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EPCAS 2012 Marketing to the Third Power


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What happens when you combine Branding, Technology and Referral Marketing?
1 + 1 + 1 = exponential success!

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EPCAS 2012 Marketing to the Third Power

  1. 1. Marketing 3 Branding +Technology + Referral Marketing = Success!Presented by:Warren Dietel, President & OwnerOrlando, FL
  2. 2. Today’s Session•  What happens when you combine Branding, Technology and Referral Marketing? 1 + 1 + 1 = exponential success!•  Today’s case study demonstrates the strength of this powerful marketing mix. 
  3. 3. My StoryWarren Dietel, Owner & President•  Entrepreneurial from the beginning•  Professional Experience –  Car Detailing, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Disney Weddings, Disney Institute, Scott Kay•  Purchased PnSC in 2003•  Current ICA board member and regular speaker for the ICA, NACE , The Special Event, and EPCAS•  Partner in RPI Purchasing and Fresh Ideas
  4. 4. BRANDINGDefining your customer experienceand reputation
  5. 5. A Brand is…•  An identity that makes your service recognizable to consumers –  Name – Design – Imagery –  Logo – Slogan – Actions
  6. 6. A Brand is…•  A promise to your customers –  Standards of service –  Corporate responsibility –  Consistent experiences – Pricing integrity
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The Puff Story•  Opened in 1980 as a family-owned business•  Positive reputation in the community•  Purchased in 2003, annual sales of $1.8M, at operational limit•  Infrastructure required improvements to support growth
  9. 9. The Puff Story•  Tremendous potential + aggressive growth plan = 267% growth in 3 years•  Over 400 staff members strong (50 FT) –  Diversifying segment base•  Expanded the award-winning team into the Tampa market with an acquisition and opening of a second office•  Five exclusive venues & many more preferred•  “Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations!”
  10. 10. Building a Brand is TellingYour Story!
  11. 11. Your Story-telling ToolsTHE BASICS •  Business cards•  Logo & identity •  Marketing collateral design •  Branded gifts & products•  Mission/brand •  PEOPLE! promise•  Website & blog•  Social media & video Advertising
  12. 12. Logo & Identity Design•  Logo•  Colors•  Fonts•  Patterns•  Design details•  Imagery styles•  All about consistency!
  13. 13. Mission & Brand PromiseIt’s more than a tagline, a mission statement or a mantra. It’s our way of life. One that we’ve been celebrating for 30 years!•  Plaster it everywhere•  Ingrain it within your entire team•  Deliver every time or make it right!
  14. 14. WebsiteDesign
  15. 15. BlogDesign
  16. 16. SocialMediaFacebook
  17. 17. SocialMediaTwitter
  18. 18. SocialMediaPinterest
  19. 19. Advertising
  20. 20. BusinessCards Front Back
  21. 21. MarketingCollateralPrintDigitalEmail
  22. 22. MarketingCollateralPrintDigitalEmail
  23. 23. MarketingCollateralPrintDigitalEmail
  24. 24. BrandedGifts &PromotionalItems
  25. 25. Your Story-telling ToolsTHE EXTRA MILE•  Office design•  Sales script•  Tasting policies•  Catering vehicles•  Employee uniforms•  Branded event disposables•  Whatever makes you, YOU!
  26. 26. Your People
  27. 27. Continued Branding Education
  28. 28. TECHNOLOGYHarness the power!
  30. 30. In-House Catering Software •  One tool for both front and back of house operations •  Caterease supports sales & marketing functions: –  Lead management –  Consultative Selling –  Branded sales proposals –  Sales/email communications –  Event management –  Business data queries
  31. 31. Lead ManagementWeb & Phone Inquiries Caterease
  32. 32. Real-Time Menu Exploration For Consultative Selling
  33. 33. Former Quotes
  34. 34. Former Quotes
  35. 35. Proposals
  36. 36. Proposals
  37. 37. Proposals
  38. 38. Sales CommunicationsPersonalized Event Related Communications
  39. 39. Sales Communications
  40. 40. Sales CommunicationsSaves Emails, Event Related Files & Contact History
  42. 42. Social Media•  A powerful tool with resources to engage both new and current customers, as well as industry contacts•  DO: Research best practices, discover popular social networks in your area and start small•  DON’T: Get overwhelmed before you start or try to do everything at once
  43. 43. Today’s Introductions
  44. 44. Blog – Why?•  Engage new and current clients•  Personal introduction to your company•  Show your portfolio•  Demonstrates thought leadership & expertise•  Provide inspiration
  45. 45. Blog – How?•  Talk to your customers•  Study your competition•  Determine your target readers•  Use your intel to plan unique, thoughtful and engaging content•  Create a posting schedule•  Connect to your website!
  46. 46. Blog – How?•  Make your posts work harder! -  Use image alternate text -  Optimize your post text with search key words -  Link to credits/sources within your post
  47. 47. Facebook – why?•  Engage: current customers and friends (vendors, employees, etc.)•  950+ million users worldwide (June 2012)•  Maintain your presence in the market place & top-of- mind awareness•  Drive traffic to your website and blog•  Tell your story!
  48. 48. Facebook – how?•  Optimize your page design•  Determine your targets and content•  Share your blog posts, recent work, images of employees•  Post live from events•  Comment on current news•  Avoid commenting on controversial topics unless they directly affect you
  49. 49. Facebook – how?•  Utilize the page admin tools
  50. 50. Facebook – how?•  Use Facebook as your brand•  New feature!•  Engage with followers as your brand•  Respond to comments•  Like posts and pages•  Send messages
  51. 51. Make it Work HarderREPURPOSE BLOGCONTENT: REAP THE REWARDS:-  Post the images in a -  Shares, likes & Facebook album comments-  Post a link to blog -  Shopper engagement-  Tag vendors’ or sources’ pages in -  Link value/SEO both via @tagging -  Referral credit with your partners
  52. 52. Twitter – what?•  “Micro-blogging” site•  Messages (tweets) limited to 140 characters•  Posts can be informative or conversational•  Posts can link to websites and images•  Posts can be “tagged” with hashtags that function like search keywords (i.e. #wedding)•  Posts can mention other tweeters “@pscatering your food was delicious last night!”
  53. 53. Twitter – why?•  Engage: event industry partners and fans•  500 million users worldwide (April 2012)•  Connect with customers who are looking for information•  Create top-of-mind awareness with your industry partners•  Drive traffic to your blog or specific website content•  Tell your story!
  54. 54. Twitter – how?•  Find your voice•  Follow your venues, vendors, competition and industry groups•  Share links to your blogs and other relevant info•  Tweet live from events•  Be social! Participate in #FF (Follow Friday) and #ww (Wedding Wednesday) and share relevant info, refer favorite vendors, etc.
  55. 55. Make it Work HarderREPURPOSE BLOGCONTENT: REAP THE REWARDS:-  Link to the post -  Retweets & comments-  #tag event theme (#weddings) -  Shopper engagement-  @tag vendors or sources -  Link value/SEO -  Referral credit with your partners
  56. 56. Pinterest – what?•  A new form of social media•  Visual bookmarking•  Users create virtual pin boards linking to the original source (i.e. your blog!)•  Inspiration is a primary user goal•  Perfect for connecting with NEW clients and maintaining top-of-mind awareness with current clients
  57. 57. Pinterest – what?
  58. 58. Pinterest – what?
  59. 59. Pinterest – what? Clicking takes the user to our blog post about Mason Jar Trends… And hopefully deeper into our site!
  60. 60. Pinterest – why? OBJECTIVE: SUBJECTIVE: •  Brand pages are just as •  Like brands better after popular as category viewing their Pinterest pages •  More likely to purchase •  Brand page images are from a brand they repinned more than engage with on Pinterest independent imagesSource: Eye Track Shop, May 2012
  61. 61. Pinterest – how?•  Create a profile•  Explore event and food related boards•  Re-pin inspiring images to your boards•  Create boards based around themes, trends, menus, event types, vendors, venues, etc!•  Pin your original work•  Pin local vendors whenever possible•  Credit your sources!
  62. 62. Make it Work Harder REPURPOSE BLOG REAP THE REWARDS: CONTENT: -  Image likes, -  Post the images comments & repins -  Link to blog post & -  Shopper credit source engagement -  Link value/SEO -  Referral credit with your partners
  63. 63. Find Social Media Synergy
  64. 64. Make it Manageable•  Keep usernames consistent•  Use a document to track user names•  Create a posting schedule•  Create a posting “cheat sheet” with instructions for interns and assistants•  Use tools like Hootsuite to pre-schedule and track Facebook updates, Tweets, and more•  Don’t lose sight of your goal: ENGAGEMENT
  65. 65. REFERRALMARKETINGVenues, venues, venues!
  66. 66. VenueGuide onPuffnstuff.comMain Page
  67. 67. VenueGuide onPuffnstuff.comMain Page
  68. 68. VenuePage
  69. 69. VenuePage 35 Venues & counting!
  70. 70. Measuring Success Time period: May 1 (launch) – Present
  71. 71. Venue Impressions Leu Gardens 398 Top Ballroom at Church Street 378 Performing Orlando Science Center Heaven Event Center 257 242 Venues Orlando Museum of Art 230 Winter Park Farmer’s Market 205 The Mezz 198 Winter Park Civic Center 178 The Abbey 168Time period: May 1 Orange County Regional History 162 (launch) – Present Center TPepin’s Hospitality Center 150 Davis Island Garden Club 130 Holy Trinity Reception Center 128 Lake Mary Events Center 126 Paradise Cove 123 Barrington Hill Farm 122
  72. 72. June Traffic Time period: June 1 - 30
  73. 73. Top 30 Referral Traffic Sources to June 1-301. Lake Mary Events Center 16. Facebook Mobile2. 17. The Palmetto Club3. 18. Clearwater Sailing Center4. The Ballroom at Church Street 19. Bayanihan Arts Center5. 20. Linked In6. TPepin’s Hospitality Center 21. Special Events Magazine7. 22. The History Center8. Paradise Cove 23. Art & History Museum9. 24. Event Solutions10. 25. The Palm Harbor Chapel11. Email 26. Brides.com12. Nova535 27. Catersource.com13. Holy Trinity Reception Center 28. The Regent14. 29. Wilde Acres Villas15. The Lange Farm 30. Every Last Detail Blog
  74. 74. Thank You! To download a copy of my slides, go to: Dietel | | | Twitter: @pscatering