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More Than Apps - Idealware


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The vast majority of US adults, across all demographics, have a cell phone - making these devices a very useful way to provide information and communicate with your constituents. From mobile websites to texts to QR codes to FourSquare (and yes, mobile apps, too), mobile phone communications can be a big help in interacting with constituents and supporting your work. And it's easier and cheaper than you might think to take advantage of the potential mobile can offer. We'll explore a series of powerful mobile case studies and talk through the principles, software packages, and best practices that can help you replicate their success.

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More Than Apps - Idealware

  1. 1. More Than Apps: Affordable Program Delivery Through Mobile Phones April 2012
  2. 2. More Than Apps: AffordableProgram Delivery ThroughMobile Phones#12NTCmobileprogramsLaura Quinn,Idealware
  3. 3. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! or Online at
  4. 4. Introductions…
  5. 5. A New, Mobile World
  6. 6. 87% of all American Adults Have a Cell PhonePew Internet, February 2012
  7. 7. They’re Not Just Using them to Make Calls Pew Internet, May 2011
  8. 8. Providing Information
  9. 9. How Does Your Website Look on a Phone? A mobile website is the core of many mobile strategies. If you’re going to engage them on a phone, they need to be able to find you on their
  10. 10. Creating A Mobile-Friendly SiteMake your current site mobile-friendly… Or build one particularly for mobiles
  11. 11. Or Create Your Own Simple AppApps need to be downloaded in advance, but then are availableeven offline. Tools like AppMakr, Swep Apps, MobBase will help you create very simple apps for $100-$200… but generally, you’ll need a programmer
  12. 12. Use QR Codes to Make Paper InteractiveLet someone find out more about something they’re interested in
  13. 13. Winona County Historical Society A mobile website that contains historical documents allows people to create their own guided walking tour. This was created with open source software, TapTours, by non-technical staff members.
  14. 14. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch AppiPhone app version of the Monterey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch App
  15. 15. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis They’re more likely to be looking for quick information about you than for in-depth information“Museum apprentices” created detailed Wikipedia articles, whichthey then linked to exhibits using QR codes
  16. 16. How Could This Work for You?
  17. 17. Conversations with Constituents
  18. 18. Sending Broadcast Texts If you’ve collected cell phone numbers, you can text them messages – very similar to broadcast email Rock the Vote
  19. 19. Ask People to Subscribe
  20. 20. Two-way Conversations HELP Can you volunteer this Sat from 1-4? Type YES or NO YES Great! We’ll see you @ 13 Pier st.You can setup automated responses, @ 1:00 pm. Thanks!with lots of branch points if desired
  21. 21. Provide Information from a DatabaseBlue Ocean InstituteYou can connect texts to a database,so people get automatic texts orresponses
  22. 22. Collecting Information People can report emergencies or incidents via SMS, which are collected in a database Ushahidi
  23. 23. Lower Cost Options for Sending Texts Very basic functionality for up 250 text messages for $10/month. More complex functionality available. Up to 1000 texts/month starting at $69
  24. 24. More Full Featured OptionsFull featured platforms which support complex campaigns Easy-to-use interface, with sophisticated functionality (two way, targeted, giving more). Supports mobile giving through MGF. Plans start at about $400/month Mobile texting capabilities via API, to allow programmers to synchronize texts with databases
  25. 25. HOWA Family Center“We’d alwayscommunicated withstudents by email, butthey’d more or less HOWA’s mentoring servicestopped responding.” manager noticed that the students responded quickly to text messages, making that a cheap and easy way to reach them.
  26. 26. TXT4LIFE Allows people toConnection The Crisis complete small tasks, like locating provides a suicide something on a map, prevention hotline taggingviaphoto, or a text message. translating text via an iPhone app. Nonprofits can They get 30 times as sign up. many texts as they did phone calls.
  27. 27. Rate Your Ride The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance piloted a program to let high school students and commuters rate the quality of their bus service.The program cost about $135K all together.
  28. 28. Rate Your Ride Passengers could either answer a survey via mobile text or via a mobile website. 95% of respondents who said they were students answered by text, but only 50% of people going to work.
  29. 29. Rate Your RideIn response, the MTAimproved two bus linesand took over ownershipof the service
  30. 30. How Could This Work for You?
  31. 31. Supporting Staff in the Field
  32. 32. Allow Staff to View Data in the Field
  33. 33. Allow Them to Enter Data Especially if you have staff who work mostly in the field, it can save huge amounts of time to enter data remotely.
  34. 34. Collect Data From Constituents iPads or other tablets can be compelling for surveys or quick data collection… especially to constituents who want to play with them.
  35. 35. Use Mobile Devices to Provide ProgramsCan you letconstituentsuse them tolearn, interact,or otherwisefurther yourmission?
  36. 36. Rolling Out Smart Phones to The Organization Headway Emotional Health Services provided 50 case managers with smart phones to help them view and enter data from the field.
  37. 37. Rolling Out Smart Phones to The Organization They paid $5000 upfront for the I can schedule phones and $1200/ month for data meetings and plans (their system supported appointments just mobile access already) from looking at my phone. If I want to get They’re not tracking results something for my directly, but it’s reduced client, I can do that all scheduling conflicts and staff feel from my phone, too.” they’re more productive.
  38. 38. iPads for Special EducationThe Reach School, a pre-schoolfor kids on the autism spectrum,bought iPads, durable cases, andspecial education apps for eachof their seven classrooms, for atotal investment of about $7000.Teachers use them to showvideos, provide individual kidswith learning games, and as aspecial treat.
  39. 39. How Could This Work for You?
  40. 40. What’s Most Compelling To You?