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Social Media for Nonprofits


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What if you could incite the next Ice Bucket Challenge?

What if you knew what to say and how to say it? What if you could share your essence, aspirations and goals of your organization... affordably? What if you could target your outreach to capture the attention of donors, partners, volunteers and attendees? What if you could talk to the world?

Learn about the lure of social media and why campaigns go viral; how to succeed by showing up; the power of the “social” relationship; what constitutes a perfect post; storytelling over pitch; content creators are your gold; creating cool captions and positive spin; the do’s and don’ts of asking for money on social; organic vs. paid visibility; social and traditional marketing– the perfect brew; best social platforms and listening tools; productivity hacks (i.e. automation vs. scheduling); what metrics you should be watching and how to find them, and our favorite non-profit campaigns.

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Social Media for Nonprofits

  1. 1. How nimble are you? If you’re like Jack, you’re willing to jump through hoops to get those donor bucks. Social Media for Nonprofits
  2. 2. But are you willing to pour a bucket of ice over your head?
  3. 3. The Ice Bucket Challenge ignited millions across the globe to raise awareness and donate to a cause… IT WENT VIRAL!
  4. 4. What is it? THE CHALLENGE: Dump a bucket of ice cold water over your head (or donate to ALS Association) and take a video of it. Then challenge 3 friends to do the same by tagging them on social!
  5. 5. So far… Facebook: 28 million joined the conversation and 2.4 million videos shared YouTube: 2,330,000 videos uploaded Over 50 political figures, 200 athletes, 200 notable actors, and 220 musicians have participated
  6. 6. Celebs loved it. Just ask @mlauer
  7. 7. Show me the money! “The ALS Association is grateful for Outpouring of Support: Ice Bucket Donations Reach $115 Million” ( 3/12/15) Compared to $2.6 million during the same time period last year
  8. 8. Who started it? This was not a campaign started by the ALS Association, but by young people who wanted to support the cause Pay attention to Generation Z! They are ‘social’ savvy and can easily raise money for a cause
  9. 9. Much more than just the money it raised Think of the joy, laughter and goodwill, not to mention personal participation from millions Social proof: peer pressure in a positive way 1.9 million new donors to
  10. 10. And some really made a big splash! I accept your challenge and raise you!
  11. 11. How do we replicate? Make it ridiculously cool to do! Funny always works Easy (low barrier to participate) Social by nature
  12. 12. Ridiculously cool
  13. 13. “Whether we should” is pushing up daisies...
  14. 14. Let’s talk platforms Your org’s sweet spot will be based on where your audience hangs out It might be Pinterest!
  15. 15. Let’s talk platforms 98% of charities and nonprofits in the US are active on at least one social media site (91% in 2013) Facebook period! 98% of nonprofits are on Facebook ( + Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report) It’s where the people are… yes, even those without wrinkles
  16. 16. Holding up their dance card 86% of nonprofits are on Twitter (can tweet donors, funders directly) 33% using Instagram 30% using Pinterest and LinkedIn YouTube is 2nd most used search engine in the world
  17. 17. Your audience expects to see you on 3-4 profiles
  18. 18. She is your audience
  19. 19. Frequency & timing How often is enough? It depends on your insights Remember the algorithms
  20. 20. Frequency & timing Generally speaking… Facebook: 3x-5x week Twitter: 4x day Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others: 3x week
  21. 21. And when? Generally speaking… 10:30, 12:30 & 3:00pm are great! B2B conversation best in am Weekends only if you’re there to respond
  22. 22. Facebook insights
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Storytelling and story making
  25. 25. Your story starts with your brand Your brand story is the heart and soul of the brand: who you are + who people think you are Every post reveals what makes you tick, and creates audience experience Signals: Are you walking the talk?
  26. 26. Social media is visual storytelling… 93% of all communication is nonverbal Photos/videos elicit emotion Don’t underestimate the power of video Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more link click-thrus than text-only posts
  27. 27. Eye-catching photos + few words = shareable
  28. 28. Facebook vs. LinkedIn
  29. 29. Yes Dorothy, Twitter too
  30. 30. Ahhh…
  31. 31. With or without you
  32. 32. Girl power
  33. 33. Types of story Use nostalgia Be a mythbuster Ask a question or answer it Give human attributes to non-human things (cats, coffee cups, staplers)
  34. 34. #throwbackthursday
  35. 35. Did you know?
  36. 36. Whoever has the best content wins! Why? Because it gets shared Keep it light, fun, and what interests you Inspiration #MotivationMonday DIYs, video interviews Memes (branding can reduce shares)
  37. 37. DIY’s
  38. 38. DIY with “Canva”
  39. 39. Quotes with “PicMonkey”
  40. 40. Before
  41. 41. After
  42. 42. Inspire us
  43. 43. Meme’s don’t always need words
  44. 44. Until they do
  45. 45. Tasteful branding
  46. 46. This or that
  47. 47. Visual captions
  48. 48. Rally around a cause
  49. 49. Sell nice
  50. 50. Lead AND follow…
  51. 51. Positive
  52. 52. Negative
  53. 53. Positive + give back
  54. 54. Captions… keep them short & pithy Two sentences max—one-two punch that delivers. Add personality Link to website for details: names, stories, dates, places, significance Shorten links Stay away from internal language
  55. 55. Keep it simple
  56. 56. And fun…
  57. 57. Make us think
  58. 58. Make us smile
  59. 59. When in doubt, shrink
  60. 60. Yawn
  61. 61. Ditto
  62. 62. Better
  63. 63. Bam!
  64. 64. Speaking of viral…
  65. 65. One way
  66. 66. Better way
  67. 67. Bam!
  68. 68. When you share, keep it simple
  69. 69. Add to the story
  70. 70. Perfect shares
  71. 71. Bam!
  72. 72. Hashtags are important Hashtags help tell the story #livedlongenoughtoseethis #donatenow #volunteer Hashtags are how people find you Don’t forget events and tweetchats
  73. 73. Stand out
  74. 74. Bueller? Bueller?
  75. 75. Hashtag today: #AFProcks
  76. 76. Recruit talent? Add #nowhiring
  77. 77. Sweet treat
  78. 78. When it adds to the story
  79. 79. Don’t leave it shriveling on the vine… Want your community to grow? The things NPO’s must remember
  80. 80. Social is not your soapbox Know your audience and serve up deliciousness on a silver platter #1 mistake nonprofits make: “me, me, me” #2 mistake nonprofits make: not responding
  81. 81. The power of the social relationship It’s not about you Balance your content Prioritize story making over marketing 5/1. 5 posts for others to every 1 post about you
  82. 82. Talking about you, you’re not listening You centric: We are proud to share our outstanding accomplishments and community impact! You centric: We will be selling Coach handbags. Come show your support! You centric: Cindy Z. is our rock star volunteer of the month!
  83. 83. Respond with heart Responding is walking the talk Know who’s talking on your page and continue the connection Be selfless. Make your fan the hero You get what you give
  84. 84. Love spam?
  85. 85. Caption this
  86. 86. LOL, thanks for the smile!
  87. 87. Share the enthusiasm!
  88. 88. If you ask, be there for the answer
  89. 89. We hear you
  90. 90. Your muse
  91. 91. Seed your logo Seed your logo everywhere… you never know where it will bloom The more you comment on others’ posts, the more your org is exposed to new audiences A like is nice, but your logo isn’t seen with a like
  92. 92. Seed your logo Leave memorable comments (what about the post resonated with you) It’s old school to only follow a few! Have you liked every biz/potential partner’s page? 15-30 minutes 2x day to outreach
  93. 93. Do’s and don’ts of the ask Do create an experience with every ask: “Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore? Tell us what you think was the best golf movie ever made in the comments below. And don’t forget to register for our upcoming golf tournament! #golfforgood” Do give digital high fives, but don’t let them take over your feed
  94. 94. Do’s and don’ts of the ask Do return the favor: “You light us up with your generosity all year long and now we want to return the favor. Here’s a little twinkle to light up your day!” [Christmas tree video] Do share more ways to give ideas
  95. 95. Do’s and don’ts of the ask Don’t ask too often — once a month so make it count (remember 5/1) Don’t strive for a donation, strive for a smile People are 200 times more likely to donate to a cause when a friends asks
  96. 96. It’s not about the money but…
  97. 97. "Like most businesses, non-profits tend to look at social media as a money-first or money-only channel. So I would recommend they temper the expectations that social is about fundraising and just focus on being a resource, useful and/or entertaining to their core audience. Make people happy with your content. The donations will come." —Jason Falls, Founder Did you know that more than half of your donors are trying to give you money on their ipad and phone?
  98. 98. Campaigns… you get what you put in Your ask can only be as big as your prize Giveaway something that connects your target audience to your brand Partner up and remember to scratch their back
  99. 99. Campaign: #CondomsAreCool
  100. 100. Results
  101. 101. Campaign: “Likes don’t save lives”
  102. 102. Campaign: “What do you see?”
  103. 103. Easter campaign: #BecauseHeLives
  104. 104. Simple rocks socks!
  105. 105. More please Petitions, contests and countdowns Invitations Events Volunteers and gratitude
  106. 106. Shocked? Sign this
  107. 107. Contests can be fun
  108. 108. Only 3 days left to…
  109. 109. Invite
  110. 110. Take us there
  111. 111. SaWING!!
  112. 112. Place for community
  113. 113. Year-round buzz
  114. 114. Share yours
  115. 115. Donor tools
  116. 116. Chirp… chirp
  117. 117. Progress report
  118. 118. Ask
  119. 119. Gratitude
  120. 120. Gratitude
  121. 121. Worth the effort
  122. 122. Social is not free Social is a pay to play model, and you want to be on the winning side of their algorithms Typical ad budget: $200-300 / mo – Under 10k fans (split between profiles) Experiment. Use split testing for targeted ads
  123. 123. Social is not free If you’re not boosting, you will slip from the newsfeeds even if you have quality posts and fan engagement (two $10 boosts a week) Target Hawaii if your donor base is primarily in Hawaii
  124. 124. You want numbers? Social’s got them Social is fluid, and analytics tell you what works Likes, shares, comments, and clicks (Facebook insights, Twitter analytics, Number of fans is important, but not as important as engagement rate
  125. 125. It’s okay to think big results… but have you hired to create those outcomes?
  126. 126. Most common mistakes Adding social media responsibilities to an overburdened plate. Guess what falls off when they get busy? Diluting the message between many untrained voices Ignoring profiles (risk)
  127. 127. Who should do the heavy lifting? Social media is unique skillset Tech savvy, full time, integrated with marketing, fund development and customer service Ability to create content
  128. 128. Pumped yet? Or… Let your staff concentrate on content creation and let an outsource agency do the heavy lifting (content calendar, daily posting, engagement, outreach, social ad management)
  129. 129. TAKEAWAYS Only truly “social” behavior succeeds Creation over curation Metrics matter The “whether we should” conversation is pushing up daisies
  130. 130. TAKEAWAYS Understand the technology Storytell and story make It’s not about you Invest in it
  131. 131. Cool tools HootSuite: manage multiple platforms Facebook Page Manager: app Iconosquare: Instagram search/services SproutSocial: metrics
  132. 132. Until they do
  133. 133. In 2015… Facebook: Scrubbing promotional language and added CTA button Google: Indexing only mobile sites Instagram/Twitter: Private messaging VIDEO shoots and scores big Periscope: live streaming
  134. 134. Humor and humanity
  135. 135. Keep in touch! Wahine Media @wahinemedia Karen Weikert @karenweikert Download this slideshow: