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  1. 1. LUCAS HEIGHTS COMMUNITY SCHOOL K-12132 Old Illawarra Road, Barden Ridge NSW 2234 Phone: 9543 8317Email: Fax: 9541 0036 ‘HEIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS’Term 3 Volume 13 August 2011 Winners and Grinners at Lucas Heights Community School
  2. 2. New Payment ProceduresYou can now pay school fees via direct credit from you bankaccounts. Our BSB is 032 001 and the account number is 147385in the name of Lucas Heights Community School.It is essential that you include your child’s name and then pleaseemail us directly at let us know what the payment is to cover. We will ensure it isdebited against the correct invoice.It is very important that you still return to your child’steacher signed permission notes for any excursions before thedue date.We still also take credit card via the phone and EFTPOS, chequeor cash by hand.Payments are accepted at the Front Office Payments desk until11.00am each day. This allows banking to be done each day in atimely manner.Please ensure all envelopes include the name of thestudent and excursion they are attending as we are stillreceiving a number of payments without names.We are currently in the process of mailing statements.
  3. 3. Principal’s Report in favour of continuing his attendance at Lucas Heights. Lucas Heights has muchTuesday’s sports event in K to 6 was a to offer and I am pleased that thissuccess in many ways. With multiple message is filtering out into the widerstudent teachers in the school this term, K 6 executive staff allocated them the I will be attending Woronora River P & Ctask of planning and managing the meeting next month to meet with parents“Games-a-thon” held on Tuesday. I am who are also considering Lucas Heightsvery proud to announce that almost for their children’s high school years.$8,700.00 was raised through this event.As well as a huge success in terms of Thank you for your support of yourfund raising, children benefitted from the children’s learning.experience and student teachers were Kevin Haydonable to apply the theory they have beenlearning at university to a very practicaland worthwhile event. Letters sent home to parents:Funds raised from the event will be spenton providing wireless keyboard tablets to 8/8 Preliminary Chemistry Science ininterface with the interactive whiteboards the City Excursionin K to 6 classrooms. The interactive 9/8 P&C Father’s Day Stall 2011whiteboards are a marvellous resource 10/8 Statement of Account forand the wireless keyboards will increase outstanding paymentstheir usefulness even more. My thanks go 11/8 2S Gymsports Term 3to parents who supported the activity andalso to student teachers for their 16/8 Choral Festival 19 & 22 Augustconfident planning and management of 22/8 Stage 3 Canberra Camp Finalthe event. InformationPlanning is well underway for 2012 with 23/8 Year 9 Marine Studies Excursiontimetabling progressing well for 7 to 12curriculum. Schools are staffed on a strictratio based on student enrolment and atthis time of year I am required to submit NEW ENROLMENTSanticipated enrolment numbers for thefollowing year. Our numbers are strong at We are now taking new enrolmentsthis time with an increased number of for both Kindergarten and Year 7.students from Bangor Primary School.We have also experienced a significant If you know of any friends or neigh-number of out of area enrolment bours who are interested in attend-applications recently which have buoyedour current enrolment. ing Lucas Heights CommunityI am also very pleased to advise that one School, please ask them to visitcurrent LHCS student, who was offered a and we would be delighted to showscholarship next year at a prestigious them around.private school in the city, turned it down
  4. 4. Jesse’s trip to MelbourneLast week I went to Melbourne to compete in theSchool Sport Australia Swimming Championships.On the Friday before we left, I met up with theNew South Wales team and we were presented withour uniforms. We were given a NSW sports bagand NSW backpack and they were filled to the topwith New South Wales gear. This was what we wereto wear all week and we wore it with pride.My favourite things were the NSW pins we weregiven to trade with kids from all of the otherstates. I ended up with different pins from everystate of Australia and also traded with the kidsfrom New Zealand. My NSW hat is covered in pinsand it looks so cool!!!On Saturday, we all met at the airport and flew down to Melbourne with the team. Assoon as we got there, we went straight to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centrefor a “warm-up” swim, the place was huge, even bigger than Homebush. Then mumpicked me up and we went to our hotel.Sunday was the opening ceremony and it was very official - with a marching band,people singing and a lot of speeches. Then, after what seemed like forever, theswimming started.My first event was the 12 year old boy‟s 200 metres individual medley. I came secondin it, and was presented with my first ever “individual national medal”. On Monday I was in the 200 metres freestyle and only narrowly missed out on the bronze medal, but I swam it 8 seconds faster than I have ever swum it before. On Tuesday, I swam in the 50 metres freestyle and made the final, in which I came 7th. Then on Wednesday, I was in the 100 metres butterfly and 100 metres freestyle. Once again I made the final in both of these events and ended up 5th in the butterfly final and 6th in the freestyle final.On Thursday, the New South Wales Team had an excursion to the Melbourne CricketGround and the Melbourne Sports Museum. It was great to have a day off competingand I really enjoyed the Sports Museum as well as the tram ride to get there.
  5. 5. Friday was our last day and I was in the 12 year old boy‟s relay team. It was reallygood swimming with the boys that I normally swim against. We all gave it everything wehad, I think everyone of us did a PB, and only just missed out on the gold medal, but wewere more than happy with the silver medals that were presented to us.To top off what was one of the best weeksof my life, I was presented with the SchoolSport Australia Sportsmanship Award. Thisaward is given for:“This Award is designed to recognise thoseindividuals who have displayed outstandingintegrity, sportsmanship and the ideal ofFair Play. The Awardees are nominated byofficials, managers and event administrationfor this prestigious honour.”In the past week, I have met more people,have made more friends, have had more fun and experienced so much more than Iwould have ever thought possible – all because of doing something that I love –”Swimming”.Throughout my life, swimming has given me so many opportunities, but without a doubt,I will never forget my week in Melbourne, for not only my achievements, but moreimportantly for the many new friends I have made, who I am sure I will stay in contactwith for a very long time.I would really like to thank everybody at school who has supported and encouraged me and most of all believed in me – in particular, Mrs Langenheim and Mrs Mealing. This all started back in February at our school swimming carnival and then to have finally reached National level has been unbelievable! Jesse G
  6. 6. 1B’s Information Reports on People in the Community who help usFirefighters — by ChelseaFirefighters save people and put out fires.Firefighters wear a hard hat, a yellow coat and black boots.Firefighters work at a fire station and train at the gym.Firefighters have lots of equipment. The equipment is a radio, a siren, cutters,ladders, breathing apparatus, a hose and water cannon.I think firefighters are very brave.Firefighters — LachlanFirefighters turn the hose on to put out a fire.They wear yellow suits, black boots and a helmet.Firefighters work at a fire station and work out inthe gym.They use hose cutters, ladders, a siren, a radio andwater cannons.I think they are very helpful.Firefighters — SamuelFirefighters use a big strong hose to put out fires.Firefighters save people and buildings at risk to save nature.Firefighters wear a fire-proof yellow and black uniform to protect their skin.Firefighters work at a fire station. They also drive in a big red or yellow fire truck.They use a cutter to cut thick metal and a hose to spray water over a fire.I think being a firefighter is very hard work. Congratulations Samuel Lost property At the Musical Soiree I played “Study in Please check lost property if A Minor”. I saw my best friend Thomas your child is missing any there. The audience was excited. First I items of clothing. saw the Training Band then the Senior Also we have quite a few smaller Band. After that two more people items in the front office, so if you performed and it was my turn. I played are missing anything, please the big, digital piano. It was lots of fun. check with us. Lots of people said I did a good job. Thank you. Samuel 1B aged 7
  7. 7. Year 12 students - University Open DaysAt this time of year all of the universities will include a tour of Victoria Barracks,hold Open Days for prospective students demonstrations, presentations andto visit campuses and spend a few hours activities from a variety of Army Unitsbrowsing around faculties they are including Army Band, Medical Corps,interested in and asking lots of Physical Training Instructors, Militaryquestions. Police, Engineers, Infantry, Signalmen, Ordnance Corps, Artillery, ArmouredThe full list of Open Days is on page 13 Corps, Aviation Corps and a talk fromof the UAC Handbook and other details Defence Force Recruiting.are in the schools Careers Newsletters,sent to each senior students school email This would be a good opportunity foraddress. students who are interested in joining the Army to gain a better understanding ofA big date to remember is 27 August 27 the careers available through the Army,2011 when Sydney Uni, UTS, UNSW, and also an insight into the MilitaryNewcastle, ADFA, ANU, Canberra and lifestyle and working environment.the ACU all hold their Open Days, butthere are several other Open Days Students must be over 15 years of age asbetween now and 10 September 2011. at 6 October 2011 to participate and must register at the Careers office beforeVictoria Barracks is holding an Army 12 September 2011.Careers Day during the school holidays,on Thursday 6 October 2011. The day John Wing Careers Adviser LHCS SPORTS POLOS - UPDATEThank you to all parents who have placed orders for the new sports polo shirt. Weplaced the order for these shirts with our supplier, Beare & Ley, 9 weeks ago with theexpectation that they would be delivered within 6 weeks. Unfortunately this deliverydate has been postponed. They have informed us that delivery will be another 1-2weeks.Please accept our apologies for this delay, a situation which has been out of ourcontrol.New supply arrangements will be negotiated for future orders.As soon as they are delivered they will be sent to your child’s class (K-6) and to theFront Office for collection (Years 7-11).
  8. 8. Woolworth’s Earn & Learn Program WE NEED YOUR SHOPPING DOCKETS!!!Until 18 September 2011, you can earn one Earn & Learn point for our schoolfor every $10 you spend at Woolworths**.Points automatically appear on your shopping dockets, so all you need to do is bringthose dockets to school and place them in the special Woolworths collection boxlocated in the Front Office.So, what do we earn? We can redeem from a choice of more than 7,000 educationalresources including library books, classroom equipment, art & crafts materials andmuch, much more!So bring in your Woolworths shopping dockets. Ask your friends and family tocollect their dockets too.Help Woolies to help our school. Collect as many Earn & Learn points as you can!If you would like more information about Woolworth’s Earn & Learn, includingwhat we can get for our school go to:** Excluding the purchase of cigarettes, alcohol and gift cards or purchases made through Woolworths online orat Caltex Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets.Dear Blood Service Supporter,We need your help...The Mobile Blood Service is visiting ANSTO (Located in car park next to motel &cafeteria, New Illawarra Rd) on the 5th & 6th of September and plenty of appointmentsare still available!We currently have less than 4 days blood supply left in NSW. We need to collect over 45donations each day just to meet hospital demand. Winter is the most difficult time for theBlood Service, with regular donors suffering colds and flu and supplies can drop to criticallevels. We need your help now to boost supplies. We are calling on potential new donorsor anyone who hasn’t donated for a while, to make an appointment, particularly donors withthe blood types O and A.It would be wonderful if you could please pass the below email on to your colleagues,family or friends in the area that are able to donate or spread the message. Every blooddonation helps to save 3 lives.Please call 13 14 95 or email to book yourappointment. Thank you for your help,Jennifer Parcell, Community Relations Office, CBD Donor Mobile UnitDo something special. Give blood. Call 13 14 95 or visit
  9. 9. Sport shirts Any PSSA or Zone singlets / shirts please return to the school as soon aspossible as there are a number missing and some students have to miss out wearing school colours at carnivals. Thank you
  10. 10. Support Unit Tins for TummiesWe would like to officially welcome our Spring is upon us and it‟s time to clearnew student, Amanda to our school as a the cupboards and bring in a tin for apart of Year 9. worthy case. Our school is teaming upThe Senior Northcott Athletics Carnival with The Exodus Foundation to collectwas held on Friday 26 August at tins of food forHomebush and we all had a great time. people in need. So, ifThe students were lucky enough to meet you can spare a tinthe Governor General, Her Excellency for tummies, send itQuentin Bryce, who took a great interest in to Mrs Cooke‟sin their events. We will let you know room, before the endhow well we went in the next edition. of term.On Saturday, some past students and The hungry tummies of Sydney thankstaff, as well as some current staff met as you.part of a reunion at the Mill Hotel. It was P.S. Don‟t forget we are also collectinggreat to see what people have been up to egg cartons to send over to the Solomonsince they left Lucas Heights Islands to establish chicken farms forCommunity School. the local community. Mr Foulger Mrs Cooke COSBTR Gifted and Talented workshops for Stage 1 and Stage 2 students. Stage 1 - Friday 16 September Stage 2 - Thursday 22 September The topic is technology using Moviemaker to be held at Menai Primary School Teachers will select students who they feel have an aptitude for this topic.
  11. 11. Games-A-ThonThank you to everyone involved with ourfabulous Games-A-Thon which tookplace on the council oval on Tuesday 23August. The rain held off and althoughthe council oval was muddy, the childrenthoroughly enjoyed the day.Thank you to the practice teachers fromUniversity of Wollongong and NotreDame University who were so willingand motivated to seek sponsorship,organise the activities and design theoverall program of events. Well done!Thank you to all the students whose great Peer supportenergy on the day was contagious. At first I did not want to do peer support...And thank you so much to all our and when it was announced I for sure waswonderful families who helped their not looking forward to it, but throughoutchildren collect sponsorship money. peer support I really enjoyed it and got aWithout your great support we would not lot out of it. I urge future peer supportbe able to raise this money. leaders not to give up before you startWe raised $8,692.90, which will be used this amazing program. Because peerto purchase wireless keyboard tablets to support not only gives you great life skillsinterface with the interactive whiteboards of being a leader, it is a wonderfulin K to 6 classrooms. experience – the whole thing.Fantastic effort everyone! Kyle 6B Carolyn Lakiss SYDNEY EAST SCHOOL SPORT Your school sporting Zone/ District now has a website where you can access information about your local Zone/District school sporting activities.
  12. 12. BRODY’S SPACE CAMPJOURNEYSpace Academy and Field Studies– September, 2011Brody Johnston of Year 10 at LucasHeights Community School has beensuccessful in his application toparticipate in Space Camp USA 2011.Brody will be travelling with 23 otherstudents from 15 schools across thewider South Western Sydney region toSpace Academy & Field Studies inHuntsville, Alabama USA from 23rdSeptember – 10th October.The Space Academy & Field StudiesTour is coordinated and supported byLAZSTA (Metropolitan South WestScience Teachers Association). Whilstthe Space Academy Program is thehighlight of the overall tour, the group will visit many other places of scientificinterest in the US on their tour. In addition several local weekend science workshopsorganised by LAZSTA including participation in projects with the NSW PowerhouseMuseum and the Sydney Observatory have already been undertaken by the students.Brody is the only student with Asperger‟s Syndrome participating in the 2011 SpaceAcademy and Field Studies Tour. Asperger‟s Syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) that impairs social and communication skills and although ASD will be anadditional challenge for Brody on the tour, he is excited to be involved in all aspects ofthe program. For more info about Asperger‟s Syndrome Camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Brody to embark on anenrichment program whilst being provided with opportunities for leadershipdevelopment. The concept of the US Space Academy is about pushing the limits,presenting participants with mental, physical and emotional challenges. Whilst this is aneffort for anyone, in Brody‟s case, participating in activities at Space Camp US is evenmore of an amazing achievement and he also gets to travel overseas to do so.
  13. 13. Supporting Brody on the tour is his „Space Academy Buddy‟ Jackie Slaviero, anAssistant Principal at Eastwood Public School and Dr Ken Silburn, President of LAZSTAand Head Science Teacher at Casula High School. Jackie has been nominated for threeconsecutive years for the NEITA Inspirational Teacher of the Year and both Ken andJackie have been nominated for the 2011 Prime Minister‟s Science Award, so Brody willhave great support on his Space Camp expedition!In addition to the Cadburyfundraiser chocolates thatBrody has been sellingaround the school grounds Space Camp USAover the past few weeks a BBQ & RAFFLE FUNDRAISERSausage Sizzle & Raffle Friday 9th Septemberfundraiser will be held at (Lunchtime)Lunchtime on Friday 9thSeptember in theundercover area near theschool library.So please support this wonderful opportunity for Brody to „take off‟ to Space Camplater this month, by purchasing a raffle ticket and something from the Sausage Sizzlenext Friday 9th.On behalf of Brody, our family would like to thank LHCS P&C, Mrs Green, Mr Haydon,Ms Rogers, staff & school community for the support Brody has already received in hispreparation for Space Camp. We would also like to acknowledge sponsorship received from local businesses; Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills Cinemas & Bresnahan’s Quality Meats Mortdale. Anyone interested in reading more about LAZSTA Space Academy Tour can visit this site that will be added to during the tour: http:// LAZSTA/2011_Tour.html Brody will share his experience at Space Camp in a daily Blog and when he has completed the tour, he will let you know all about it in a future LHCS Newsletter.
  14. 14. PARENTS & CITIZENS ASSOCIATION132 Old Illawarra RoadBarden Ridge NSW 2234Telephone (02) 9543 8317Facsimile (02) 9541 0036Email: P&C NEWSLETTERP&C Meetings 2011 New supply arrangements will be negotiated forThe P&C meets in the Staff Common Room future orders.(next to the Library) on the first Wednesday of As soon as they are delivered they will be sent toeach month. Doors open at 7.15 for a 7.30pm your child’s class (K-6) and to the Front Officestart. Tea / coffee / supper is provided. for collection (Years 7-11).Remaining meeting dates for 2011 are Term 3 - Sky Blue Sports Polo – Current Stock on SaleWednesday 7 September; Term 4 - Wednesday All stock of the current sky blue polo shirts that2 November, and Wednesday 7 December. are being phased out are on sale in our UniformFather’s Day Stall – K-6 is being held on Shop for $5. These shirts can be worn for theMonday 29 August. Please return your order remainder of the year.and money by Friday 26 August. If you need What to do with your old sky blue sportsan order form they are available from the Front polo? Donate to Charity!Office. We are sending all your old sky blue sports poloKids Artwork Cards, Calendars and Mouse shirts to a charity in New Guinea. We areMats – Orders due 19 September receiving free airfreight for the cause. When youEach year we run the Kids Artwork Fundraiser. have your new sports shirt, please bring in yourYour child’s artwork is completed as a class old shirts and place them in the collection box inactivity and we send it to be made into quality the Uniform Shop or to the Front Office.Calendars, Greeting Cards and Mouse Mats that LHCS Uniform Shop Volunteerswill be available for purchase. Information about Our school Uniform Shop is staffed bythe fundraiser and Order forms are being sent volunteers. We need help to keep the shop openhome in Week 7. The quality of the products is to continue to service you. It is only with theexceptionally high. If you wish to see samples, help of volunteers that we can keep all our pricesthey are available at the Front Office and the low and save you time and money.Uniform Shop. All orders will be delivered inplenty of time to meet overseas posting PLEASE consider giving a little of your time todeadlines so you can also purchase for any make a BIG difference. All training is given.overseas Christmas presents! Your orders must Help is required at any of the following times:be received by Monday 19 September. Monday 8.45-9.15amLHCS Sports Polos - update Monday 2.45-3.15pmThank you to all parents who have placed orders Tuesday 8.45-9.15amfor the new sports polo shirt. We placed the Wednesday 2.45-3.15pmorder for these shirts with our supplier, Beare & Friday 8.45-9.15amLey, 9 weeks ago with the expectation that theywould be delivered within 6 weeks. If you are able to assist at any of these times itUnfortunately this delivery date has been would be greatly appreciated. Please leavepostponed. They have informed us that delivery your details at the Uniform Shop or the Frontwill be another 1-2 weeks. Office.Please accept our apologies for this delay, a Mrs Poore, President LHCS P&Csituation which has been out of our control.
  15. 15. P& C Up and Coming Events Fathers Day Stall – Monday 29 August Cards, Calendars and Mouse Mats Fundraiser – Term 3/4 Inter Relate Sex Education Evening for Years K-7– Wednesday 19 October Sunscreen Fundraiser – Term 4Remember School Banking is every Tuesday so have your child bring their depositbook in. Would you like your child to eat more fruit and vegetables? Some exciting news from the Heights Bite’s Canteen The Height‟s Bites Canteen is pleased to announce in collaboration with the Sydney Markets the Fresh for Kids “Power Up with Ben and Gwen to Win” cam- paign, beginning next week and continuing until the end of the term to promote eating fresh fruit and vegetables as a healthy snack choice. Each day the canteen will be selling a variety of fruit and vegetable snacks such as apples, apple slinkies, oranges, mandarins, fruit cups, celery and carrot sticks for the children to select from, priced from only $1 each. Each time a student makes a fresh fruit or vegetable purchase, they will re- ceive a token sticker on their Sticker Card. When they have 4 tokens on their card, they hand it in at the Canteen and re- ceive a Bag Tag. There are 6 different fun characters to collect. Their card will then be entered in the draw with entries from other schools to win some terrific prizes: Major prize: 32” Ben 10 Branded TV with Wii console Runner up: 4 x Ben 10 Branded Nintendo DS + Ben 10 Games Plus: 50 x Ben 10 Showbags containing Frisbee, Mini Basketball, Omnitrix Watch, Poster and soft Football. Children can enter more than once. Happy Eating and Good Luck!
  16. 16. KINDERGARTEN, YEAR 7 and ALL OTHER YEARS 2012 ENROLLING NOWPlease contact us on 9543 8317 for an enrolment package and remind friends and neighbours that we are currently enrolling, for 2012.