Using Twitter for Professionals & Small Business Success


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The introduction of Twitter's 140-character limit marked a major change in how people interact on the internet. The constant flow of new information can be overwhelming, but when approached right, it offers a fantastic opportunity to grow your business.

Twitter is a high-speed network, and when used properly it can help spread your content faster and further than anything else. Learn how to best put Twitter to use for growing your business.

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Using Twitter for Professionals & Small Business Success

  1. 1. Maximizing Twitter For Professionals &Small Business SuccessPresenter: Doug Hay, CEODead Simple Social Media Series
  2. 2. Presenter: Doug Hay• Early adopter of Internetmarketing & social media• 30 year marketing veteran• Sought after speaker -presented at local, regionaland national conferences• Lectured at two universitiesfor the Sales & MarketingExecutives program
  3. 3. Our Services For Small/Medium Biz• Website design & programming• Social Media consulting,implementation & training• Small business SEO – SearchEngine Optimization: Keywords,link building & content creation.• Press release writing, optimizationand reporting• Blog set up, strategy, and training• Email programs• Online reputation management• Video production & marketing• Staff trainingAsk for a complementary Analysis
  4. 4. PresentationQ & AAsk for SlidesAgenda123
  5. 5. Dead Simple Social Media Series• Social media overview• Blogging• Google+• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest• LinkedIn• Using a Dashboard• Content Marketing
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing Stats• Social media produces almost double themarketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing,direct mail, or PPC. (Source: HubSpot)• 36% of all marketers have found a customer viaTwitter in 2013. (Source: HubSpot)• HubSpot customers with over 1,000 Twitter followersgenerate more than 800 new website visitors amonth. (Source: HubSpot)• Approximately 46% of online users count on socialmedia when making a purchase decision.(Source: Nielsen)(Source: HubSpot – )
  7. 7. Social Media is the New Word of Mouth
  8. 8. YourSiteVisitorVisitorVisitorThe Objective
  9. 9. Think Like a PublisherWeb siteVideoWhitePapersAudioEmailedNewslettersBlogsPressReleasesCaseStudiesArticles
  10. 10. Inbound Marketing is More Effective
  11. 11. IntegratedMarketingStrategy
  12. 12. IntegratedMarketingStrategyWebSiteWebsite• Focal point of allmarketing• You own it• Sales tool• Reference tool
  13. 13. IntegratedMarketingStrategyOfflineMarketingWebSite• Trade shows• Chamber of Commerce• Networking events• Postal mail• Advertising
  14. 14. EmailIntegratedMarketingStrategyOfflineMarketingWebSiteEmail – great tool• Newsletters• How to tips – you as the expert• Special offers• Seasonal mailings• Auto responders
  15. 15. EmailIntegratedMarketingStrategyOfflineMarketingWebSiteBuild your email list• Website• Front desk• Networking• Trade shows
  16. 16. EmailIntegratedMarketingStrategyOfflineMarketingWebSiteReferralsBenefits of Referrals• Easier to get appointment• You come recommended• Sales process is easier andmore effective• Higher close rate
  17. 17. EmailIntegratedMarketingStrategyBlogOfflineMarketingWebSiteReferralsBlogging• 100% owned by you• Helps SEO• Expert status• Content for social media
  18. 18. EmailIntegratedMarketingStrategySocialMediaBlogOfflineMarketingWebSiteReferrals
  19. 19. BrandBrandBrandNew MarketingBrandBrandBrandBrandBrandBrand
  20. 20. Sales FunnelProspects SalesReadersSocial Media LeadsContent MarketingBlogs Newsletters
  21. 21. BusinessTwitter
  22. 22. “People buy frompeople they like”
  23. 23. Twitter is one of the ten mostvisited websites on the Internet.
  24. 24. • over 500 million users• 200 million active users• 340 million tweets per day• over 1.6 billion searchqueries per day- Source: WikipediaTwitter – Quick Facts
  25. 25. • Lady Gaga – the most followed Twitterer,with almost 33 million followers - gainsfollowers faster than Twitter adds newaccounts.• Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perryhave more Twitter followers than theentire populations of Germany, Turkey,South Africa, Canada, Argentina andEgypt.- Source: – Fun Facts
  26. 26. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: 40% of alltweets come from mobile devicesImage Source:
  27. 27. 60% of Facebook fans and 79% of Twitterfollowers are more likely to buy brands thatthey follow through social media.Study from Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies
  28. 28. • Participating in the conversation• Ongoing market research• Engaging with your targetaudiences• Promote your blog posts, pressreleases• Recruitment tool• Cater to mobile users• New product launches• Deal of the day• SEO – link back to your site• Brand Awareness• Online Reputation ManagementWhy Twitter?
  29. 29. Twitter Resource
  30. 30. The Good, TheBad, The Ugly140 characters ata time
  31. 31. • Used it as a customer service platform• Make sharing easy - integrated into the site sothat users found it quick and easy to spread theword.
  32. 32. 2011
  33. 33. June 2013
  34. 34. BusinessTwitterProcess
  35. 35. Set upbusinessprofileFollowpeopleGet people tofollow youContentcreationInteractClick throughto yourwebsiteBuy yourproduct
  36. 36. Set Up
  37. 37. 1. Sign up2. Pick a user name – ideally thebusiness name @doughay3. Profile – 160 characters4. Settings5. Start tweetingTwitter – New Account
  38. 38.
  39. 39. The Parts
  40. 40. Add Quality Content
  41. 41. Tweeting is theprocess of adda micro blogpost to Twitterin under 140characters
  42. 42. • Limited to140characters• Leave space forretweeters,@mentions, andhashtagsTweet LengthImage credit:
  43. 43. Not Advertising• Tweet usefulcontent• Followers will knowhow great you arewithout shoving anad at them
  44. 44. Use a URLshortening tooltinyURL,, or
  45. 45. - url shortener & allows you to access analytics to see how many people areclicking on your link.
  46. 46. Import your blog postsInto Twitter
  47. 47.
  48. 48. Add Picture
  49. 49. Add Picture
  50. 50. Add Picture
  51. 51. Add Picture
  52. 52. Hashtags
  53. 53. Repeating TweetsA few timesis okay butdon’t gooverboard.
  54. 54. Follow Others
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Via Email from Twitter
  57. 57. • Every user can follow 2,000 people total.• Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, thereare limits to the number of additionalusers you can follow.• This limit is different for every userand is based on your ratio offollowers to following.- Twitter
  58. 58. Get Followers
  59. 59. Getting QualityFollowers• Generate quality content• Engage in discussions• Value your thought leaders• Search• Quality Twitter stream• Get others to respond e.g.ask questions
  60. 60. Select targeted peopleto follow and many ofthem will follow youback.Build your Twitter Following
  61. 61. Expanding yourfollowers:• Optimize your profile• Regular tweets• Quality content from you and retweets• Who cares what you had for lunch• Help others• Add Twitter link to your website andblog posts• Include your Twitter link on your emailsignature, biz cards• Add new people to follow• Engage• Customer service• Don’t over tweet
  62. 62. Lists
  63. 63. Improved Lists• Earlier only 20 lists– now 1,000• Earlier 500accounts – now5,000Lists
  64. 64. Engage
  65. 65. Dedicatea TeamMember
  66. 66. Social media = 2 way communication
  67. 67. Just publishing?
  68. 68. Reply
  69. 69. Favorites
  70. 70. Retweeting
  71. 71. Retweeting
  72. 72. Sales messages vs. conversations
  73. 73. Respond to retweets and directmessages
  74. 74. • The # symbol• Used with keywordsor topics• E.g. #socialmedia• Add to your tweets• Can search byhashtagHash Tags#
  75. 75. • Follow all of the reporters you’re targeting. Listof journalists on Twitter.• Make local connections. Use LocalTweeps to findreporters in your area.• Related hashtags. A few include: #journchat(weekly chat among journalists, Mondays at 8 p.m.EST), #haro (“help a reporter out," used byjournalists looking for sources), and #ddj (data-driven journalism topics)Media Relations
  76. 76. DirectMessagesomeoneyou follow
  77. 77. Hash tag search tool:
  78. 78. It’s not about you!
  79. 79. Making Sales
  80. 80. The sole purpose ofmarketing is to sellmore to more people,more often, and athigher prices. Thereis no other reason todo it.—Sergio Zyman
  81. 81. How to use Twitter toland more clients“After content marketing, the second most successful way that I landclients is through Twitter. Here’s how I do it:Step OneI click into the search box in my Hootsuite dashboard (you can do thesame thing in the Twitter console).Step TwoI search for phrases that match the services I offer, then I comb throughthe results and find tweets that match people looking for my services.Step ThreeFinally, I click through to the blogs from tweets that match my criteriaand do one of three things: 1) Leave a comment 2) Submit a messagethrough the contact form 3) Send an e-mail if an address is listed.”- Source: Joseph Wesley Putnam - Blog Tweaks to provide technical services for bloggers.
  82. 82. Hello,This is just a quick reminder to join me at the Twitter Party this evening 5:30-6:30PM Eastern time. I know in the newsletter sent on Friday we said it was January,but that was an error. I hope you join me for this event organized by my goodfriends at Urban Zen, who are also doing the UltraSimple Diet challenge with us.This is your chance to ask me questions live! Join us with #uzfevent. New toTwitter? Click here for detailed instructions on how to join this virtual party.Also in the social media world we are sharing our grocery store experiences.The grocery store can be a scary jungle of Frankenfoods. Lets help each other gethealthy by sharing our in our shopping experiences via pictures, short video clips,blogs, and opinions! Submit your entries to If you submit,please know that we will use these entries on Facebook & Twitter! Have fun with it!To your good health,Mark Hyman, MD
  83. 83. Small & MediumBusiness Success
  84. 84. Pistachio Consulting:Laura Fitton (@Pistachio) a home office consultant. Becameone of the best-known and most sought-after consultants onhow businesses should use Twitter. She (max number of characters allowed in aTwitter post), and raised $140,000 in venture funding to getoff the ground.
  85. 85. Publicizing a local Houston coffee shop@CoffeeGroundz•UsesTwitter for takeout orders.• Announce upcoming events and "tweetups" that bring in about 200 people amonth, some of whom become regular customers.
  86. 86. A Reverse Auction for Graphic Designers•Web site where potential buyers request bids to design alogo, a Web site, or other graphic work, stipulating a deadlineand the maximum price theyll pay.•Then members of the global talent pool (more than 12,000freelance designers) submit their bids.• Nearly all marketing takes place on Twitter through@CrowdSPRING.
  87. 87. Tools
  88. 88.
  89. 89. Top Twitter ToolsSuggested By the Pros
  90. 90. Metrics (keep stats)
  91. 91. Set upbusinessprofileFollowpeopleGet people tofollow youContentcreationInteractClick throughto yourwebsiteBuy yourproduct
  92. 92. Metrics(Stats)# offollowers# ofretweets# of directmessages# Clickthroughs toyour website$ of Sales
  93. 93. TakeawaysCreate a business profileDo your homeworkTweet quality contentEngage not just publishRe-tweet other quality contentCross promote on social sites, email, etc
  94. 94. Doug Haydoug@doughayassoc.comDirect: 250-756-0306 Toll Free: 877-226-3823FreeInternetMarketingAnalysisMoreSales?MoreLeads?
  95. 95. Copyright NoticeAll materials contained in these presentationsare protected by Canadian and United Statescopyright law and may not be reproduced,distributed, transmitted, displayed, published orbroadcast without the prior written permission ofDoug Hay.The names of actual companies, products orimages mentioned herein may be the copyrightor trademarks of their respective owners.