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  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS for Cuesent By MavenClickZ Digital Advertising Agency www.mavenclickz.com Info@mavenclickz.com + 1 - 646 626 5567 + 91 - 9980770401
  2. 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?Social media includes the various onlinetechnology tools that enable people tocommunicate easily via the internet to shareinformation and resources.Social media can include text, audio, video,images, pod casts, and other multimediacommunications.Social media is a medium for informationdissemination through social interaction. It canbe 2 or more users.
  3. 3. Why Social Media?The new trend of Marketing/Ad/PRReaches target market and consumersEstablishes credibilityDevelops relationships with costumersMaximizes communicationProvides tool to monitor reputationIncreases Search Engine Optimization
  4. 4. Why Social Media? Rather than traditional.... Reach – both provide scale and enable anyoneto reach a global audience Accessibility - social media tools are generallyavailable to anyone at little or no costUsability - anyone can operate the means ofproduction Recency - virtually instantaneous responses Permanence - social media can be alteredalmost instantaneously by comments orediting.
  5. 5. Key Benefits• Real time ROI metrics: Investment rationalization• Hard core leads or Sales: Tangible money• Own community of Opinion Leaders (Who will be your mouth piece amongst consumers.): The most valuable asset
  6. 6. Social Media OptimizationMarketing is moving from shouting to conversations Then Now Each person can create a movementCompanies control the message •Write blogs, Twitter, release videos•Create and deliver ads •Use subtle influencers like Facebook and MySpace to signal•Work with the press friends.•Work with analysts •Share content & create massive virtual organizations.
  7. 7. Social Media Optimization Salesforce page in Facebook•Group/Page in Social Media sites•Creating a brand page or group in Facebook•Social ads in Facebook•Call attention to webinars & events.•Tips•Find a hook with someone actively in your space•Set up Google Alerts on company, competitors, interest category•Be aware of issues of creating multiple profiles for the same campaign -agency can use those for multiple sites Social Ads
  8. 8. Social Media Platforms (Twitter) Twitter is a social micro-blogging service that allows us to post and read status updates called "Tweets". Tweets are 140 character posts that are displayed on the tweeters home page and that can be seen by other tweeters that are following them.• Over 500 Million users• 80% of Twitter usage happens off of twitter.com• Over 11 Million updates per day
  9. 9. Benefits of TwitterParticipating in Industry ConversationBrand Awareness – Create you BrandEngage with your target audienceGain Competitive IntelligenceOnline Reputation ManagementFeedback Mechanism – Instant FeedbackPromotionSEO Boost – Promote your website content.Ask Questions Receive AnswersPress Release / News Management
  10. 10. Things To Do in Twitter• Notify new press releases or latest news about the company• Increase your target audience base based on their interest and also make your existing customers as followers.• Updates- Site updates, Team updates, achievements, awards etc to your followers.• Support for site enquiries.• Link Your Facebook updates, Linkedin updates to twitter for more reach.
  11. 11. Facebook Facts• Facebook has more than 500 million active users.• 50% of active Facebook users log on to Facebook on any given day.• The average user has 130 friends.• People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook.• The average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events.• The average user creates 70 pieces of content each month.• Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform applications.• More than 100 million Facebook users engage with Facebook on external websites every month.• There are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  12. 12. Face Book Fans Page Activities• Create a Unique Page Image• Integrate Applications To Increase Engagement• Join the Conversation.• Publish Interesting and Relevant Content• Linking Flickr account to Facebook fans page.• Creating a tab for videos and upload our videos• Repost Comments By Other Users• Creating Polls relevent to our business• Promoting events in under event tab.• Promoting the Blog post in fans page.
  13. 13. Face Book Fans Page Activities• Linking your twitter account.• Installing analytics to track the visitors.• Open an hot debate in discussion tab.• Update Regularly!• Post and Tag Users in Photos and Videos• Appeal to your target audience• Trigger debate• Ask for feedback• The News Feed is Now Real Time
  14. 14. Business Benefits of Using Facebook Applications– Branding– Customer Engagement– Drive Web Traffic– Reputation Management– New Customer Acquisition– Lead Generation– Client Retention– Access to the social world and it’s inherent value– The Viral Effect– Feedback Mechanism– Build Business Use Cases
  15. 15. FaceBook Fan Page Benefits– Integrate with RSS– Build Custom Applications– Announce Events and Promote Events.– Explain You’re Business– Interact– We can share Latest News/Events & Product Launches– Exclusive Offers for your Face book Fans– Share your latest blog posts via RSS– Market research – gets feedback directly from your customers and stay on the pulse of what they want– Google Adds Facebook’s Fan Page Updates to Real-Time Search– It’s free.– It gives you a way to talk to and get feedback from your target audience, because like a user profile, you can update your fans with statuses that will appear in the news feed.– It’s an SEO boost. Facebook is currently the second most popular site on the Web according to Alexa.– You can customize the design using FBML, Facebook’s version of HTML. Check out the Static FBML app for more.– You can create brand advocates.– You can easily promote it with tools provided by Facebook.– The Facebook Pages Insights analytics tool gives you useful information about your fans and their interactions.– You can build a community for your clients and prospects.– It’s another funnel to your website.– You can add unlimited photos and videos.
  16. 16. Facebook Fans Page Customize your fans page tab:• Youtube – Promote your youtube videos here.• Twitter – Link your twitter account.• Invite Your Friends – Fans can invite their friends to join this page.• Join My Mailing List – Fans can join Just Books list• Games – Small games, winners can be given offers.• Quiz – for your fans, winners can be given offers.• Photos – Promote Just Books photos over here.• Create Polls – Interesting polls will keep fans interactive.• Welcome – Details about Just
  17. 17. Linkedin Activities1. Create your account and Optimise your profile • Use keywords in your descriptions. • Include a nice image in your profile. • Use keywords in your Hyperlinks. For example, instead of “My Site,” • use a keyword to describe it such as “Glucose level monitor.” • Include your Blog link and other external sites that will help to engage with the user.2. Start building your network • Build a network of contacts. • Ask your customers and partners to write recommendations. • Create a group for your brand. This way you’ll be able to maximize reach beyond your network. In this group you can share important news on your industry, start discussions, post jobs and more.3. Engage updating frequently your profile, group page and the rest. • Sync Blog posts to your profile with tools like Blog Link or WordPress LinkedIn Application. • Frequently update your profile with the LinkedIn status feature, much like Facebook status updates.4. Promote Your Linkedin Profile and Groups.
  18. 18. And Lot More to ExploreDigg.com27,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors112 - Alexa Rank.Reddit 15,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors119 - Alexa Rank.Stumble Upon15,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors180 - Alexa Rank.Delicious5,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors342 - Alexa Rank.Mixx 2,600,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors764 - Alexa Rank.Slashdot1,700,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors1254 - Alexa Rank.
  19. 19. Things We do in Social Networks • Get Product/Service Feedback • Building up Industry Networking • Promoting Promotions/Contests • Sharing News, company updates • Branding/Lead GenerationHow We Achieve: • Register your company profile in leading social media networks. • Do some research on where your customers are revolving around. (Using monitoring tools) • Listen to your customer and conversations around your brand. • Keyword categories to identify: • Key industry influencers • Competitors • Industry news sources • Blog comments
  20. 20. Reporting - Measure ROIWhat is ROI? Non-financial: Visitors, Page Views, Fans, Followers Financial: Sales, Revenue, Transactions, Coupons Qualitative Are we part of our industry’s conversation? How do our customers perceive us versus our competitors? Did we build key relationships? Moving from monologue to dialogue?Quantitative Website Analytics Social Mentions SEO Ranking Link clicks Newsletter/Email Subscribers Note: Monthly Reports will be sent on every 1st day of the Month.
  21. 21. Goals Targeted• Brand Awareness/Advocacy• Increase Traffic/Opt-ins• Business Partnerships• Search Engine Results• Generate Leads• Reduce CRM Costs• Increase Revenue
  22. 22. Reports• No of Face Book Fans• Number of Orkut Friends• Number of members in Linkedin Groups• Number of Youtube Video Views• Number of Twitter Followers• Website Stats 1. No of visits – Through various Platforms like facebook, linkedin, slideshare etc 2. No of Conversions
  23. 23. Role OF MavenClickZ• Digital Advertising Agency which is involved in internet marketing, mobile marketing, web development, Social Media Marketing extensively.• MavenClickZ is well connected to social media marketing links also, which is helpful in promoting .• MavenClickZ is fully reliable, secure, transparent and fast for advertising online .
  24. 24. Social Media Activities for Cuesent for One MonthsActivity Work Details Per MonthFacebook 30 Status UpdateTwitter 50 TweetYoutube ( Cuesent Channel ) 10 Video Upload & PromotionLinkedIN 30 Status UpdatePR Submission 50 SubmissionGroup Emailing 100 EmailsBookMarking 200 Per MonthIndependent Blogging 25 PostRSS Feed Promotion 25 SubmissionXML Feed Promotion 25SubmissionSEO of Microsites MicrositesPPT Creation & Upload 5 Upload
  25. 25. CostingSocial Media Asset Creation & Content : 30000 INR + Tax ( One time ) Social Media Optimization: 35000 INR + Tax Per Month Search Engine Optimization: 25000 INR + Tax Per Month
  26. 26. Clients
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  31. 31. Thank You Click For ROI ☺ MavenClickZ Digital Advertising Agency #56, 2nd Floor, 21St A Main Marenahalli, JP Nagar 2nd Phase Bangalore 560078 www.mavenclickz.comIn case of any queries contact me at bhaskar@mavenclickz.com + 91 – 9980770401 + 1 – 646 626 5567