Case Study: VolunteerMatch & Sprout Social


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This case study looks at VolunteerMatch in San Francisco and how they utilize Sprout Social to strengthen their social efforts through streamlined management, superior analysis and enhanced targeting.

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Case Study: VolunteerMatch & Sprout Social

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Across VolunteerMatch’s Twitter and Facebook accounts 5% 795 2.5m Across VolunteerMatch’s Twitter and Facebook account 51% 49% 33% VolunteerMatch + Sprout Employ Scalable Solutions to Tackle Issues Faced by Many Non-Profits VolunteerMatch is about building connections—between good people and good causes—and the goal of the organization’s social media efforts is to extend that mission. Like many non-profits, VolunteerMatch uses Facebook and Twitter to engage a passionate audience and provide valuable content, insights and service opportunities. To build on those efforts, streamline their management, analyze their progress and target their messaging, they teamed up with Sprout Social. VolunteerMatch uses a number of Sprout features, but primary efforts are focused around four key parts of the platform. 1.866.878.3231
  2. 2. Quick Facts Queue • Situation: A single team member manages social media content 1998 Founded publishing and distribution for the entire organization, so VolunteerMatch needed an efficient way to create a consistent stream of high-quality social posts. • Solution: Sprout Queue enables VolunteerMatch to streamline their entire social publishing process. They simply draft their social posts, drop them in the Queue and each post is published automatically based 96K+ Participating Organizations on VolunteerMatch’s pre-set preferences for post frequency and timing. • Impact: By freeing up time previously devoted to constantly managing multiple profiles, the social team can focus on building strong relationships and trust with their social audiences through high-quality content and service. 170+ Corporate Partners Tasking • Situation: As social media’s importance grew both within their company and for their audience, VolunteerMatch recognized a need to bring multiple departments into the social media fold. • Solution: Through Sprout’s tasking features, VolunteerMatch’s social 7.4M+ Volunteers Connected media manager can triage all incoming social messages and route them to appropriate departments when necessary. Now, instead of going back and forth on questions via email, the right person can respond to questions on the spot. • Impact: New functions of the business—including sales and support— have become part of the social discussion and customer questions are 78K+ resolved via social media in a timely, accurate manner. Active Opportunities 1.866.878.3231
  3. 3. Highlights Sent Messages Report • Situation: VolunteerMatch had limited insight into what type of content 1 Social Media Manager resonated with their audiences and needed a way to easily measure the reaction and reach of their social posts. • Solution: Sprout’s Sent Messages Report gives VolunteerMatch a quick overview of how successful each of their messages were in terms of clicks, reach and responses. Therefore, they’re able to identify and duplicate the type of messaging that resonates with their audience. 21K+ • Impact: Increased oversight into how their thought-leadership and promotional materials are being received and shared enables VolunteerMatch to determine how social impacts their overall organizational goals and success. Twitter Followers ViralPost™ 28K+ Facebook Followers • Situation: Given their three target audiences—volunteers, non-profits and corporations—VolunteerMatch needs to spend more time on developing smart, meaningful content and less time figuring out how and when to post. • Solution: VolunteerMatch utilizes Sprout’s ViralPost function to take the guesswork out of publishing and determines the best times to deliver 250 Average Tweets Per Month their content for maximum impact. Based on usage and engagement patterns, Sprout automatically delivers VolunteerMatch’s social content at the moment it will have the greatest impact. • Impact: ViralPost ensures that VolunteerMatch’s target audience sees and engages with their content on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the team stopped worrying about distribution and started focusing on 310 providing truly valuable content that their audiences want to see. Average Retweets Per Month Learn how Sprout can help complement your non-profit's social efforts and increase your brand engagement at