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  • Well it looks like it’s been a bad day for our friend Buzz Lightyear, and if I were a surgeon, I’d say he requires surgery to re-attach that leg. Surgeons as a group, follow a similar approach to ACL injuries, opting for surgery on the vast majority of them. In fact, as you view this lecture, you may not realize that repair of an ACL is an elective, not a required procedure. It’s become almost standard of care to rush into surgery following an ACL injury. This lecture exists to tell you the other side of the story.
  • Flipped education csm_2014_robertson

    1. 1. Teaching And Learning In A Digital Age: Using Technology To Enhance Physical Therapy Education The Flipped and Blended Classroom Eric Robertson, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT Regis University, Denver, CO
    2. 2. Objectives • • • • • Define “Blended Learning” Identify and discussed the 6 primary blended learning models. Describe characteristics of successful on-line learners & teachers. Describe the flipped classroom model. Identify key technical & pedagogical components required to successfully implement the flipped classroom model in DPT education. • Discuss the benefits, risks, and challenges of this model.
    3. 3. http://www.knewton.com/blended-learning/
    4. 4. Blended Learning: Defined
    5. 5. Not “It’s coming soon”…..It’s here!
    6. 6. The Blended Learning Matrix Blended? A No Home Schooling without online delivery C Maybe Purely virtual school D Yes Theoretical, online delivery in a supervised brick-and-mortar setting Yes! Mix of online/offline, supervised and remote C A Offline Traditional brick-and-mortar school B D Content Delivery Online No B Geographic Location Brick-and-mortar Remote
    7. 7. http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/
    8. 8. Simplify, simplify, simplify…….
    9. 9. Job (in)Security? http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2CrIx9/www.good.is/post/will-a-harvard-professor-s-new-technology-make-college-lectures-a-thing-of-the-past/
    10. 10. Promising Results
    11. 11. Lecture Capture Helps Med Students Improve Grades http://www.centerdigitaled.com/classtech/Lecture-Capture-Helps-Medical-Students-Improve-Grades.html
    12. 12. Online education: a reality in our time (but can it work for PT?!)
    13. 13. Is a Blended Learning Model for a hands-on profession like PT REALLY Possible?!
    14. 14. •Internet vs non-instruction & Internet vs Traditional Instruction (study n=201) •Outcomes assessed •Knowledge •Skills acquisition •Behaviors in clinic/effect on patients •Learner Satisfaction •Result: •Internet-based superior to non-instruction (Large + effects) • Internet-based vs traditional instruction= similarly effective
    15. 15. Flipping Technologies & Approaches
    16. 16. Considerations for Flipping To Flip or Not to Flip: Points of Consideration Curricular How does your agenda fit the greater overall curriculum? Personal Technology Do you you have the skills to develop this content? Time cost? System Technology What resources can you leverage from campus/facility? Course Considerations Time relief for flipped lecture hours? How does this help achieve your educational objectives? Debriefing Strategy How do you integrate flipped content into your in-class time?
    17. 17. Considerations for Flipping Curricular How many classes incorporate flipped content? Is there consistency in the approach? Student time burden? Per day/week/class? Is their consistency in the debriefing strategy?
    18. 18. Considerations for Flipping Personal Technology What’s your comfort with a given technology? Time cost for development? (Recouped later) Integrative plan? Development of support materials
    19. 19. Considerations for Flipping System Technology University resources can lower costs Video servers? Internet connection consistency Instructional Technology support for faculty
    20. 20. Considerations for Flipping Course-level considerations Contact hours issue In what way does blending/flipping help? Support materials Ratio of in-class to online/recorded content?
    21. 21. Considerations for Flipping Debriefing Strategy In-class review? Student driven vs. faculty facilitated? What do you do with the extra time? Establish Expectations
    22. 22. Photo courtesy white-balance via flickr Choosing the right medium, so that it disappears THE TOOLS OF THE FLIP
    23. 23. VIDEO CREATION
    24. 24. VIDEO HOSTING
    25. 25. LMS PLATFORMS
    26. 26. Why Do We Do This?
    28. 28. EXAMPLE
    29. 29. Streaming Video & Lectures Moodle Anywhere
    30. 30. Course Number and Title: Cohort Code and Semester: PT 734 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy 1 DPT 3 Semester 3
    32. 32. I believe another problem is that we still don't understand the true mechanism of many cases of LBP. As was mentioned in one of the video lectures, even society's favorite "go-to" to find answers (diagnostic imaging) will likely be inconclusive, as degeneration is a normal part of the aging process. Even an image with a positive "deformity" finding might not be the true cause of the pain. So not only is over-treatment an issue, but I would argue that "over-diagnosing” is as well.
    33. 33. Questions: Describe the Regional Interdependence (RI) concept Define and describe the 2-Joint Rule Discuss examples from the literature representing a variety of reports types (RCT, case-series, correlational work, etc.) that support the concept of RI
    34. 34. Faculty Benefits
    35. 35. Flipper Confessions
    36. 36. “Flipping” Texas State University’s Entry-level Physical Therapist Musculoskeletal Curriculum and Implementation of a Hybrid Learning Model Boucher BB, Robertson R, Wainner RS, Sanders B. (In Press)
    37. 37. Challenges • Applied profession: skills mastery as well as knowledge acquisition • Limited resources: faculty, up-to-date information, time • Students: expectations, learning style variability, location, competing demands
    38. 38. “Flipping” it from 2009 – Present • Out-of-Class – – – – On-line lectures Lecture “Prep” sheets and handouts Selected primary readings Skills practical in clinic with clinician examiners • In Class – Interactive discussion, problem solving and casebased clinical reasoning and decision making – Formative mini-lab exams (FMLE) – Evidence-based practice (EBP) assignments
    39. 39. Technology • Pre-class preparation – Screen capture – Researched topic and Scripted audio (in-house and later collaborative) – Uploading to central server – LMS formatting and preparation – Mobile devices in mind • In-class Execution – “Smart” classroom station – Ceiling mounted projection camera (lab)
    40. 40. Recorded Lecture Use
    41. 41. Survey Outcomes
    42. 42. Academic Outcomes Course grade averages (practical & written) remained relatively unchanged No practical failures 1st year of fully implementation* *Clinician examiners
    43. 43. Selected Student Comments
    44. 44. Selected Student Comments
    45. 45. Selected Student Comments
    46. 46. Benefits • Customize learning to the specific needs of the individual • Provide immediate feedback • Create a constructive learning environment • Motivate students to perform beyond externally imposed requirements • Build enduring conceptual structures Forearm J. 5 ideal learning standard. Next-generation educational technology versus the lecture. ) EDUCAUSE -Review. 2003;July/August:12–22
    47. 47. How I develop blended learning experiences. ERIC’S PROCESS
    48. 48. Constructing the Base • I develop a PowerPoint Presentation
    49. 49. Slide Design • Font.
    50. 50. Currently, there are over 80,000 ACL injuries in the U.S. each year. Over 90% of those will be surgically repaired. Cochrane SR, 2005, Benjaminse, 2006 It’s a paradigm DPTMWG
    51. 51. Pros and Cons of Slide-by-Slide Audio Takes more time Can feel disjointed Requires logistics planning Can update slides later Can move slides around Time investment stays up front
    52. 52. On scripts…
    53. 53. Play the PowerPoint – Screen capture Things I do when recording: • Set Up Slideshow: Present from window • Camtasia: • Custom screen size • System Audio plugin active • May or may not use timings to advance slides
    54. 54. Work Area in Camtasia
    55. 55. Getting Fancy!
    56. 56. Getting Fancy!
    57. 57. Making a Movie • Advanced Export as an MP4 file • Upload file to Vimeo Pro Account – Can control access to source video file – Mobile ready – I pay for this personally, just FYI. Worth it to me.
    58. 58. Insert into Learning Platform
    59. 59. Apply • Student-lead discussions • Group work sheets • Quizzes • Lab Activities