Choosing the Right Communications Mix


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Slide deck from 12/15/11 presentation of "Choosing the Right Communications Mix" by Andrea Berry of Idealware.

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Choosing the Right Communications Mix

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Communications Mix December 2011
  2. 2. Introductions Andrea Berry Director of Partnerships and Learning Idealware And on the chat… Laura Quinn
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Resources and Services From Idealware Online seminarsThe Field Guide and courses to Software for Commissioned Nonprofits articles and reports Close to 200 existing Consulting to In-person training free articles and reports networks Idealware is a 501(c)3 nonprofit!
  5. 5. Your Communications Strategy
  6. 6. Offline Communications Methods
  7. 7. Online Communications Methods
  8. 8. One method does not replace another…
  9. 9. …use methods together to optimize impact! March eNews Consider how your communications New star will look to your direct mail hits constituents as a New star package… email appeal New star New star appeal phone follow-up calls
  10. 10. It’s Important to Use Multiple Channels The strength of your communications will be elevated when you use multiple channels to work together towards your goals.
  11. 11. It’s Critical to Define Your GoalsYou can’t effectively define a mix without specific goals forspecific marketing campaigns
  12. 12. Key Considerations
  13. 13. Timing
  14. 14. Tone vs. Impact
  15. 15. How Much Will It Cost?
  16. 16. Integrating Look and Feel Facebook Emails Blog
  17. 17. Integrating Messaging Text should be related – but not identical Blog Ad
  18. 18. Coordinating CommunicationsDon’t just send the same message through every medium. Think through Tailor the Define the goal the audience for message each venueWhat are you trying Why are they there? What will best to accomplish? What will resonate? achieve your goals?
  19. 19. Comparing the Mix for Different Goals
  20. 20. A Potential Mix: Fundraising Fundraising
  21. 21. A Potential Mix: Promoting an Event Event Promotion
  22. 22. A Potential Mix: Reaching New Supporters Reaching New Supporters
  23. 23. A Potential Mix: Engaging Current Supporters Engaging Current Supporters
  24. 24. How Do They Work Together?
  25. 25. Within Your Mix Channels Have Different JobsJobs• Content Generation• Promoting Resources• Publicizing the Resources of Others• Getting Community InputEach channel may have multiple jobs.
  26. 26. Consider How Your Channels Work Together Directionality: Which way do the communication channels feed? Core vs. Peripheral: Is the channel central to the initiative or a peripheral element?
  27. 27. A Fundraising Appeal
  28. 28. Promoting an Event
  29. 29. Reaching New Supporters
  30. 30. Engaging Current Supporters
  31. 31. Case Studies
  32. 32. The United Way of Western Connecticut Fundraising campaign by The United Way of Western Connecticut Aim: to raise supplementary funds for partner organizations during financial crisis
  33. 33. Take 5 to Give 5: Website
  34. 34. Take 5 to Give 5: Emails
  35. 35. Take 5 to Give 5: Friend-to-Friend Fundraising
  36. 36. Take 5 to Give 5: Facebook
  37. 37. United Way of W. CT: Fundraising
  38. 38. Think Outside the Bottle Advocacy campaign by Corporate Accountability International Aim: to encourage people to stop using bottled water in favor of reusable bottles
  39. 39. Think Outside the Bottle: Website
  40. 40. Think Outside the Bottle: Emails
  41. 41. Think Outside the Bottle: Facebook
  42. 42. Think Outside the Bottle: Online Promotion
  43. 43. Think Outside the Bottle: Pledge
  44. 44. Think Outside the Bottle: Advocacy
  45. 45. Upcoming Idealware Seminars 1/5: Tactical Technology Planning 1/12: Social Media for Executive Directors 1/19: How To Know What People Think About You 1/26: Choosing a Low Cost Donor Management System More at
  46. 46. Have More Questions? Ask Idealware… On Twitter: @idealware On Facebook: /idealware