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Maximizing Your Budget: Get Value From Social Media


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A thriving online presence and reputation is essential to the success of any business today. With the advent of social media in the past 10 years, it has completely revolutionized how we communicate and connect with one another, as well as how brands communicate and connect with their customers. Social media has evolved from a grass roots “free” option, to a complex and competitive environment. How does one decide where to best put their efforts?

In this fast-paced workshop, Gwen will bring you through the best options and best practices for small businesses.

Part 1 will dive into what amazing social media content looks like, and why following through with stellar customer service is important.

Part 2 will dive deeper into the complexities of social media advertisements and maximizing your social ad budgets, then ending with what to measure to show how your efforts are performing.

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Maximizing Your Budget: Get Value From Social Media

  1. 1. Maximizing your budget Get value from social media Slides:
  2. 2. Don’t fall into the social media abyss Start with what’s important
  3. 3. Budget Allocation Content development 25% - 40% Labor and time 50% - 70% Social ads 10% - 15% 3rd party tools 5% - 10%
  4. 4. Part 1: Content + Community Management
  5. 5. That’s less than a goldfish The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds
  6. 6. People in the U.S. check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts 17 times a day The majority of these compulsive social media checkers are adults, with the highest usage observed in those between the ages of 25 and 54
  7. 7. Organically, Facebook only shows your content to about 3% of fans Twitter and Instagram have algorithm-based news feeds as well
  8. 8. Defeat the algorithm with: Stellar content Superior customer service
  9. 9. Content is key: leave your breadcrumbs for all to find
  10. 10. Post every time with intention, always aim to create beauty
  11. 11. Content must catch the eye: color correct, straighten horizons, crop
  12. 12. Don’t get complex or wordy, only one thought at a time
  13. 13. Caption is equally as important as visual
  14. 14. Learn the art of the soft sell
  15. 15. • Compelling photo or video • Caption is one sentence or two • Use colorful, lively action verbs • Don’t describe the image, make me feel something • Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct • All people are identified appropriately • “Below” and “pictured here” below unnecessary • Other businesses tagged • Photo credit given • Hashtags used properly Caption checklist
  16. 16. Great content creation apps Over, Boomerang, Flipagram, Ripl, Cinemagraph, Legend, Facetune, Quik
  17. 17. Engage and care: the only “free” part of social
  18. 18. Check all your profiles daily Engage and talk story with enthusiasm Handle customer service with firm protocols (24 hour resolution time)
  19. 19. Go beyond your profiles • Monitor your brand and relevant hashtags • Brick & mortar must monitor geotag • Hang out in the home feed (10 min per day)
  20. 20. Break time!
  21. 21. Budget Allocation Content development 25% - 40% Labor and time 50% - 70% Social ads 10% - 15% 3rd party tools 5% - 10%
  22. 22. Part 2: Social ads and measurement techniques
  23. 23. Gone are the days of “free” Social ads are not optional
  24. 24. Bring people through strategic funnel Awareness video views, impressions Consideration engagements (boost post), fan/follow, clicks into website Conversion conversion on website, completed lead forms
  25. 25. Don’t expect conversions from “cold call” ads!
  26. 26. Develop audiences frequently Retargeting: website clicks, page engagers, video viewers, customer lists Lookalike: similar audiences to existing Interest targeting: infinite possibilities Geofencing: specific locations People currently traveling
  27. 27. Social advertising ninja tip Do not target the same audience in two different ads You’re creating competition among yourself and driving up the price of the result
  28. 28. What can you do with $550 per month ad budget?
  29. 29. $150: video view ads ROI: build awareness & email subscribers Run time: throughout the month Targeting: general interests > location / demographics CTA button: sign up for email list Capture 10 second or more video viewers for retargeting
  30. 30. $200: Boost post ads (1x per week) ROI: create engagements & clicks into website Run time: choose top post each week to boost Targets: alternate between fans + friends and lookalike audiences Lookalike page engagers > interests Lookalike website traffic > interests Lookalike video viewers > interests
  31. 31. $200: Page like ads ROI: convert to fans Run time: throughout month Targets: page engagers video viewers 10+ seconds website traffic email lists
  32. 32. Know if your efforts are worth it
  33. 33. Track metrics that are valuable for each department social media plays a role in
  34. 34. Customer service: response time, engagements, sentiment
  35. 35. Marketing: impressions, reach, clicks to website, fan demographics
  36. 36. Sales: leads, clicks to application form, ticket sales, bounce rate, time on site
  37. 37. Social media may not be free, but it has tremendous value Every action is measurable and worth something
  38. 38. Generated Media Value What value is your social media program generating?
  39. 39. Assign each measurable action a dollar value The value can be assessed based upon what it would cost to pay for it via advertising You may also assign a “perceived” value, such as the value of someone posting a photo about your brand
  40. 40. Social media tools to consider
  41. 41. Hootsuite: strength in monitoring, multiple streams at once Sprout Social: strength in reports, Instagram reporting, profile cleanup Planoly: plan out Instagram posts with easy drag and drop thumbnails Tweet Deck: free, multiple stream monitoring Agora Pulse: strength in reports, CRM Falcon / SOCi: enterprise full suite tool Olapic: UGC harvesting, integration with web
  42. 42. Stand out from your competition: trends to embrace
  43. 43. Ephemeral content (IG stories, Snapchat, FB stories) Influencer partnerships - remember FTC guidelines! Chatbots User generated content (UGC) Going LIVE Facebook canvas & lead forms (the new landing page)
  44. 44. Wahine Media Facebook/ Instagram / Twitter @wahinemedia Gwen Woltz Twitter/Instagram: @gjwahine Download this slideshow: Keep in touch!