Idealware's Social Media Research Preview


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This slide show originates from Idealware's presentation of preliminary findings from our social media research, given at the 5/18/10 Ethos Round Table in Cambridge, MA.

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Idealware's Social Media Research Preview

  1. What’s Good for What? A Preview of Idealware’s Social Media Research May 2010
  2. What We’ll Cover <ul><li>Our Research </li></ul><ul><li>The High Level Landscape </li></ul><ul><li>For Specific Goals </li></ul><ul><li>Facebook for Credibility </li></ul>
  3. Our Research
  4. What Research Have We Done? Social Media Benefits Survey 460 responses on a traditional from nonprofit staff Phone Discussion Groups 25 people, four groups, each in two sessions Social Media Stories Anecdotes from 273 nonprofit staff members Facebook Survey 103 (and counting) response to a quick survey to gauge how Facebook users think about nonprofit Facebook profiles What are people using? And how is it working?
  5. The High Level Landscape
  6. Why are Nonprofits Using Social Media?
  7. What are They Using? Among those nonprofits using social media willing to fill out a quick survey (Nov 2009): 73% 49% 56% 45% 36% 25% 15% 87% 10% 64% 15% 15% 9% 25% Willing to fill out a longer survey about results in Mar-Apr 2010
  8. How Does Your Target Audience Affect Success?
  9. Does Time Put in Correlate with Success? It does!
  10. Are Larger Organizations Having More Success? Maybe?
  11. For Specific Goals
  12. It’s Working To Reach New People (At Least People Think So!)
  13. And To Enhance Existing Relationships
  14. But Direct Fundraising Is Hard
  15. What Tangible Results Is Social Media Producing? Result # who report success in this area Increased website traffic 62 Increased feedback and discussion 60 Increased information spread 31 Built email list 26 Attracted donations 24 Attracted event attendees 20 Attracted new volunteers 17 Attracted new partners 15
  16. What Isn’t It Producing (As Much)? Result # who report success in this area Get constituents to take action 8 Get press coverage 6 Get new members 6 Get new clients 4 Make sales 3 Reach a youth audience 1 Decrease costs 1 Impact policy makers 1
  17. Questions?