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Social Media Best Practices: Slides from Changing Faces of Women's Leadership Seminar, June 2016


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Slides from Gwen Woltz of Wahine Media's workshop at the Changing Faces of Women's Leadership Seminar: Women as Innovators and Entrepreneurs on June 29, 2016.

Get to know the fundamentals of social media management from "need to have" to "nice to have" to "great to have" in this hands on workshop. Be sure to save this slideshow! It includes examples of great posts by leading businesses, and a link to a hidden gem caption muse database. Please email for questions.

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Social Media Best Practices: Slides from Changing Faces of Women's Leadership Seminar, June 2016

  1. 1. Social Media Best Practices Slides:
  2. 2. Social media is not free It has tremendous value
  3. 3. Understand social media’s real value and cost How much is a deposit in your brand’s trust bank worth to you?
  4. 4. Let’s compare Full page print ad in one issue of Hawaii Magazine (2 month issue) = $4,120 (2015 rate) Return • 200K print impressions • 68K circulation
  5. 5. Let’s compare 2 months social media management for a medium sized business = about $4,000 Return • Impressions (5K+ fans, easily reach 200K) • Engagement (touch points) • Conversion (sales, clicks to website) • Content • TRUST
  6. 6. Social media return is no different than relationship return
  7. 7. Need to have Nice to have Great to have
  8. 8. Need to have
  9. 9. Beginning phases • Build awareness (impressions, reach) • Size of community (fans, followers) • Content performance (engagement rate) Accelerated phases • Ad performance (CPM, CPF) • Conversation (mentions, comments, DM’s) • Content performance (engagement rate) Attainable goals
  10. 10. Advanced phases • Conversion (website traffic, email opt ins, product purchase) • Customer service (number of inquiries, response time) • Influence (rate or R/T / share per post) • SEO (blog keyword effectiveness, rankings, subscribes) Attainable goals
  11. 11. Google Alerts Hootsuite & keyword monitoring Hashtags Twitter lists Monitor
  12. 12. Develop only the most remarkable content that connects with your target community Captions are equally as important as the image! Remember you are competing with photos from friends and family Repurpose old content Tell a story and leave breadcrumbs Investment in content
  13. 13. “Storytelling means you have to reveal something beyond self-congratulations. 
 It is not just a gimmick to sell more crap. Storytelling is about relationship—most importantly describing the world of your audience, and how much you get who they are, what they care about, and where they are trying to get in life.” —Michael Margolis CEO, Get Storied
  14. 14. That’s less than a goldfish The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds
  15. 15. Your top priority is to create “shareworthy” content
  16. 16. Nostalgia
  17. 17. Fill in the blank
  18. 18. Follow the trend
  19. 19. Did you know?
  20. 20. DIY
  21. 21. Humor
  22. 22. Inside scoop
  23. 23. Product showcase
  24. 24. Quick contest
  25. 25. Hashtag traditions
  26. 26. • Compelling photo or video • Caption is one sentence or two • Caption makes photo connection • Use colorful, lively action verbs • Vary the way you begin captions • Don’t state the obvious • Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct • All people are identified appropriately • Photo credit given • Do not begin a caption with names • “Below” and “pictured here” below unnecessary • Other businesses tagged • Hashtags used on Twitter / Instagram (1-3) Caption checklist
  27. 27. Here’s something to get your captions started You’re welcome :-)
  28. 28. These photos left us speechless. Big news. Wow. Everything can be a game. So, which is it? Hot, or cold? Boom. For the win! You should be here! Why not you? The power of love. Halfway there. Goodness gracious! The wait is almost over. #ToughMudder We've known it all along. There, that's better. Well, okay then… Ahhh, so that's why... Got to have sauce. One love, one heart. Need an Ark? I Noah guy. Good talk, let’s do it again sometime. The cold never bothered me anyway. Want to see our duck face? On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Take a ride on this energy. He's getting his pose on. We say why not? The question isn’t can you, it’s will you? Life is better when you’re laughing. Do 2x the good and share with a friend! Our rock stars! Coffee first, my good friend. (cust serv) Positive vibes are surrounding us today... and we like it! She believed she could, so she did! Some days it's easy being green. —Kermit the Frog (honu)
  29. 29. You can download more here:
  30. 30. Great content creation apps: Over, PicFrame, Boomerang, Flipgram, WordSwag Free photos: New Old Stock, Unsplash, Others: PowToon, Fyuse
  31. 31. MUST respond to engagement on profiles Get to know your community by individuals Remember your community may not all be your direct customers, but they are equally as important Don’t miss out on opportunities to weave your brand (aka logo) into conversations off your profile *WORKSHOP 1* Equal engagement & posting
  32. 32. WORKSHOP 1 See handout for exercise
  33. 33. Facebook is pay to play Instagram ads through Facebook ad platform Twitter ads expensive, but quality “Keep profiles alive” formula (baseline) Conversion ads should be above baseline budget Allocate budget for social ads
  34. 34. “Keep profiles alive” (baseline) formula 50% build fans: align with current marketing targets, use audience insights 50% boost posts: to fans & friends of fans Facebook: expect to pay between $0.15 - $0.85 per fan (depending upon target audience) Twitter: expect to pay between $1.25 - $3.25 per follower NO ads to gain Instagram followers (yet)
  35. 35. Reviews correspond with direct sales more than any other social channel (depending upon product) • Claim profiles • Monitor weekly • Address the negative Review management
  36. 36. Hootsuite • Schedule content to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ • Don’t use for Facebook scheduling • Monitor keywords and twitter lists Google sheets (collaborative) • Pre-plan content, house passwords, house response database Basic management tools
  37. 37. Nice to have
  38. 38. UGC (user generated content) is created with or without you UGC is one of the most valuable returns on social media. People become your marketing machine If you are a brick and mortar, this is a NEED TO HAVE Monitor & engage geotags (Gramfeed or Hootsuite) Encourage community to share - develop a brand hashtag *WORKSHOP 2* Community oriented content
  39. 39. #PutACanOnIt—Red Bull This year Red Bull came away with the prestigious “Best Use of A Hashtag” Shorty Award with its #PutACanOnIt campaign. Though the hashtag was created by Red Bull, it was inspired by a photo the company found on Twitter wherein the photographer is seen holding a Red Bull can above a Mini Cooper to make it look as though it was a trademarked Red Bull car. The trend exploded as people around the world began creating their own images with Red Bull cans placed in unique positions.
  40. 40. #AstonLife: Aston Hotels & Resorts The Aston experience is not just about the room, the view, the pool, the hospitality, or the amenities—it's about the adventure, the laughter, the romance, the quality time with family, the memories. #AstonLife is about you, our treasured guests, and we want to share your story! We invite you to upload a favorite photo from a stay with us at Aston Hotels & Resorts. Select photos will be featured on our social profiles.
  41. 41. WORKSHOP 2 Tips on developing a brand hashtag • It should rarely be your name • It should tie into your brand or motto • It should be short and easy to remember • Often times they are compound words or phrases • It should never be an obscure acronym • It shouldn’t include a date or year unless relevant • Sometimes a hashtag can be tied to a contest or campaign, but should still tie closely to the brand See handout for exercise
  42. 42. Integrate team members outside of social • Customer service • Product development • Reputation management & PR • If high volume, utilize ticketing system (Podio, Zen Desk, Sprout Social) 100% review response • Use Revinate Full circle customer service
  43. 43. In addition to Hootsuite & Google tools Sprout Social • Analytics • Scheduling Podio • Project management, c/s ticketing system Short Stack • Contests, webforms Advanced management tools
  44. 44. Blogs • Rich, authority-building, relevant “give back” that makes fans click through to read more • Headline is the MOST IMPORTANT part of a post Products • If you are a retailer, you MUST use Pinterest • Sell “softly” Content that links to website
  45. 45. In reality, trend is beyond uploaded video it has moved to live broadcast Video performs the best (Facebook is competing with YouTube) Moving content stands out better and well worth the investment. Consider gifs or animations Cinemegraphs 360 Video is here! Video and moving content
  46. 46. Great to have
  47. 47. Regular on-site content generation Live broadcast • Periscope • Facebook live • Google Hangouts on air Live content
  48. 48. Engage fans on a deeper level A campaign can be content oriented, doesn’t always have to include a “prize” Co-op campaigns with other businesses have more reach, bigger impact. Make sure partnership makes sense! Contests & campaigns
  49. 49. Landing pages on website from social Blog Email marketing Product sales on social Google Analytics conversion tracking Full circle conversion mechanisms
  50. 50. SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS TIMELINE Month 1-2 • Set up and monitor • Develop brand voice • Start posting daily • Focus on content performance and adjust • Build content bank Month 3-7 • Start using ads • Develop customer service protocols • Analyze data and optimize content • Focus on engagement Month 8-12 • Plan for contest or campaign • Optimize c/s protocols • Contribute optimized content to bank Month 13 – 18 • Execute contest or campaign • Integrate sales and conversion Month 19 – 24 • Analyze data and adjust strategy • Activate conversion ads
  51. 51. Your homework
  52. 52. What killed the infographic? The Calgary Zoo Shares its Annual Report on Instagram its-annual-report-on-instagram Infographic: The Optimal Length for Every Social Media Update and More 6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals HOT TAGS & INSTAGRAMERS | Websta (Webstagram) 327 Good Selfie Quotes & Funny Captions 197 Funny & Cute Instagram Captions The 7 Best Instagram Hashtags for Business (in 30+ Niche Markets) industry-sector
  53. 53. Live audit Any volunteers?
  54. 54. Keep in touch! Wahine Media web: blog: facebook: twitter: @wahinemedia Gwen Woltz Twitter/Instagram: @gjwahine Get the slides wahinemedia