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I was invited to speak at one of the Inventors Society of South Florida, ISSF, monthly meetings about Social Media. We also discussed why it is important to have optimized profiles in the mainstream social platforms, and looked at some of the specifics for getting set up. This presentation also touches on the importance of listening to what users have to say about you, your products and services, your competitors, etc. and how you can leverage those findings to help guide strategy for your social efforts.

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Social Media for Inventors Society of South Florida (ISSF)

  1. 1. Social MediaStandard Operating Procedures
  2. 2. Meet Your PresenterApril NelsonPresident, Digital CompassSocial Media Strategist Since 2001
  3. 3. Agenda• Listening• Profile Optimization• Building an Audience• Management Tools• How to Tell What’s Working
  4. 4. Social Media ProcessListenEducateListenInformListenEngage
  5. 5. What am I Listening For?• Mentions of your Company name• Mentions of your brand(s)• Executives’ names• City name• Business partners• Product themed keywords
  6. 6. Setting up a Google Alert• Enter a search querythat you would like tomonitor• Choose result type• Preview the results
  7. 7. Preview Your Google Alert
  8. 8. TweetDeck• An app that brings flexibility and insights ofTwitter users• By Twitter, for Twitter
  9. 9. TweetDeck
  10. 10. Add Streams in TweetDeck• Search Tweetsor Users– Filter contentso you only seewhat you wantto see– Identify usersto follow andinteract with
  11. 11. Social Mention• Allows you to track (and measure) who is talkingabout your staff, your organization, or any topicrelated to your industry.• Social Mention pulls data from over 100 social mediaplatforms to give you the most accurate, real-timeinformation landscape in real-time.
  12. 12. Social Mention• Sentiment• Top Keywords• Top Users• Top #Hashtags• Mentions by Source
  13. 13. Social Mention
  14. 14. Social Media Alphabet
  15. 15. Profile Optimization
  16. 16. Control morereal estate insearch results
  17. 17. Facebook - Basic Information• Founded Date• Physical Address• Long Description• Social Media Guidelines /Disclaimers for Compliance• Mission Statement• Awards• Products• Phone Number• Email Address
  18. 18. SEO* for Your Facebook Page• User Name• About• Mission• Company Description• Email address• Address• Phone Number*SEO = Search Engine OptimizationLOCALSEARCH
  19. 19. How Your Page is Indexed• Title = Your Page Name• Description = Page Name + About section ofyour PageSEO TitleMetaDescription
  20. 20. LinkedIn Company Page
  21. 21. Creating a LinkedIn Company Page• Company Type• Company Size• Add your website URL• Select an Industry• Operating Status• Year Founded
  22. 22. Creating a LinkedIn Company Page• Upload your main cover image / banner– PNG, JPEG, or GIF; max size 2 MB– Must be 646 x 220 pixels or larger– Note: You can crop your image once its uploaded• Upload your logo– PNG, JPEG, or GIF; max size 2 MB– Note: Image will be resized to fit 100x60 pixels
  23. 23. Creating a LinkedIn Company Page• Add your Company Description– What makes you unique?– 1-2 paragraphs– Google search results shows previews of yourPage text– Incorporate keywords• Click Publish to save your changes
  24. 24. Add Your Products & Services• Build out Products & Services Page– Allows you to showcase everything you do / offer– Marketers that build out this section tend to havetwice as many followers
  25. 25. Products & Services Example
  26. 26. LinkedIn Personal Profile• PERSONAL PROFILE OPTIMIZATION RECOMMENDATIONS• Maintain a current profile• Make it robust / complete• Utilize anchor text and link to deep pages on the main website• Use LinkedIn status updates– Keep your network aware of key speaking engagements or meetingsyou’re attending– Weigh in on the latest news relevant to your specialty• Recommend colleagues• Ask for recommendations where it makes sense (you workedtogether on a case, speech, article, presentation, etc.)• Keep an active reading list – an easy way to keep your profile active• Join professional groups for business owners / specialists in yourfield
  27. 27. Twitter• MUST-DO TO MAXIMIZE SEO AND USABILITY• Ensure your Twitter Name is representative ofyour Company / Brand / Product• Use strategic keywords toward the beginningof your bio.• Your Twitter bio information is key as Twittersearch engines use keywords in your bio insearch results when people are looking forsimilar users to follow.
  28. 28. YouTube• MUST-DO TO MAXIMIZE SEO AND USABILITY• Optimize Titles– Make them provocative so users will want to click through toview– Incorporate important keywords at the beginning of the titleand branding at the end of the Title• Optimize Descriptions– Incorporate a call to action where it makes sense– Incorporate links to the main website where appropriate (SEO /link building value and also helps users find related andadditional info)• Add keyword-specific tags to help give your videos the bestchance of showing up within YouTube internal search
  29. 29. Other Platforms to Consider• SlideShare• Quora• Vimeo• Pinterest
  30. 30. There’s an AppFor ThatApps
  31. 31. OVER 550,000 Apps for Pages on FaebookSource:
  32. 32. Apps
  33. 33. Default v. CustomDefault Apps• Photos• Events• Notes• VideoCustom Apps• Over 550,000• They are turned off bydefault to keep things cleanand organized• Allow extensible features tobe added into your page
  34. 34. Default Apps
  35. 35. Default App: Notes• Notes is a quick and easy way to populatecontent on your Page• No fancy design or styling – straight text withability to upload images• Each Note is index-able in search results –additional opportunities to be found!
  36. 36. Applications for Apps• Cross-promote other Social channels• RSS feed• Email Capture (Newsletter Sign Up, Contact From,Make an Appointment, etc.)• Polls & Surveys• Contests & Promotions• iFrames– pull in content from your website– Add a block of html
  37. 37. Popular Apps• Cross-promote other Social channels– Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare• RSS feed– RSS Feed Reader, Social RSS• Email Capture– Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Aweber, ContactMe,Extended Info• Polls & Surveys– Survey Monkey• Contests & Promotions– Wildfire• iFrames– Static HTML: iframes
  38. 38. Static HTML: iframe tabs• Add content / image for non-fans
  39. 39. Talking to Customers
  40. 40. Responding to Comments – Best Practices• Respond in a timely manner, within 24 hours• Always be polite and empathetic, and try to directnegative comments or dissatisfied customers offline asquickly as possible• Be helpful by pointing users to the requestedinformation on your website• When possible, follow back up with the commenterwhen additional / new information is available• Be positive when someone points out a mistake; thankthem for letting you know• Don’t delete comments; with the exception ofcomments that violate your social media policy
  41. 41. Positive / Neutral CommentsDoes the commentviolate socialmedia policy?NOCan you add valueby saying thankyou or providingadditional info?NOLet it stand; noresponsenecessary.Comment back,based on thepresent situation.YESYESDocument anddelete thecomment.
  42. 42. Negative CommentsDoes thecommentviolate socialmedia policy?NODoes thecriticism /attack /comment havemerit?NOLet it stand; noresponsenecessary.Does thecommentincludeincorrect info?YESYESDocument anddelete thecomment.NOIs the commentstemming from anegativeexperience withyour organization?YES YESRespond withthe correct /factual info andsite your sourcesif needed.Admit yourmistake(s) andremedy thesituation ifpossible.NOCan you addvalue by sayingthank you orprovidingadditional info?NOLet it stand; noresponsenecessary.Commentback, based onthe presentsituation.YES
  43. 43. Building an Audience
  44. 44. Cross-Promoting
  45. 45. Offline• Flyers & brochures• Direct mail, postcards, etc.• Letterhead• Business cards• Use QR Codes• Use your Vanity URL
  46. 46. Email• Update Your Email Signature Block• Include icons and Like buttons in your Emailtemplate• Notify Your Email List– About your New Page & what to expect– About any incentives for Liking the Page– About contests or promotions happening on thePage
  47. 47. WebsiteIncrease Page Likes• Like Box• Incorporate ProminentSocial Media Icons– Globally, in the header orfooter– On interior pages, using textlinks• Dedicated Page– Connect With Us– We’re SocialIncrease Content Shares• Like button• Social Bookmarking &Sharing Plug-ins– Sharing the reference of yourcontent with other websites– AddThis– ShareThis
  48. 48. Incentives• Insider info - EXCLUSIVITY• Tie Likes to a cause or initiative– Donate a certain amount of money to adesignated charity for every new “Like”• Free Item• Coupon, Promo Code, Money Savings
  49. 49. Invite Friends to Your Page
  50. 50. Tell Them What to Expect• Be the first to hearabout special events• Easy access to youronline banking• Stay updated oncommunity events• Exclusive promotionsand contests for ourFans
  51. 51. 4 Steps to Business Success on Facebook
  52. 52. Connect With People
  53. 53. Facebook Ads•Exposure to Fans’ Friends•No ad copy – based on interaction - liking orsharing a picture or post, etc.• Ideal for building Page LikesSponsoredStories•Increase exposure to your Fan base and/or•Target entire user audience or filter by demo•Ideal for building engagement & promotingeventsPage PostAds•Increase exposure to your Fan base•No ad copy•Ideal for making sure you’re getting your messageout to your audiencePromotedPosts•Target entire user audience•Ad copy consists of Title, Description, and Image•Drive traffic to your Page or main websiteMarketplaceAdsNews Feed & Side BarNews Feed & Side BarNews FeedSidebar
  54. 54. Engage Your Audience• Post QUALITY content regularly• Have conversations on your Page– Be sure to respond to comments and privatemessages– Address specific users; tag them in your responseby typing @ before their name• Follow other Pages & interact with them!• Promote your Posts
  55. 55. Give Them Something to Talk About
  56. 56. Influence Friends of Fans
  57. 57. Best Post Length
  58. 58. Best Day to Post• 86% are published between Monday andFriday, with engagement peaking on Thursdayand Friday• Test and find your best day!Source: Buddymedia: Strategies for effective Facebook wall posts
  59. 59. Best Time to Post• 60% of are published between 10 am- 4 pm• Number of published posts steadily decreasesafter 4 pmSource: Buddymedia: Strategies for effective Facebook wall posts
  60. 60. Best Frequency to PostSource: Buddymedia: Strategies for effective Facebook wall posts
  61. 61. Best Type of Post• Ask Questions using theFacebook QuestionsApp• Use Fill in the _______Posts• Give exclusive info• Post a picture and askpeople to come up withthe best caption• Consumer offer-relatedkeywords
  62. 62. For Facebook, PHOTOS are King
  63. 63. Post Type
  64. 64. Photo on Timeline
  65. 65. Management Tools• Date & Time• Theme / Category• Keywords• Social Content• Call to Action (CTA)• Resource Link
  66. 66. Conversational Calendar
  67. 67. Content Calendar• Date & Time• Theme / Category• Keywords• Social Content• Call to Action (CTA)• Resource Link
  68. 68. Monitoring & Management ToolsFREE TOOLS• Google Alerts• Social Mention• TweetDeckPAID TOOLS• Hootsuite• Sprout Social• Hubspot• VocusMONITORING TOOLS MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  69. 69. Hootsuite• Save your time and yoursanity• Improve productivity bymanaging all of yoursocial networks withinHootSuite.• Listen, engage andmeasure all from onesimple interface.• Free version lets youmanage up to 5 profiles
  70. 70. Publishing from HootsuiteAttach image or fileScheduleAdd locationPost content hereLink shortener
  71. 71. Track Clicks on Your Links
  72. 72. Bulk Message Uploader• Easy to use• Now only available with paid version, $9.99
  73. 73. Measurement
  74. 74. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)• Page Likes & Followers• Unique Visitors• Time on Site• Shared Content / Visitor engagement with the website• Inbound Phone Calls• Contact Us form requests• Request for quote• Mobile banking registration• Sign up to receive paperless statements
  75. 75. Tools & Reports• Platform Specific Tools– Facebook Page Insights– LinkedIn Company Page Insights– YouTube Insights– Pinterest Analytics• Google Analytics• Link Shortener Analytics
  76. 76. Page Insights: Overview1. Each tab displaysdifferent info2. Overview of totalLikes & Reach3. Engagement &Reach4. Post-specificdetails
  77. 77. LinkedIn Company Page Insights1. Page Views2. Page VisitorDemographics3. Unique VisitorDetails4. Product &Service PageClicks5. Career PageClicks
  78. 78. Google Analytics Reports• Where Social Traffic isreported– Social Reports– Referral Traffic– Coded Links
  79. 79. Social > Conversions
  80. 80. Tagging Your Links• Overview of what can be captured– Source– Medium– Term– Content–
  81. 81. Tagging Your Links• Overview of what can be captured– Source = Facebook– Medium = wall post– Term = refer a friend– Content =– Campaign = Business
  82. 82. URL Shorteners• Gained popularity because of Twitter’s 140character length limitation• Clean up long URLs before they are displayedwithin Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, emails,etc.• Users from an organization can share thesame account so info is aggregated in oneplace
  83. 83. See How Users Are Finding Your Link• QR Code can begenerated• Total clicks onlink over time• Source of clickson the link• Location ofclicks on the link
  84. 84. Google URL Shortener
  85. 85. Questions?
  86. 86. Thank you!