networks and interact (very similar features to Facebook) • Create your own network (is a serious time commitment)
    51. 51. TERMINOLOGY • Create your own Ning- create your own network • Other terms are very similar to Facebook
    52. 52. FOURSQUARE A location-based social networking site, software for mobile devices, and game
    53. 53. IT CAN BE USED FOR: • Programs- by interacting with consumers in a real world setting and simultaneously linking that with social interaction you are creating an experience that is more memorable to the consumer • Market Research- Limited, but by looking through different tips in a given area you can see what interests those consumers
    54. 54. USER INFORMATION • Over 500,000 users • Received over 300,000 check-ins in a single day
    55. 55. HOW TO USE IT • Set up an account online (takes a minute) • Download the application to your smart phone • Invite friends to be your friends on Foursquare (only people you want to share your whereabouts and activity with) • Use the app to search nearby locations and tips (your phone’s GPS automatically establishes your location)
    56. 56. TERMINOLOGY • Check-in- Literally checking-in at a location with the app on your phone (tells your friends where you check-in) • Tip- users can leave recommendations on what to do, what to order, what to avoid, etc. for individual locations (can be searched by anyone in the vicinity) • Mayor- the user who has checked-in the most times at a location
    57. 57. BIT.LY A website that allows you to shorten URLs and track the number of clicks your new link receives
    58. 58. IT CAN BE USED FOR: • Analytics- It will show you: • how many people click on the links you post • the time distribution of those clicks • referrers of the link • Therefore showing you what your most popular content is
    59. 59. HOW TO USE IT • Set up an account (takes a minute) • Copy any URL and paste it into the shortening bar on the website • Click shorten and the new link with fewer characters will show up • It links to the exact same place as the original • Scroll down to see a history of the URLs you’ve shortened
    60. 60. REDPEG MARKETING APRIL 3, 2010 Follow me on: Twitter @DerekWenzell LinkedIn derekwenzell