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Overview of Social Platforms | Pacific New Media Course Taught By Wahine Media


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Every social media platform has its own language, characteristics and idiosyncrasies and it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the tools before you jump in. From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and more, learn the mechanics of each platform, how to decide what platforms are worthwhile for a business, and how to maximize your time while using them. You leave with a deeper understanding of what each social platform offers and whether it would be beneficial for you to spend time swimming in that community.

Karen Weikert and Gwen Woltz are the co-founders of Wahine Media, a local social media agency. As social media practitioners, they spend their days posting on behalf of clients and training businesses on the best practices of social media. Karen has over 14 years experience in digital media: designing and managing large complex websites and building online communities for both corporations and non-profit clients. Gwen has over 5 years of digital media experience and is the current president of Social Media Club Hawaii. Both Gwen and Karen received Technology News Bytes' Social Media Award in 2012, and were deemed one of Honolulu's top social media influencers. Together, they provide social media services for businesses from universities to tech startups, from health spas to hotel chains, and from health care to HR and staffing companies.

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Overview of Social Platforms | Pacific New Media Course Taught By Wahine Media

  1. 1. Overview  of  Social   Media  Platforms   Taught by Wahine Media social media strategy, training & implementation for business ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Slides:
  2. 2. Not all social platforms are made equal ! Every social media platform has its own language, strengths, and demographics
  3. 3. Who uses each platform? !
  4. 4. Who uses each platform? ! What are the strengths of each platform? !
  5. 5. Who uses each platform? ! What are the strengths of each platform? ! How can you maximize your time? !
  6. 6. Who uses each platform? ! What are the strengths of each platform? ! How can you maximize your time? ! How do you decide what platforms to use?
  7. 7. Understanding how to use a social platform is not a strategy ! A strategy plans out how to maximize that understanding For more: Social Media Strategy with Rob Bertholf (July 25)
  8. 8. Facebook
  9. 9. User  Demographics • Over 1.1 billion active users (source) • 751 million monthly mobile users (source) • 67% of internet users use Facebook (source) • Popular among female, aged 18-29 (source) • 85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others (source) • 52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013 (source)
  10. 10. Why  use  Facebook? • Integrated into people’s daily lives • 23% of Facebook users 5x/day (source) • Can post dynamic content: links, photos, videos, polls/questions, text • Most widely used platform
  11. 11. What  is  Edge  Rank? • 96% of your fans never return to the wall • Home feed is “weighted” • Affinity: how much interaction • Weight: what kind of content • Time Decay: how long • 90% of engagement on a post happens within 9 hours of going live • More on Edge Rank:
  12. 12. Facebook  Events • Any individual can invite friends to attend • You can now include link to tickets • You can add cover photo • When updates are posted to wall, all invitees or attendees receive notification (unless they manually turn off) • You can privately message guests
  13. 13. Apps • Run promotions, contests, giveaways • Install Twitter, RSS, Instagram feed • Embed customer reviews (TripAdvisor) • Instal email list opt-in form • Embed iFrame • Must drive traffic to direct url (96% of fans never return to wall) • Create using a 3rd party tool (Shortstack, Hubspot, NorthSocial, etc.)
  14. 14. Facebook  Groups • Used to communicate among a targeted group (topic, location, relationship) • Private or public • More intimate interaction • Limited features—no apps, ads, analytics
  15. 15. Facebook  Ads • Promoted page • Promoted posts • Offers • More on Ads: insights/2012/09/facebook-advertisingtypes
  16. 16. Other  features • Analytics • Pages manager app • Scheduling in Facebook For more: Facebook for Business with Wahine Media, (June 22)
  17. 17. Twitter
  18. 18. User  Demographics • 288 million monthly active users (source) • Fastest growing social network by active users (44% growth since June 2012) (source) • 55-64 fastest growing demographic (source) • 1 in 4 teens use Twitter (source) • Popular among adults, aged 18-29, African American, urban areas (source) • 36% of marketers have found a customer on Twitter in 2013 (source) • People use Twitter for breaking news
  19. 19. Why  use  Twitter? • Directly access anyone with public profile • Conversational and real-time • Post more often • Hashtags • No edge rank (except promoted posts)
  20. 20. Hashtags • Single most powerful tool on Twitter • Follow and join conversations surrounding a topic, event, keyword, news, campaign, or popular culture • No one owns a hashtag • More on finding good hashtags: http:// twitter-hashtags
  21. 21. Mobile  App • Twitter Card (formerly expanded Tweets) • Some content propagates in native app • • Instagram (owned by Facebook) pop-up • • Photo galleries (Flickr, Twitter) Links Can switch between multiple accounts For more: Networking on Twitter with Wahine Media (July 13)
  22. 22. Instagram
  23. 23. User  Demographics • 100 million active monthly users • 40 million photos per day • Popular among women, aged (source) 18-29, Hispanic and African American who live in urban areas (source)
  24. 24. Why  use  Instagram? • Tell your story through photos • Designed to share real-time experiences • Hashtags • Geo-tag integration
  25. 25. Features • Upload from your phone or iPad • Several 3rd party apps to browse/ post Instagram photos (Gramatics, Instafeed, Gramfeed, PicStitch) • Feed to Twitter and Facebook • Analytics (via stati.gram)
  26. 26. Geo-­‐tag  Technology • Can add a geo-tag to any photo (using Foursquare technology) • Search photos by location • Click on tag in Instagram • Use Gramfeed • Useful for brick and mortar businesses to monitor photos taken on-location
  27. 27. Pinterest
  28. 28. User  Demographics • 20 million monthly active users • 80% of users are women, 50% have children • Users spend an average 90 minutes per month on site • Over 80% of pins are re-pins • 70% of users say they are on Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy (source)
  29. 29. Why  use  Pinterest? • Tell your stories with photos and video • If you want to reach women • If you are producing visual content that is housed on your website • If you are a product based business B2C • Pinterest is action and affinity-based. People make collections of what they “dream” and “want” (boards)
  30. 30. Features • Post to Twitter and Facebook • Video friendly • Boards • Pins & re-pins • Hashtags and prices • Analytics
  31. 31. YouTube
  32. 32. User  Demographics • Over 1 billion unique visits/month • 25% of global views come from mobile device • 70% of traffic outside US (source) • Real-time viewer info: http://
  33. 33. Why  use  YouTube? • Tell your story with video • If you are a business “personality” (solopreneur) • Google product - SEO • If you are in the entertainment or education industry
  34. 34. Features • Cover photo, profile pic, layout • Links to website, other social profiles • Auto-feed to activity to Twitter and Facebook • Curate playlists • Subscribe to other channels • Feature channels • Analytics • Monetize videos
  35. 35. Google+
  36. 36. User  Demographics • Second largest social network • Over 350 million monthly active users • Average G+ user spends 6 min/month • 31% of users in US • 13% in India (second most popular) • 20% of users are students • 42% are single • 67% are male • More on G+ demographics: everything-about-google-plus
  37. 37. Why  use  Google+? • Google product - SEO • Integrates with other Google products • Google Places, Google Authorship • Search function powered by Google • If you want to reach an entrepreneur, male, college, or tech audience • If you are a brick and mortar business or a blogger (content creator)
  38. 38. Features • Circles • Individual must put biz page in circle to get updates • Biz page put individuals in circle and get their updates • Events • Communities • Hashtags • +1: tag and “like” • Analytics: Ripples
  39. 39. Hangouts • Public or private video conversations • Up to 10 videos at once • Can stream live (Hangouts on Air) and save on YouTube • Can schedule in advance (integrates with events) • Easy to produce, across multiple time zones For more: Google+ with Tara Coomans (date TBD)
  40. 40. LinkedIn
  41. 41. User  Demographics • 200 million monthly users • 64% of users are outside the US • Largest professional business network (source)
  42. 42. Why  use  LinkedIn? • Nurture professional relationships • Maintain your professional business presence • Looking for employees • HR, recruiting, staffing industry • Have higher-level conversations
  43. 43. Features • Company profile • Make updates (links and photos) • Add services & open positions • Associate a LinkedIn Group • Recommendations (for services) • Groups: high level conversations • Analytics • Advertising For more: LinkedIn with Sue Kunimune (August 24)
  44. 44. Keep  in  touch! Wahine Media web: blog: facebook: twitter: @wahinemedia ! Karen Weikert @karenweikert ! Gwen Woltz @gjwahine ! ! ! Download this slideshow: