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Social Media Advertising: Pacific New Media, June 2016


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The landscape of social media has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. For businesses, social media is not free—with most of the investment being in the time it takes to execute. Social media has increasingly become a platform for advertisers, as social networks evolve their business models, and many brands are finding their growth is at a standstill unless they utilize social advertising. Learn the power of social ads, what techniques you should use, and how you know they are working. Participants in this class should have an intermediate understanding of social media, already be using social for business, and be looking to take their strategy to an advanced level. Please bring your laptop.

Gwen Woltz is co-founder of Wahine Media, a local social media agency that specializes in strategically building thriving and engaged online communities for businesses ( Gwen is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the past president of Social Media Club Hawaii (, a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine's Young Professional of the Year, one of Hawaii's Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, and has over 7 years of digital media and marketing experience.

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Social Media Advertising: Pacific New Media, June 2016

  1. 1. Social Advertising Taught by Gwen Woltz Co-founder, Wahine Media social media strategy, training & implementation for business Slides:
  2. 2. Why social advertising?
  3. 3. Social ads won’t solve your problems, they compliment your success.
  4. 4. Remember the context! Don’t use social ads to market, use them to engage.
  5. 5. Design for mobile first.
  6. 6. Facebook Ads
  7. 7. Facebook Ads • Objectives • Target audience • Location • Demographics • Traveling now • Interests/behaviors • Exclude/narrow • Placement & budgeting • Format & media
  8. 8. Facebook Ads • Power editor • Audience insights • Saving audiences
  9. 9. Instagram Ads
  10. 10. Instagram Ads • Placed within Facebook ad platform • Cannot target IG followers • Use to sponsor content • No “follower” ads, but can use sponsored content to encourage follows
  11. 11. Twitter Ads
  12. 12. Twitter Ads • Objectives • Target audience • Location, gender • Keywords, interests • Followers • Tailored/custom audiences • Twitter cards • Budgeting & placement
  13. 13. Scenario #1 Keep engagement and growth on profiles
  14. 14. Keep engagement and growth on profiles • Example: Maui Kai Condos • Facebook • Build fans throughout month* • Boost post 1x per week* • Instagram • Sponsor posts 1x per week OR • Sponsor content to build fans* • Twitter • Promote profile throughout month* • Promote tweets 2x per month*
  15. 15. Scenario #2 Increase website traffic, track conversions
  16. 16. Increase website traffic, track conversions • Example: YMCA Long Island • Website traffic ads • Facebook pixel installed • Highly targeted groups, narrowed by each location • Customize images or text per location • Bid for clicks • Retarget website traffic last*
  17. 17. Scenario #3 Increase participation in giveaway
  18. 18. Increase participation on giveaway • Industry: hospitality • Entry form installed on website and Facebook App • Facebook • Ad 1: page like ads (Facebook no longer allows fan-gating) • Land on entry form app* • Ad 2: boost post to fans, pin to top* • Ad 3: website traffic ad to entry form • Twitter • Leads on Twitter (using Twitter card)* • Land on website
  19. 19. Scenario #4 Get people to walk in your door
  20. 20. Get people to walk in your door • Industry: fitness • Fan like ads: build awareness • Target people who like competitors who live in your area* • Target people who live in area with “fitness” interests • Boost post: keep top of mind • Local awareness targeted ad: convert* • Make ads timely and “now” • Include “in your area” verbiage
  21. 21. Resources • Twitter Advertising • • Twitter Contest Guidelines • contests-on-twitter • Facebook Advertising • • Latest Facebook Ad News • • Aaron Zakowski Facebook Ad examples • Facebook-Ads-Swipe-File.pdf • Facebook link ad tips • ads-tips • Twitter Ads success stories •
  22. 22. Keep in touch! Wahine Media web: blog: facebook: twitter: @wahinemedia Gwen Woltz @gjwahine Download this slideshow: